Chevy Malibu Wheel Bearing Noise- Causes and Easy Fix

chevy malibu wheel bearing noise
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Chevy Malibu is a standard car that most people wish to use when traveling or even on their journeys. Sometimes, the vehicle may make high noise or humming noise. There are several reasons why the Chevy Malibu wheel bearing makes noise when driving. The common cause is a faulty wheel bearing. If you are experiencing such issues while driving, you must consider fixing the issue immediately and fixing all the faulty or loose accessories.

Wheel bearing noise is standard among all running vehicles. But, there are some tips you can apply to solve the issue immediately before seeking help from a professional mechanic. First, you need to identify the leading cause of the problem. For example, if the wheel bearing is faulty beyond any repair, consider replacing it with a new one functioning correctly.

Fortunately, the article below will give you a complete guide on overcoming the wheel-bearing noise. It includes the common causes, steps you can follow to diagnose the issue and fix it accordingly. Please read the article below and gather full knowledge, and if the issue may persist, you can be confused about which action to take. It is important to seek help from a professional mechanic in such cases.

Common causes of Chevy Malibu wheel bearing noise

chevy malibu wheel bearing noise

There are several reasons why your Chevy Malibu wheel bearing may keep making noise when running it. If you fail to fix the issue immediately, it may result in the tires wearing out, making other parts fail. Well, we will discuss some of the causes in the information below.

  • Accumulation of debris in the faulty seals. Sometimes, the reason why your wheel bearing may keep making noise is due to the presence of debris or even moisture in some seals that are faulty and need immediate troubleshooting.
  • Disorganized tires. If your Chevy Malibu tires become misaligned, they hinder the wheel bearing from functioning correctly, resulting in the emission of humming noise that is irritating in most cases.
  • Faulty suspension parts. Suspension parts are essential in keeping the car running normally. In case they break or wear out, they result in wheel bearing malfunctioning, and as a result, there is the generation of some noise that may increase if not dealt with instantly.
  • Faulty or worn-out wheel bearing. It is the main reason why there is the emission of loud noise. As we all know, if the wheel bearing breaks or wears out, the car fails to run as usual, and the only way to replace it is with a new one.
  • Presence of large potholes on the roads. The potholes have a bad impact on the vehicle’s wheel bearing as it results in it breaking down and emitting loud noise.

How to diagnose wheel-bearing noise?

Before you think of troubleshooting the wheel-bearing noise, it is important to diagnose the main cause of the noise. There are three main steps you can follow and the include the following;

1. First, tell someone to help you take the vehicle out for a spin. Run the Chevy Malibu at a very low speed, and the most recommended is between 10mph to 20mph use your hearing sense to identify where the noise is from and stop the car using brakes. If the Malibu moves to the side, the noise is from the wheel bearings.

2. Secondly, stop your car and dismantle both the tires and the wheel where the wheel bearing is and see if they are in good condition. You carry out such a process after locating that the wheel bearings are faulty, and you may repeat process one if you were not careful.

3. Finally, using both hands, with one being on the top and the other on the bottom, rock the hub, and if the hub keeps moving after rocking, then the wheel bearings are faulty. While carrying out such a presence, keep in mind that other accessories will be affected if you fail to solve the issue immediately.

Step by step guide on how to fix Chevy Malibu wheel bearing noise

Follow the steps below to bring your Malibu wheel bearing to correct functioning.

i. Have all the necessary materials.

Before beginning any process, it is important that you have all the materials that you may need, and they include the following;

  • New replacement parts.

ii. Identify the main cause of the wheel-bearing noise

If you have all the materials you may need, identify the main reason for the wheel bearing noise. Some of the reasons are in the information above, such as; faulty wheel bearing, misaligned tires, worn-out tires, among others.

iii. Replace the tires

If the tires are the main reason the Malibu wheel bearings are emitting noise, replace them with new ones in good condition. If the tires are misaligned, check them and arrange them. But, if the issue persists, proceed to the next step.

iv. Clean the seals carefully and remove all debris present

Sometimes, the bearing noise results from too much dirt in the seals. First, locate the seals and inspect all of them carefully. Using a correct tool such as a thin brush, remove all dirt and ensure cleanliness. Reinstall all other parts and test them to see if the noise is dealt with. You can also consider replacing the seals if they are faulty.

v. Grease the wheel bearing

Check to see if there is enough grease in the wheel bearings. If not, get the best grease that fits your Malibu, and you can order that on Amazon or eBay. Apply the grease as stated by the manufacturer and ensure you don’t overdo it.

vi. Replace the suspension parts

If the issue still parts, check all the suspension parts and replace them effectively following the manufacturer’s instructions.

vii. Replace the wheel bearings

Finally, if the issue persists after carrying out all the processes above, consider replacing the wheel bearings with one functioning correctly and suits your Malibu model.

How can you know if the Chevy Malibu wheel bearings are going bad?

How can you know if the Chevy Malibu wheel bearings are going bad?

Nowadays, people prefer using the ball bearings type of wheel bearings and if you want to know when they are bad, see these few tips;

  • First, listen to any noises. It is common when the bearings start going bad and emit grinding noise. It is a result of worn-out tires, low grease, among others.
  • Pulling. If your Chevy Malibu car keeps pulling to one side, it indicates that your wheel bearings are going bad.
  • Also, if the steering becomes loose while driving, the wheel bearings are not functioning as usual or are broken. When that happens, it is advisable to fix it immediately.
  • Lastly, see the condition of the tires and see if they are in good condition or have worn out.

Replacing Chevy Malibu wheel bearings

The process requires a professional mechanic. Therefore, you must seek help rather than trying to replace them on your own.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it good to keep driving with a faulty Malibu wheel bearing?

Yes, but not for long. Driving with a faulty wheel bearing is risky since the Malibu may keep pulling to one side causing tires to wear out and even the steering to become loose, and finally, it may fall off while driving. Please consider seeking help if you are unable to solve the issue.


If your Chevy Malibu wheel earring keeps making noise while driving, it is advisable to stop it and try fixing the issue rather than assuming. When the wheel bearings become faulty, they start emitting noise and heat, resulting in the tires locking themselves.

The best way of solving such an issue is by replacing the wheel bearing. It is cheaper than buying another vehicle. Success in diagnosing and troubleshooting your noisy wheel bearing, and please seek help from a professional mechanic if you fail.

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