Comcast Cable Box Making Noise-Causes and Solutions

Comcast cable box making noise
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Recently I have heard some complaints from some individuals that their Comcast has become noisy. Well, this issue happens, and there are several causatives that can be held responsible. The noise can be annoying, posing a threat to your comfort around the house.

If you are wondering what could have gone wrong with your Comcast cable box, then you are at the right place. Our guide will serve you a hot soup, full of useful information about common challenges that can make your box make noise. You will realize that everything is possible at the end of the article.

In this report, you will learn some of the suspected Comcast cable box issues that can make your device noisy. The article contains useful information to help you also troubleshoot common issues with your Comcast cable box. However, the best thing you can do is to sit back and let me joyride you.

What makes a Comcast cable box make noise?

What makes a comcast cable box noise

Buying a new box can pose a noisy operation, mostly when you have badly connected it. This could instead turn your cable box into a noisy machine. Sometimes you may even think of disposing of it or getting a refund. Since Comcast is a multi-room electronic, it’s remote offers excellent functionality.

Another reason for a noisy Comcast cable box is when you use it to stream on more than one TV. The device will be struggling to display quality videos, hence producing a hissing sound which is annoying.

More so, you never know, maybe you are operating with an old Comcast cable box, making it produce some funny noises. Below is a reliable guide on how you can diagnose and restore the normalcy of your box. Maybe you will require a few tools to have the issue tackled.

Troubleshooting your Comcast cable box

Troubleshooting your Comcast cable box

I thought you should have some options to restart a noisy Comcast cable box. Besides, you will understand how on-screen guides, recordings, and on-screen guides might be affected after the restarting process.

1. Use the “Power Button” to restart your Comcast cable box

How to restart your Comcast cable box

This is the simplest approach that you can initiate to silence your noisy Comcast cable box. However, the box should have a Power key. Follow these steps to be in a better place;

  • Start by checking the condition of the cable box and ensure it is tightly secured.
  • On your Comcast cable box’s front, press the Power Button, holding it for a few seconds; 10 or 15 seconds are just enough.
  • Your Comcast cable box will restart automatically, restoring everything. This process is straightforward as you don’t require any tool. The noise should be over now.  If the cable box continues to produce annoying noise, try other methods.

2. Use the Power Cable to restart your Box

In situations where your device doesn’t boast any Power Button, the only and cheapest solution is to disconnect it from the power source. This is straightforward as it only involves two steps. These steps are;

  • Disconnect your Comcast cable box from the power source for something like 10 or 15 seconds. Learn to be patient and give your box enough time before plugging it back to the power source.
  • Connect the Comcast cable box back to the power source.

Your device will restart itself to retain the basic features, which will reduce noise production. No more stories under this step, you only have to try fixing the cable properly.

3. Use My Account Online to restart your Comcast cable box

This approach is very simple as long as you own an active account for your Comcast cable box. Follow these steps to restart your device;

  • Log in to the ‘My Account’
  • Roll down and choose ‘Manage TV’. Under this step, you may still choose to get this option in the ‘services’ tab. alternatively, you are allowed to choose a specific television box you intend to reboot from the ‘Devices’ function.
  • Tap on the ‘Troubleshoot’ function and try typical solutions. Doing so will ensure these issues don’t affect your device anymore. Press ‘Continue’ to advance to the next step.
  • On the display, two options will popup;

Restart device; such an option is significant as it gives you a chance to choose your Comcast cable box for restarting. Attempting this step will correct audio problems with stagnating performance. You may wait here for something like 5 minutes for the restarting process to complete.

In situations where you choose ‘Device Restart’, it’s possible to be directed to the Television box selection display. From this juncture, you can now go on and choose the Comcast cable box for restarting.

System refresh; this option is useful as it handles various Comcast cable box issues like noises and missing channels. Initiating this process will clean everything in your house by restarting the system; you have to wait for something like 10 minutes.

The last step will involve choosing a reliable method and initiating the restarting process by pressing ‘Start Troubleshooting’. During the process, you should have some patience, not to detach the box from the power source or switch it off.

4. Use device settings to restart the Comcast cable box

Here is an alternative method that you can use to ensure that your Comcast cable box makes no noise. You know how operating with a noisy device is hectic. For this reason, follow these steps to pin down the issue;

  • Press the Menu Button with the help of the remote.
  • Now, use either the right or left arrow buttons for highlighting settings. Remember, this is simply a gear icon. After you’re through with highlighting the settings, press the “OK” button.
  • The next step will be to highlight the ‘Device Settings’. You can easily achieve this by pressing the ‘Down Arrow’ key. Press Ok after selecting Device settings. The next step will be to choose the ‘Power References’. Under this step, you are supposed to make use of the ‘Down Arrow’ key and then press OK. Continue using the ‘Down Arrow’ key and select ‘Restart’. If it’s successful, press OK.

A Comcast screen will be displayed, meaning that the restart was successful. After you are done with this step, your device should work properly.


  • What will happen if you restart your TV Box?

Nothing will happen to your user guide; it will not get lost. Besides, menu settings will also not be interfered with. However, if you were recording something, then the process would be terminated. This means that you should always restart your box if it’s not recording. The playback will also be terminated.

  • Why is the Comcast cable box so bad?

The device will run slowly when you have connected it to several TVs. Besides, if there is more than one user, connecting to the network can lead to Wi-Fi challenges.

Final words

Operating with a noisy Comcast cable box is challenging, but our article has served you what it takes to contain the issue. If you were keen, you can realize that all the troubleshooting approaches were meant to restore the normalcy of the Comcast cable box. The steps involved in each method are straightforward to follow, you only need to avail yourself of the knowledge that is already here.

However, anything beyond your understanding should be left to experienced personnel. Therefore, after trying all the above approaches and the problem still persists, call for help. But if it reduces noise, it’s your lucky day.

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