How to Troubleshoot Acer Swift 3 Fan That Makes Noise

Acer swift 3 fan that makes noise
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Operating with a laptop that is associated with more than expected noise can be annoying. Controlling some root causes like dust buildup isn’t a walk into the park because it involves dismantling your system. It doesn’t matter how you subject your Acer Swift 3 laptop to thorough cleanliness, dust will just find its way to your machine from the air.

This implies that dust is one of the common causes of loud noises from your Acer Swift 3 laptop. Despite this challenge, my assurance to you is that you will be able to troubleshoot the Acer swift 3 fan that makes noise once you read our article.

Understanding the disease to treat is advisable even to doctors and therefore, the article will equip you with the necessary knowledge to restore the normal performance of your laptop. We shall take you through simple steps to silence noisy Acer swift.

Troubleshooting Acer swift 3 fan that makes noise

acer swift 3 fan noise

Below are some simple tricks to silence your computer for smooth performance;


This process is essential as it cleanses your laptop from cobwebs. You are lucky to have windows 8.1 or 8 because the system initiates defragging automatically. Many deleted files pile around the new folders and change their names, leaving behind small “original versions” traces. The traces will then duplicate over time,

Mostly, the used space of your laptop isn’t properly arranged in columns and rows; they’re distributed throughout the laptop’s hard disk. Your machine will take an extended period to access these files. Now after defragmentation, the files will then be arranged into columns and rows, allowing the system to access these files quickly.

Your machine will therefore not struggle, which could result in fans making noises. It will start working “fresh”, with minimized noise around the working space.

Dismantling the rig

How to Defragment your Acer swift 3

After defragging the system, the next thing will be to dismantle the rig. Based on the laptop type you’re using, model, or manufacturer, it’s advisable to search online for guidance when opening your precious Acer swift. Most people understand unscrewing the back of a laptop to detach the protective layer.

You only require something like a screwdriver and compressed air. These items are sold in towns and you can purchase a few cans or one can. Applying compressed air to your laptop is essential on any mechanical instruments, laptop included.

Opening the laptop shouldn’t worry because we have directions on YouTube. Just type in your Acer swift model number. Doing so is necessary because our laptops aren’t similar. Therefore, the placement and gears of hardware are extremely different for laptops like Acer Aspire 5 A515-44-R93G

After accessing the internal-back part, you may meet collections of dust or gunk, making your laptop strain while in operation. Now take the compressed air and start spraying the dust bunnies to eliminate them. Sometimes you are allowed to use get the help of a brush, but you should be careful to use a soft one.

Use of thermal paste

This is another essential substance that should be used to maintain and cool the CPU of your Acer swift laptop. There are different models like Arctic Silver 5 that are best for keeping your laptop’s CPU cooler. Working with reduced noise in your laptop fan is necessary, mostly when rendering graphics, running heavy software like AutoCAD, and gaming.

Check the Thermal Paste From Amazon.

Failure to do so will result in your laptop overheating, which will eventually affect the normal functioning of the fan, making it louder. On the other hand, your machine may start hanging and lagging. Applying the thermal paste can be the best solution and you can only get it from Amazon at a reasonable price.

Supplement your laptop with an SSD disk

Supplement your laptop with an SSD disk

Some experts put forward that SSDs have worked so smartly to replace HDDs over time. These items are better compared to HDDs and the installation can be easily initiated by most laptops; unless your machine is 20 years old.

However, you should be careful with the connectors; they should correctly connect to the motherboard with SSD connectors. To make work easier for you, Samsung 850 EVO is the top-rated SSD disk out there. They will work incredibly well on your Acer laptop.

After connecting such a component, the level of fan noise and speed will be minimized respectively.

Clean your laptop inside-out

Cleaning process of a laptop

Some research has it that mobile phones can become dirtier compared to toilets. This implies that there is a lot of dirt or grime, and bacteria lurking on your hands or fingerprints daily. How about imagining dead skin cells and dirt dust mites smeared on something like a mouse or keyboard?

Now, you should ask yourself how many minutes do you take to touch your mouth with the same hands operating the phone or laptop? Therefore, you should maintain the cleanliness of your keyboard, free from dust or grime.

After detaching the bottom and top of your laptop, try departing each part. to prevent yourself from forgetting, you may take a video of various parts when in their specific spaces. Take a coffee filter and a brush to clean the keyboard thoroughly.

Upgrade the Operating System

I don’t know, maybe you are those people who are still using Windows 7 and you believe you’re okay. Well, a friend of mine has just upgraded to windows 10 and her Acer swift is “new”. When she’s done using the machine, opening and shutting it down is now faster than before.

I know some people may not take this approach seriously, but it is one of the magic ways to silence your Acer swift laptop. Another trick that I have seen many using is to replace their windows directly, let’s say from windows 7 with 10 than upgrading. They initiate the installation process afresh.

Doing so is necessary to enhance the laptop’s speed and minimize fan noise. The changes will radically improve the performance of your laptop, reduce fan noise and increase speed. Therefore before thinking of getting a new laptop, try upgrading its windows.

Monitor your temperature

This approach might be neglected by some people because it is the simplest trick. It should come before dismantling your system or applying compressed air. You should rely on the best programs to control the heat levels in your machine. How will you know the exact temp level of your laptop; unless its bios display it?

Knowing the temperature will therefore help you understand the initial and when it is increased. There are several applications like The RealTemp that I can suggest for you. It is the best in tacking all activities of your laptop’s CPU, eliminating fuss in real-time. The fan noise will therefore reduce, enhancing the performance as well as increasing the laptop’s speed.

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  • Why am I experiencing noises from my Acer Swift 3 laptop?

Once its fan becomes dirty, it will start to misbehave and produce a buzzing noise. The fan circulates less air which will make it rotate faster so as to make the CPU cool.

  • Why should the fan of my laptop be louder?

It’s possible that your machine is hot or it has been overheating. Dust accumulation remains the common reason for such complications.

Final words

I am sure the performance of your Acer Swift 3 will be brought back to normalcy after attempting all the above troubleshooting approaches. We have some that are simple while others are a bit challenging, but you can achieve them through unscrewing some components. This issue shouldn’t stress you anymore. 

If you want you can check the video below.

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