Why My Corsair h100i v2 Pump Keeps Making Noise-How to Fix?

corsair h100i v2 pump noise
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Most of the time, the liquid cooling pump may fail to function as usual for several reasons: idle pump, clogged pump, and others. If you experience such an issue, first, find the leading cause of the problem and confirm if the pump is functioning. The only method you can use to determine the pump’s functionality is by examining the pump RPM.

First, connect the pump cable to the primary source, such as a motherboard. Then, examine all parts and note challenges. Have fewer worries about fixing the corsair h100i v2 pump since there are some steps you can follow to eliminate the unwanted noise. Please don’t ignore the noise as it may result in deafness.

This article has some common causes of corsair h100i v2 pump noise. Besides that, it provides a step-by-step guide on eliminating the noise and some additional information that may be helpful to you. Kindle seeks help if you are afraid to perform the process independently.

Common causes of Corsair h100i v2 pump noise

Common causes of Corsair h100i v2 pump noise

Here are several reasons why the corsair h100i v2 pump may keep making noise.

1. High pressure in the pump

The pump is essential in releasing pressure from the brakes. Also, it maintains the pressure of the Cooler pump to make it function as required. Sometimes, the pressure may increase, resulting in the valve failing. Once the pressure increases, there is an emission of loud noise. The noise may improve with time, and the only way to solve the issue is to reduce the pressure.

2. Blocked pump

Another reason why the pump may emit noise is the accumulation of dirt. Once the pump is clogged, there is too much noise. First, check the pump’s condition and try unclogging using a thin brush.

3. Idle pump

If you don’t use your corsair h100i v2 pump for so long, it may start wearing out. After idling for so long and you try using your Cooler pump, the Cooler pump may come to a stop and start emitting some noise. Also, if you don’t use your pump, dust may accumulate, preventing the pump from functioning as usual. The best way is to solve the issue immediately by replacing it with a new one working correctly.

4. Bad shims

If the shims are in poor condition resulting in metal-to-metal contact with the gears while driving and in the process, there is too much noise emission. The metal-to-metal connection requires an expert to solve the issue immediately since they know how to handle the metals to bring the pump to correct functioning.

5. Loose screws

The common reason your pump may keep making noise is due to loose screws holding the pump in position. If the screws become loose, the pump may keep swaying from side to side while driving, resulting in the emission of loud noise that irritates a lot.

Steps to follow to fix the Corsair h100i v2 pump noise

Sure, there are some steps you can follow to bring your h100i v2 pump to correct functioning and eliminate the emitted noise. Here are some of the steps you can follow.

Tools necessary:

First, get all the materials you may need, and they include the following; you can check the price by clicking those Amazon links.

Step 1: Identify the leading cause of the issue

First, check the h100i pump is in good condition. Check all parts and see the leading cause of the pump noise. Examine the screws if they are loose and check the pressure level and other aspects. Would you mind paying attention to further details and ensuring you don’t miss any issues?

Step 2: Check if there is any dust or dirt present

 After checking all parts, check if any dust has accumulated on the pump. If there is any, use the recommended tool such as the vacuum cleaner to suck all dust present and if the pump is clogged, use a thin brush to unclog it and the Cooler pump. Be careful to avoid breaking it.

Step 3: Fix the pressure level

If the pressure level is too much or low, regulate it and maintain it at the recommended level. The corsair h100i v2 works best with the manufacturer’s stated pressure. Therefore, it is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to solve the problem.

Step 4: Tighten the screws

First, check the bolts and see if they are loose. Loose screws make the Coolant keep moving, and in the process, there is the emission of loud noise. Tighten the screws using a screwdriver and a wrench. But, if the screws are faulty, replace them with ones functioning effectively.

Step 5: Bad shims

If you have bad shims, the best solution is to seek a technician to help you solve the metal-to-metal contact issue rather than trying on your own.

Step 6: Often use the pump

Avoid leaving your pump idle for so long; idling it for so long results in the accumulation of dust and dirt, making it strain to function. While using the h100i v2 frequently, ensure you service it depending on the instructions.

Step 7: Ask for help

If you cannot troubleshoot the issue or persist, seek help from a professional technician.

Ways of diagnosing if the Corsair h100i v2 pump is working effectively

corsair h100i v2 pump noise

Sometimes it might be challenging to see if it is in good condition. The best way to determine if the functioning is correct is by checking the state of the RPM. First, connect the pump wire to the Cooler pump’s sign header and readings. See if the lessons are correct and if not, the pump is not functioning correctly. Proceed to fix the pump by following the best steps.

How to change the Corsair h100i v2 liquid coolant?

1. Disconnect the system’s cooling fan.

2. Remove the cooler’s contents.

3. Remove the old tubes. Carefully cut along the barb using a sharp knife.

4. Make a fresh coolant. Replace the coolant at any local hardware shop.

5. Connect the radiator to the pump. Connect one of the radiator barbs to the outlet. You can also cut the tubes to the length you choose.

6. Fill the cooler with ice.

7. Place the radiator in every possible position until the coolant flowing out of it flows in a laminar pattern.

8. Close the tubes. Connect the pump inlet to the radiator’s open barb.

9. While sealing, submerge the pump inlet and the free radiator barb in the coolant inside the pan. Return the liquid cooler to the system.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long does the corsair h100i v2 pump liquid last?

The liquid and the pump are to last for approximately five years. But, if they become faulty early, you can replace them by getting them from a genuine seller. The only thing you can find hard to replace is the tubing, and they only need new ones.


If you experience noise emission from your Corsair h100i v2 pump, it is clear that it is not functioning correctly. Some reasons you may experience such an issue include; clogged pump, loose screws, bad shims, and others. Please read the article above and follow the steps carefully if you are fixing the issue yourself.

It is advisable to try troubleshooting the issue before seeking help from an expert. Further, it is essential to consider when using the cooler. For example, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on maintaining the coolant. Also, seek help if the issue persists. Good luck in attempting to eliminate the noise on your Corsair h100i v2 pump.

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