Why My Asus Rog Fan Make Noise- Causes and Solutions

ASUS ROG fan make noise
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I have heard many people complaining about their laptops, but the one with the Asus ROG laptop got my attention. Such a laptop is of high quality and therefore no one expects it to have issues. But like any laptop, sometimes the Asus ROG becomes annoying by producing loud enough noises from the fan.

As much as you can take it to the repair shop, sometimes it is good to try it out for yourself. Yes, I want to tell you that this action is possible and you can save a lot of money that could have been used for repair. To be on the safer side, our guide presents some useful information to have your job perfectly done.

Now, this article will touch on knowledge like how you can silence your Asus ROG laptop with noisy fans. More so, you will understand how you can initiate system-level operation while making your laptop fans quiet. You will also understand the reasons for your noisy Asus ROG fan(s).

Causes of noise in Asus ROG fan

asus rog fan noise

Before we do anything, you should understand that your laptop’s fan speed could be due to several reasons. However, this speed varies based on how the processor is overburdened. Sometimes you may even realize that the fan is already loud immediately after powering on the device.

The main reason behind this statement is that the fan will work extra hard to ensure the CPU is cool. We usually expect this fan speed and noise to come into normalcy after the laptop has restored its normal operation.

On the other hand, your laptop might be noisy due to some faulty hard drive. If the hard drive isn’t in good working condition, then you must hear fans making a lot of noise. That’s when you will start hearing annoying noises like grinding whenever the device wants to access its hard drive.

On the other hand, the bearing of your Asus ROG might be broken, making it produce more than enough fan noise. This annoying sound emerges when the fan increases speed as a result of a damaged bearing. Another symptom of this issue is the failed lubricated interior motor. Such a case will drive your laptop to overheat; hence producing loud noise.

Dust accumulation in the processor fan can be another reason your Asus ROG is noisy. The truth behind this statement is that the fans will spin extra harder to eliminate heat emanating from the processor. Such struggles will lead to noisy fans, preventing heat dissipation.

Ways to make your Asus ROG quieter

There are several actions that one can do to silence his/her Asus ROG laptop. Some of these attempts are basic and easy to do while others can be a bit complicated, beyond your understanding. Maybe you should try the following tips and see whether your laptop fans will be brought back to normalcy or not. They include;

Clean your Asus ROG regularly

asus rog fan cleaning process

To be on the safe side, make sure your laptop is clean just like your phone. Whenever your laptop overheats, this means that the fan is struggling to pump out heat from the CPU. This could be a result of dust accumulation in the fan or processor. The dust buildup achieves this by reducing the airflow in your laptop, leading to incomplete heat dissipation.

Therefore, you should be in a position to ensure laptop components like vents are clean. Cleaning the hardware of the device is advisable for its well-being; your laptop will be brought back to normalcy. You can manage this attempt, but you find it hard, don’t do anything recklessly. Now one will crucify you when you seek the help of an experienced electrician.

Additionally, you should not attempt to block the laptop’s vents in the name of muffling; the normal function of the machine will be interfered with.

Settle the issue using third-party software

It is also possible to fix a noisy laptop fan using any available third-party software. As much as minimizing the fan speed of your Asus ROG manually is advisable, the use of software can be more reliable. Manual resetting the speed level is not excellent since it will make the machine extra hot, decreasing its longevity.

For this reason, we have some reliable third-party software like the SpeedFan that can have your noisy fan problem solved. You should not allow your Asus ROG fan noise to destroy your head anymore. However, you should be careful when considering using third-party software; making inquiries from Asus.

End all programs in progress

This could be another tip to make your Asus ROG fan quiet. From the above section, overheating is the prominent reason that could make your laptop fan work harder than expected. The same laptop won’t overheat for no reason, but due to heavy tasks.

The best action under this solution is therefore to close all the open applications. Running several apps at the same time could make the machine heat up, forcing the fans to work extremely hard. This step is straightforward as you only have to go to the laptop’s Task manager and press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Alternatively, each application has a closing button that you can just tap or left-click.

If the above tips fail to silence your Asus ROG laptop fans quieter, give a trial to the following tops;

System-level alteration

The first under this section is to adjust cooling settings via the BIOS. Here, you should access the BIOS and alter the settings of the fan speed.

On occasions where the BIOS lacks a cooling setting, confirm whether there’s any installed software on your laptop. Availability of any installed software could be controlling your fan operations. You will be lucky after finding that your Asus ROG laptop has installed software. With such software, you can easily control the CPU fan in real-time.

In case you find that your Asus ROG doesn’t have any software, just know that its settings were made permanent. The best solution will be therefore to substitute the Operating System (OS) and observe whether the fan reduces noise. However, it is possible that the issue remains persistent; the software in charge of the processor fan could be problematic. You should, therefore, search for the software responsible for controlling the laptop’s processor fan. If the action fails, you will have no other choice, but to reset or format your system.

If replacing the OS never worked, and the process continues to display the same problems, automatically the current BIOS should be held responsible. In such scenarios, try as much as you can to access and adjust the laptop’s cooling settings.


  • Can an Asus ROG laptop adjust its fan speed?

Yes, the device is equipped with a quiet fan which is responsible for altering the balance between temperature and performance of the device automatically. Such a component is significant as it makes your laptop run smoothly as well as quietly.

  • Is it wicked for my Asus ROG laptop fan to be so loud?

Fans are always useful in driving the heat-processed by the CPU, graphics card, and motherboard from the machine. This implies that, in case the fans are not tightened, inferior, or too small can lead to noise.

Final word

The above discussion should help you to restore the normal performance of your Asus ROG laptop again. However, if you think the job is too big for you, make inquiries from the ASUS customer care service and they will show you the way forward. If the device is still under warranty, return it for a refund or replacement.

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