Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise (fix it quickly)

Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise
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You are hearing noise from your Alienware 17 fan, right? There could be many causes for this challenge and I am sure your comfort will be ruined. The fan will rotate at a very high speed and that’s when you will start thinking of possible solutions.

Well, you need to understand that such problems are fixable and that’s why we have done research on the same to help you. The Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise and shouldn’t disturb your mind anymore. at the end of our article, you will be able to fix the complications easily.

Through this report, you will be educated about the suspected causes of Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise problems and how to quickly fix the challenge. Maybe you should give a trial to our guide before opting for a replacement. Well, let’s not waste much of our time here.

Reasons for Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise

alienware 17 fan noise

Dust accumulation: Your device will start to overheat if there is dust buildup either in the graphics or CPU. Overheating can cause your laptop’s fans to struggle to work and rotate at a high rate. It does so that I can disperse heat produced in the machine’s CPU.

That’s when you will start to hear fans making noises like grinding noise or operating at a faster speed. Working on the problem before it advances to something will be something great.

Problematic hard drive: Sometimes the hard drive of your Alienware 17 becomes noisy and you may even start thinking of replacing it. To be sure this is the problem; listen carefully for the grinding noise from your laptop’s fan. This issue arises mostly when your machine strains to acquire the hard drive.

Alternatively, there might be some kind of data error and this implies that your Alienware 17 laptop requires replacement or repair if possible.

Damaged bearing: you need to understand that sometimes your laptop may produce high-pitched noise if the bearing is damaged. On the other hand, failed motor interior lubrication can still lead to loud noise from the fans. The best solution for such a complication is to opt for replacement; it’s possible that the machine has been overheating or is overheating.

Poor aging: If you have not been subjecting your laptop to proper care and maintenance, you may start hearing unnecessary noises from the fan. What I mean here is that failure to clean your laptop or update drivers will interfere with its normal working condition. The speed of the fan will increase whenever you run a demanding program on the computer, thus producing loud noise.

Fixing Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise problem

One of my friends was complaining that he has been using the Alienware 17 laptop for over two years now, but after one year of usage, the laptop started to produce a lot of noise. My friend got frustrated and has been claiming he won’t buy an Alienware laptop again.

The lad just said his laptop is loud like a jet engine and even louder compared to a desktop with five large fans. He also put forward that there are several online platforms that he has tried to seek help, but all have been in vain.

However, this notion changed immediately when I decided to educate him on how the problem might be solved. Some people even advised him to update the laptop’s BIOS, adjust poor settings, and even place the machine in a flat space. He did almost everything but never worked until I came to his rescue. Below is a complete guide on you can solve Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise problem;

Step 1: Disconnect the Alienware from the power

The first thing to do is to disconnect your device from the power source and switch it off. There’s no big deal under this step, but you should remember to flip it over. Doing so is necessary to pave the way for unscrewing as well as preventing the screen from scratches.

Step 2: Unscrewing the lower panel

Process of Unscrewing the lower panel

Under this step, you are required to use a sizable screwdriver and remove the 2 back screws of your laptop. We mean the screws close to the screen fold. After removing the two screws, the next thing to do will be to use something like a small plastic and squeeze it in the seam/crack beneath the two screws. Doing so is necessary to detach the bottom panel.

Slide the panel off and forward to remove it to access internal components.

Step 3: Clearing dust

I don’t know what you are holding at hand, but I would recommend using a hairdryer, but should not apply maximum speed. What you need to make sure of is to get rid of all dust from the laptop’s fan. Try to carefully check the fans for dust bunnies. I say so because it is possible not to see a lot of dust after opening the back panel.

There’s nothing more in this step than cleaning the fan from dust. Alternatively, you can use a dry piece of cloth and work on dirt or dust you come across. They are the ones making your fan spin faster, producing loud grinding noise.

Step 4: Unscrewing the fans

Now that you are through cleaning the fan’s visible surfaces, try accessing hidden spaces too. Just unscrew any of the fans and lift them gently to reach the under space. You will meet a heat sink, the rules remain; blow the sink to eliminate all the dust accumulations. More so, you should remember, to blow the external part of the unit, cleaning it from the other side.

Is it complicated? No, it’s straightforward if you have a reliable blower and know how to detach the fan from the computer.

Step 5: Winding up the cleaning process

The step involves final touches, requesting you to do the same to the remaining fan(s). The next thing will be to reassemble the components back into their specific positions. You will be surprised to realize that the attempt reduced fan noise to 90 percent.


  • What do we mean by fan offset?

This is a mechanism found in the system and is always dynamic. If your computer has several fans, a fan speed offset works incredibly to alter the speed of all fans by an equal percentage. This implies that it can work as a fan’s monitor.

  • Can I control my Alienware fan?

Of course, it is possible with simple tricks. Therefore, if you wish to alter the settings of your computer’s fan, use this simple fix. Tap on the alien icon which is the command center. Once it’s open, tap on the fusion and then adjust the settings based on your desires. Go straight to the thermometer which will display Top, front, and CPU fan options.

  • What is the major culprit for my louder Alienware?

Dirt or dust should be held responsible for any noisy laptop or desktop. Remove the air cans to subject your device to a clean blast of air. Besides, you should offer proper care and maintenance to your laptop for its longevity and normal performance.


I am sure by now you are smiling because the Alienware 17 fan keeps making noise and the problem is gone. The article has put forward several causes of the noisy fans and has suggested possible solutions. You should try this trick before getting your Alienware laptop to an expert.

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