Why Chevy Blazer Won’t Start Clicking Noise?

Chevy blazer won't start clicking noise how to fix
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Chevy blazer parts sometimes fail to work together to run the machine. Sometimes they make a clicking noise, but the device is not starting. The problem with the Chevy blazer not creating but producing a clicking noise results from failures with most car parts.

Therefore, it is good to check all aspects of the car’s state before starting the vehicle. Remember, the most common causes of the Chevy blazer failure to start but making the clicking noise includes issues with the battery that are dead, corrosions on the battery filter, and maybe a broken starter.

The article below shows the causes of the clicking noise in the Chevy blazer that is not starting. You can use the steps to fix the Chevy blazer that is not starting but makes the clicking noise. After that are the frequently asked questions that are typical questions about the noises in the Chevy blazer and, lastly, the conclusion.

How to reduce the clicking noise

When having the clicking noise, follow the procedure to reduce the noise.

Tools needed

1. Test the battery

To test the battery, check the battery’s voltage that shows better if the problem is with the battery. You can check the battery by measuring the voltage level between the battery poles, checking the acid level, and checking the condition of the starter battery.

If you are using a new car battery, the battery can have less capacity to run the car. you do not need to worry about it since car batteries develop their ability to fill with time. When the battery is weak, you can test the 12v battery using a multimeter that you connect to the battery using positive and negative poles. If the battery has faults with its measurements, consider replacing it.

If the battery is the reason for failures in the car, consider jump-starting the vehicle using jumper cables and a healthy battery from another car. All you need to do is connect the red line to the positive terminal of the car’s dead battery then the positive terminal to the donor battery. Ensure the connection between the cables is tight for proper troubleshooting of the battery.

2. Clean the battery terminals

When the battery has corrosions consider cleaning the battery at first where you will follow a specific procedure to clean them, which have the steps below:

i. Remove the black cable from the negative pole to cut the power flow to the battery since it can cause injuries. You can use pliers to remove the pole clamps if they are tight. Remember to use plastic pliers that are safe for use.

ii. Remove the red positive pole cable. After removing the wires, you are now sure that the connection of the battery to the primary power source is off, and you can work with it.

iii. Proceed with the cleaning in this step that you will use specific detergents to avoid some other problems with the battery.

iv. Connect back the terminals for their functioning after cleaning the battery.

3. Replace the faulty parts

Replace all the faulty parts in the car, including the starter motor, the alternator, and the fuel pump. Ensure all the details are in their excellent state to avoid noise. You will need a screwdriver to open the inner information and remove the faulty parts.

4. Diagnose the engine

It is good to check the state of the engine, including the fuel engine, that when you use lousy oil, it will fail to work. Consider using the OBD2 scanner for the diagnosis, where you will connect the scanner to the blazer.

What causes a Chevy blazer to make a clicking noise and not start?

chevy cavalier wheel bearing noise

1. Weak battery

When the Chevy blazer is not starting but makes a clicking sound, the weak battery is the possible cause of the problems.

2. Corrosions in the battery terminals

When the battery terminals have corrosions, they will tend to lose contact with the battery, and the flow of current between the two will be below. Therefore, the battery will lack enough power to start the car; when igniting the vehicle, you only hear the clicking noise, but the vehicle cannot start.

To identify corrosions in the battery terminals, consider checking if it has dirty particles on its surface. If they are available, you can clean them instead of replacing the battery.

3. They have a broken starter motor

A starter is a motor for starting the engine of the blazer. When you use the starter for a very long time, it will fail to work after some time since it gets old depending on the frequency of using it. Therefore, when you use the starter for a longer time, it will break down and later fail to work, making the engine fail. To identify that the starter is not working, consider turning on the blazer machine if you hear a clicking sound, it indicates the starter motor is terrible, and you need to replace it.

4. Bad alternator

An alternator is a generator that produces electricity in the blazer. When you have an alternator that is not working, it will possibly fail to produce electricity in the car that will fail to start but makes the clicking noise.  Therefore you need to check the alternator since they rarely break down to avoid replacing the battery when the problem is with the battery. Consider replacing the alternator if it has issues.

5. Accumulation of dirty particles in the fuel filter

The fuel filter in the blazer does not wear out like the other parts; when they become old, they wear out and cannot work anymore. The problem with the air filter is that the dirty particles from the fuel accumulate over time, making it fail to work correctly. Consider cleaning the fuel filter if it is less polluted, but if the dirty particles have accumulated for a long time, choose to replace the air filter.

6. Failures of the engine

There are many issues with the engine that can make it fail to work correctly and forget to start the car but rather cause noise.  Examples of problems with the machine include bad engine oil. Engine oil usage differs from one vehicle to another since not all engines use the same engine oil. For instance, vehicle engines use oil depending on the speed and thickness of the engine oil. Using incorrect oil for your vehicle engine results in the production of a tickling sound.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it normal for the car to make any noise?

Noises in any car are normal since they indicate that the vehicle is working. There must be some noise to show you the vehicle is ready to go when starting the vehicle. When shutting off the ignition, the noise stops showing the car cannot move again. However, continuous production of the noises is what indicates there are problems with the system.

In most cases, when the engine, bearings, and battery area make a noise, there must be a problem with the car that you need to fix immediately. If the motor is making noise, you need to fix it. the engine can easily crush, and the vehicle cannot move again.


Clicking noise in any car is not every day that you need to find the cause and fix it immediately. When your vehicle is making a clicking noise but not starting, you need to check the reasons in the article above and select them directly to start the car.

Consider reading the manufacturers’ instructions while carrying out the troubleshooting process. You can also consult a technician if you try the troubleshooting process and fail to work with your car.

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