Acura TL Whining Noise When Accelerating- What to Do

acura tl whining noise when accelerating how to fix
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Most people tend to ask themselves why the Acura TL whining makes noise when accelerating. There are several reasons why the Acura TL noise may keep making a whining noise while accelerating due to many reasons. Some of them include a faulty alternator, loose belts, and faulty transmission, among others. Some parts tend to wear out and malfunction when using your car frequently, preventing the vehicle from functioning correctly.

Yes, the issue is common among all car users, and it is fixable. The steps require little understanding of how to operate the car and its parts. But if you lack knowledge of how the parts function, it may be difficult for you, requiring only an expert. First, have all essential materials, including the manufacturer’s manual guide. If there is an issue, it is advisable to seek help from a professional expert.

Fortunately, the article below shows some causes of the Acura TL making whining noise during the acceleration process. However, it describes the best steps to follow when trying to fix the issue together with some frequently asked questions and information related to the problem. Read the article below and follow the steps carefully to bring your Acura TL to correct functioning.

Steps on how to solve the Acura TL whining noise when accelerating

acura tl whining noise when accelerating

Here are the steps to follow to solve the Acura TL whining noise when accelerating.

Step 1: Collect all essential materials

Some of the materials you may need to carry out the process include the following;

Step 2:  Put the vehicle in the parking

Stop the vehicle and park it at a place away from people just in case of anything. Leave the car for some time until the engine cools down completely. Don’t try opening your Acura TL before it cools down completely.

Step 3: Check the vehicle

Proceed to check the vehicle’s state carefully and identify any issues resulting in the accurate TL making a whining noise. Look for all possible causes and record them in some place such as a notepad. Ensure you inspect all places, especially the engine since it is the main reason why the Acura TL may make a whining noise when accelerating.

Step 4: Find the location of the alternator

The alternator is the central part of the vehicle that aids in the ignition process. Check to see if there is sufficient power flowing in and out of the alternator. If not, try jump-starting it carefully. Proceed to check if it is faulty. Try fixing the alternator following the necessary instructions.

After repairing the issue, try testing the Acura TL to see if you eliminate the noise. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step, and also, you may consider seeking help from a professional such as; contacting the nearby mechanic shop for repairs.

Step 5: Check the steering

Power steering is an important and common reason why the Acura TL whines during the acceleration process. Also, check the fluid level present in the power steering. If it is below the required level, refill it and avoid over refilling.

Sometimes, the issue may be due to the accumulation of dust and dirt on the fluid. Check the state of the liquid and replace it with a new one that suits the vehicle model. Using the wrong fluid may damage the engine. If the issue persists, proceed to check other parts of the Acura TL.

Best Steering fluid

MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF is a fully synthetic formulation with advanced additives to prevent the major causes of transmission breakdown and help extend transmission life.

Step 6: Replace the water pump

Sometimes, the issue may be a result of a faulty or malfunctioning water pump. A defective water pump results in the emission of louder noise when you compare it with a lousy alternator.

First, find the location of the water pump and scrutinize it to detect any issues. Proceed to seal it in case of any cracks. But, it isn’t very accurate beyond repair; consider replacing the whole water pump with a new one that functions correctly and suits the vehicle model.

Step 7: replace the alternator belt

replace the alternator belt

A faulty serpentine belt may be why the vehicle may start emitting a whining noise during the ignition process. If it is loose, try making it firm, and if it is faulty, try replacing it with another one that is functioning correctly.

Step 8: Seek help

If the issue persists after trying all the above processes, seek help from a nearby repair shop.

Reasons why the Acura TL makes a whining noise when accelerating

Reasons why the Acura TL makes a whining noise when accelerating

The whining noise in the Acura TL is mainly due to the wrong accessories present. The I formation below shows some common reasons why your Acura TL keeps making noise when accelerating.

1. Steering setup

The power steering unit is a significant cause of whining in Acura TLs when they accelerate. They’ll let it screech a lot if it drops too low on oil. Inspect the liquid pressure and refill it in the manufacturer’s fuel tank if necessary.

The compressor may also fail. Move the steering wheel liberal and conservative, that is, left or right, while the car is stationary to see whether it’s the power steering pump. Is it true that the noise gets more intense as you transform?

It’s a strong indicator that the sound is coming from the power steering pump. Based on the RPM, the whole of your motor components will vary in color. Just the power steering pump is affected by RPM and steering wheel movement.

2. Alternator failure

Alternator failure

Once an alternator starts to fail, it will often emit a rising humming noise. It may also have a charge indicator attached to it. If not, it’s possible that your TL’s whine isn’t caused by the alternator, though this can’t rule it out completely.

3. The Alternator Belt is wearing out

The alternator belt, the serpentine belt in your Acura TL, is in charge of taking the steps from the crankshaft and turning all of your peripherals. When it breaks down, it loses its grip on its spinning accessories, resulting in a steeply whining noise. It is especially true when you launch the car.

4. Transmission

Whenever you drive your car, a malfunctioning torque converter can make a screeching sound. Checking the brake fluid is a perfect way to begin. You’ll like to look at both the color and the metallic density.

If there are any specks of metallic on it, it will most likely have to be maintained. Examine the condition of the brake fluid while you have the probe up. It can provide a wealth of information on the state of your transmission.

5. Starter

The starter may not constantly involve the flywheel. It may also be in a scenario where it is having a difficult time disconnecting. It will make a crackling sound if it is even slightly out of position.

6. Pumping Water

When a water pump breaks down, it makes a squeaky noise. A faulty alternator will usually sound like a higher whine.

7. Flywheel Wear

If you operate a manual gearbox, your clutch may be wearing out, and your flywheel may need refurbishing. When these elements start wearing out, you may notice whining, scraping, and other strange noises.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can my car radio result in the emission of whining noise in Acura TL?

Yes. When igniting the car, the radio may pick up a disturbance and generate sound. Because it only takes just a second, this is a terrific place to start. If this does not cease the sound, get professional support to help you discover the problem and solve it correctly.


Follow the instructions above if you are experiencing issues with your Acura TL making a whining noise during the ignition process. Also, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition to that, don’t forget to have all the essential materials.

Finally, ensure you service your car more often. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to deal with the vehicle in case of anything. Lastly, your vehicle must have a warranty period before purchasing it.

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