Why Chrysler 200 makes clicking noise in the dash?

Why Chrysler 200 makes clicking noise in the dash
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Clicking noise in the dashboard affects many drivers making them more worried about troubleshooting the noise. The vehicle may emit clicking noise, and sometimes it may emit squealing noise and grinding noise. If you are having trouble with your Chrysler 200 car, please don’t ignore it and fix the issue immediately. Some of the causes include; a faulty stepper motor, a bad relay, among others.

If you are worried about how you can fix the dash clicking noise, don’t be since there are some ways you can safely solve the issue depending on the cause. Some of the issues include; replacing the stepper motor and changing the alternator with one functioning correctly. Don’t forget the manufacturer’s guidelines. They are most effective and will help you reduce some issues that result in additional replacement costs.

Luckily, we will discuss in the article below the common reasons why your Chrysler 200 dash keeps emitting noise. Also, we will see the steps to follow in case you are experiencing the issue, and don’t forget to seek help or inquire from the original manufacturer for guidance.

Common causes of clicking noise in Chrysler 200 dash

clicking noise in Chrysler 200 dash

Here are some reasons why your Chrysler 200 may keep emitting clicking noise.

1. Bad stepper motor

The motor is an essential component that aids in the vehicle’s movements, and you can find it in many vehicles. It is usually near the blend door and functions together with the dashboard. The first part results in clicking noise in the dashboard once it fails.

2. A bad relay

The Chrysler 200 comes with a relay with many accessories such as circuits. It usually controls heavy amp circuits using the lowest amp circuit. As usual, many parts will be affected if it fails to function, including the dashboard. The noise may keep repeating, making the user uncomfortable, and it is important to fix the issue instantly.

3. A bad alternator

The main issue why there is too much noise in the dahs is a bad battery. When there is a limited power supply from the battery to the rest of the vehicle parts, the motor will strain spinning to keep the vehicle running. As a result, the dashboard starts emitting noise. Not only the dashboard that will be affected but also other parts such as a relay.

The main issue why the batter may fail is bad electrolyte or low electrolyte. If you hear any noise from the dashboard, first check the battery and see any issues. Try solving the electrolyte issue and see if the noise persists.

4. Faulty heater motor calibration

The HVAC system controls the temperatures of the whole vehicle. Once it fails to function, too much heat is emitted from the motor, resulting in the dashboard emitting loud noise while driving. Sometimes, the heater motor may fail to function because it is in the wrong position.

Steps to follow to fix the Chrysler 200 clicking noise

When solving the Chrysler 200 dash noise, you must choose the best steps to follow depending on the source of the dash noise. The following steps will help you.

Tools necessary:

Before you start the troubleshooting process, have all essential materials, and they include the following;

Step 1: Start the vehicle

Start the Chrysler 200 and drive it slowly. Use your hearing sense and see the main place where there is noise generation. As you drive down the highway, gently apply pressure on the brake pedal and see noise emission.

Step 2: Locate the position of the relay

First, find the position of the Chrysler 200 and check it carefully to see if it is the reason why there is noise in the dashboard. To check the vehicle relay, choose to listen to the source of the clicking noise. Also, you can consider placing your hands on the relay and comparing it with a different car.

Wear gloves to protect your hands before reinstalling the relay, and use a flashlight to see clearly. Reinstall the relay and replace it with a well-functioning that suits the car. While fixing it, ensure you position it correctly.

Step 3: Change the motor

 If the issue persists after replacing the relay, check the motor. The best thing you can do to check the motor is to use a scan tool that sends a notification to help you locate the problem area you need to troubleshoot. If you lack a scan tool, you can consider using your hearing sense.

Step 4: Replace the heater motor and the alternator

Sometimes, the issue maybe with a bad heater motor and alternator. Replacing the motor and the alternator is challenging and requires an expert. First, find the location of the components and seek help from a professional mechanic for assistance.

Step 5: Seek help

If you still have issues, you can contact the original manufacturer or a professional mechanic to help you fix the issue instantly and give you a way forward. Also, remember to service your Chrysler 200 vehicle as recommended to reduce the occurrence of such issues.

Steps to calibrate a heater motor

 Follow the steps below to calibrate it.

  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Turn the button to auto.
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Dismantle the fuse from the heater control for some time.
  • Switch on the ignition since the system is on relearn mode and run through the blend doors positions.
  • Turn on the ignition for some time.
  • Start the engine.

Steps to follow to change the Chrysler 200 motor resulting in dashboard noise

In most cases, the motor may be the cause of the noise in the dashboard, and the only way is to change the motor. Follow the steps below to fix the issue;

  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Locate the pigtail connector and dismantle it gently.
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the bolts that are within the motor.
  • Locate the position of the socket and the ratchet and proceed to remove it gently.
  • Replace the motor carefully.
  • Reinstall all the parts you removed before installing the new motor.
  • Test the vehicle and switch on the ignition by starting the engine.

Other problems affect the Chrysler 200 apart from clicking noise in the dash

chrysler 200 clicking noise in dash

Some common problems include the following;

  • A bad electrical system such as inadequate power while still running the car and electrical system failure.
  • Smelling HVAC vents.  Sometimes, moisture or any other debris may accumulate on the vents, resulting in smelling vent invents.
  • Engine issues. Some of the engine issues include engine sludge, among others.
  • Faulty gear shift.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How can my Chrysler 200 have a faulty stepper motor?

The best way to diagnose if your stepper motor is faulty is by using your hearing sense. Use your hearing sense and also see the motor settings. If there is noise, open the vehicle and see where it is coming from. Proceed to fix the issue according to the main cause.


Loud or low clicking noise from the dash of a Chrysler 200 is a common occurrence that you can safely dismiss while driving. It’s important to check the part making the clicking noise to see if it’s regular or not. You may be concerned about what to do about the disturbances or how to address them. Also, consider seeking help when replacing some of the worn-out parts.

Please carefully follow the procedures below to assist in repairing your vehicle’s sound in the dash. When dealing with difficulties with your car, study the product’s directions in the handbook booklet to stop creating further mistakes when fixing the issues. If you’re having trouble repairing the issues, get an expert to assist you or contact the original manufacturer.

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