2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Clicking Noise in the Dash

2005 jeep grand Cherokee clicking noise in the dash
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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a car model. When driving or starting the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the vehicle dashboard may make clicking and squeaking noises. The clicking sound results from various fixable problems, such as a failure of the vehicle heater control.

Yes, the clicking noise in the 2005 Jeep grand Cherokee is common and affects many drivers. To solve the clicking sound problem, you must first figure out what’s causing it. Second, adhere to the manufacturer’s directions to avoid causing damage to the vehicle’s components.

To begin, determine the root cause of the problem and then resolve the issue based on the root cause. However, if the problem persists, seek professional assistance.

The article discusses the reasons for clicking sounds in Jeep Grand Cherokees and possible solutions and techniques to troubleshoot the issues. It also includes FAQs on how to figure out what’s causing the clicking sounds in your 2005 Jeep Cherokee. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to solve the issue without any difficulties. You may also seek help if you are unable to solve it on your own.

Reasons for having clicking noise in the dash of a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2005 jeep grand cherokee clicking noise in dash

Clicking noise can result from various factors, most of which you can resolve by the driver or a professional mechanic. To troubleshoot the clicking sound issue, first, gain a thorough grasp of the Jeep Grand Cherokee components. It will make it easier to pinpoint the problem.

It is critical to follow the manufacturer’s directions in the manual book before troubleshooting the clicking sound difficulties. If accessing the manufacturer’s instruction book is difficult, online search engines are the next best option. You can also contact the manufacturer for assistance in retrieving the instruction book. The following factors can cause the clicking sound in the dash of your 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1. The vehicle relay is faulty

The vehicle relay is a Jeeps component that you can use typically to regulate a hefty Jeep circuit. A low amp circuit is necessary to control a heavy circuit. Furthermore, the Jeep relay is essential in various circuits, including power seats, lights, and the starting motor.

The car relay makes the power magnetic from the power supply to the motor, resulting in a clicking sound on the dash. When power is connected and disconnected multiple times, it becomes magnetic. In addition, dirty Jeep relay engagement points can cause clicking noises, especially when attached and disconnected fast.

2. The Jeep heater control is malfunctioning

The Jeep’s heater control is often important in managing the air flowing into and out of the vehicle. Furthermore, the heating control controls both cooling and heating. The heating control system in all 2005 Jeeps relies on thermostat sensors or other sensors to function properly. As a result, while purchasing a car, it is critical to examine the type of sensors.

The heater control system can become misaligned and misjudged, causing the engine/motor to engage. When the heater motor is on, it makes a clicking sound to indicate that it needs calibration.

3. The Stepper motor is malfunctioning

The 2005 jeep grand Cherokee vehicle motor can sometimes become distorted beyond repair, resulting in a clicking sound. Many of the motors in your Jeep are the source of clicking noises once they are faulty. In such cases, new stepper motors are necessary for the heater system to perform properly.

Steps you can use to fix the 2005 jeep grand Cherokee clicking noise

Steps you can use to fix the 2005 jeep grand Cherokee clicking noise

Determine the common causes of the clicking sound in the dashboard before troubleshooting the problem. The information below outlines the most effective methods for resolving the dashboard clicking sound issue.

i. Repairing a Jeep relay that has failed

A completely damaged Jeep relay is difficult to repair, and in most circumstances, a distorted Jeep relay merely requires replacement. As long as the prescribed instructions are followed, replacing the Jeep relay is simple and easy.

  • Examine the relay pins to check that they are exactly aligned. Consider rearranging them till they match if they are not aligned.
  • Gather all necessary equipment, such as a new relay, wire cutter, and wire stripper.
  • To avoid injuring other nearby components, carefully remove the old relay.
  • Slowly press the new relay in place, making sure it is exactly aligned.
  • Also, if the manufacturer’s handbook has such information, consult it for the best measures to take when repairing, wiring, or resolving issues with the Jeep relay.

ii. The Jeep’s stepper motor removal and replacement

The Jeep's stepper motor removal and replacement

If the issue persists after carrying out the process above, proceed to replace the stepper motor. The technique for removing and replacing a stepper motor is in the steps below.

  • Disengage the pigtail connector.
  • Remove the faulty stepper motor and replace it with a new stepper motor that is in calibration.
  • Examine the installation for any flaws.

iii. Heater control system troubleshooting

The calibration of a heater control system is common. The instructions below demonstrate how to calibrate the heating control system.

  • Turn on the Jeep’s ignition and the automatic transmission.
  • Remove the key from the ignition.
  • Leave the Jeep and the heating control system to sit for around 2 minutes after disconnecting the car fuse from the HVAC system.
  • Replace the fuse and turn the key in the ignition. Allow three minutes for the ignition to run without any interruptions, including touching the heater control.
  • Leave the ignition on for a few seconds after shutting it off, perhaps 15 seconds.
  • Start the Jeep engine and check that the heater control is calibrated.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I diagnose the clicking sound in the dashboard in my 2005 jeep grand Cherokee?

You can determine the cause of the clicking sound in the dashboard in several ways. The following are the reasons:

1. Inspection

Check for any problems with the vehicle’s heater control system.

2. Hear

You can sometimes use your ears to detect a clicking sound coming from the dashboard.

3. Put the stepper motor to the test

To test the stepper motor, first, use a scanning device to scan the stepper motor. Record the code, and if the code is incorrect, the stepper motor will become faulty.

4. Sense of hearing

Use your hearing senses to diagnose the damage that results in the production of a clicking sound if you have a malfunctioning Jeep relay. First, disconnect the relay from the rest of the Jeep and shake it to check for any problems. A clicking sound emits if the relay is malfunctioning. After making the relay wires hot, use the voltmeter to inspect the condition of the relay wires.

Furthermore, when examining and replacing the Jeep dashboard relay, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid injuring the surrounding car parts. Also, while replacing Jeep parts, such as the stepper motor, make sure to use the exact and appropriate Jeep parts. Finally, if you cannot determine the reason for the clicking sound, consult a skilled technician.


The generation of clicking sounds in the dash is a very prevalent problem with Jeep Grand Cherokees. The clicking sounds, in most cases, demand immediate attention since they irritate the ears. Fortunately, the paper outlines the most effective methods for detecting and resolving the problem.

Finally, the paper demonstrates the most common sources of clicking sounds in the dash. When troubleshooting a clicking sound, it’s also critical to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, keep the vehicle handbook book in a safe place for future reference.

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