Cyberpowerpc Fan Noise-How to Fix It

CyberPowerPC fan noise how to fix
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CyberPowerPC is a powerful machine that can handle demanding jobs for you in the cyber. Like any other electronic device, this PC can encounter some problems that will make it noisy. Well, many people have experienced such issues; meaning that you are not the first or last one.

If you are operating with a noisy computer, then this article will provide answers. Sometimes the machine becomes noisy when it comes in contact with anything vibrating or when it’s loosely secured. There are several actions that you can take to correct this issue; that’s what our report offers you.

In this article, you will learn several approaches to silence your loud or noisy CyberPowerPC. Some of these actions involve buying new components like anti-tremble fan mounts while others are straightforward. Let me not irritate you with long stories; let’s get into the business.

Different tricks to make your CyberPowerpc silent

cyberpowerpc fan noise

Based on the noise level your CyberPowerpc is making, below are some reliable ways to pin down the issue. These approaches are essential in reducing the noise, emanating from your PC. These solutions include;

1. Buy anti-shaking fan mounts

Installing these fan mounts can do wonders to silence a noisy CyberPowerPC. The mounting screws tend to be common components to be affected by vibrations. Mostly these components are made of metals, connecting the fans and the metal case.

Things will get quieter when you decide to use an anti-vibration fan mount to connect your fans. You need to understand that these items are less expensive, meaning that you won’t spend much of your money.

2. Install quiet case fans

A quiet fan case

If the above approach fails, here is an alternative that I am sure will perfectly silence your CyberPowerpc fan noise. Any computer with normal case fans is likely to become noisier. Of course, they are useful in making your computer cool, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be noisy.

There are different sizes of fans in the market that you can choose from. Yes, and you can acquire a quieter fan at a cheaper price with premium quality. You will be surprised to realize how these items minimize noise from your device. A good example of the tested and tried model is Noctua NF-F12 PWM chromax.

Replacing your case fans with something like this is highly advisable to reduce noise. Therefore, let no annoying noise from your CyberPowerpc machine disturb you anymore. At the far corners, there are silicone anti-vibration cushions that prevent noise production. The pads are great in decoupling the fans and minimizing vibration transmission to the entire machine.

3. Purchase a Fan Speed Controller

Some people overlook fan speed controllers when manufacturing a computer. The CPU fan of your CyberPowerpc is managed by the motherboard. Therefore, it can excellently slow down or speed up based on the current temperature and how the system is overloaded.

Buying this component can make a perfect substitute for case fans; they’re smart. Case fans tend to run and remain on without considering the system temperature. Therefore, when you install a fan speed controller it will boast some intelligence into your system fans.

You won’t miss a reliable option in the market; they are many, but SilverStone PWM remains the best for such tasks. You can enjoy many benefits from fan speed controllers like thermostatic capabilities.

4. Replace noisy fans of your CyberPowerPC

Sometimes you are advised to get new fans for your computer for better results. You need to understand that these fans also get old, interfering with their normal functioning. Well, if this is the case with your CyberPowerpc fans, hit the road to the market and purchase a suitable model.

More so, PSUs of your CyberPowerpc can become noisy, mostly because of the heat generated and huge fans in the system. Having a noisy PSU is rare because they’re meant to be silent; some of them will even initiate their fans when it is not required. Therefore, you can minimize noise production from your CyberPowerpc machine by investing in a quiet PSU.

Handling noise from the GPU is a bit challenging, but CPU fans can be upgraded for exciting performance. There are various manufacturers out there that produce high-quality CPU and GPU components for gaming computers.

5. Get a quieter case

After you are done sorting the fans, then it’s time to work on the case. You never know, maybe the old case is what makes your CyberPowerpc noisy. Owning a quiet case can be a lifetime investment since it will not only serve you for several years but also enhance quiet operation in the CyberPowerPC.

The internal panels of a case are covered with sound-proofing materials that reduce the general ambient noise. The machine will therefore operate quietly. How about giving a trial to the Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA case? It’s an excellent option out there that boasts robust noise reduction.

The Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB is a tempered glass mid-tower ATX case with striking angular styling, powerful airflow and three included RGB cooling fans.

The sound you will hear will be coming from internal components and not the case. Though it gives way to such noises via the ventilation holes or fan mounts, which are essential in any modern computer. When a suitable case is coupled with the above three solutions, there won’t be any disturbing noises from your CyberPowerPC.

Alternatively, you can continue using the current case, but try to install some sound-proofing materials. This is just an alternative, but not like when you could have bought a new case.

6. Custom Cable Management can also reduce noise from your CyberPowerpc fan

This is the simple trick that you can use to minimize CyberPowerpc fan noise. It involves managing the cables in the computer internals. Doing so will improve smooth airflow, and minimize heat; hence reducing noise.

It’s possible for these cables to be ignored after being thrown together, interfering with the movement of other components. You should therefore make sure that these parts like wires are intact; they should come closer to fans. Besides, the machine may become hotter when airflow is interfered with; the fan will rotate faster to get rid of excess heat. It will therefore be louder.

Under this section, maybe you should try vecro loops, cable routing, or zip ties to contain your cables.  

7. Water Cooling technique

You can give a trial to this approach for silencing your CyberPowerpc fans. Despite being the most expensive way, the way it cools your computer is appealing. Besides, installing the item is challenging and requires several fans for cooling the reservoirs. However, there are options like NZXT Kraken M22 120mm that come fully packaged, and ready to work.

We have some models that are less expensive but offer excellent performance. There is a noise-free fan that will ensure noise is reduced from your CyberPowerPC. More so, switching out your fan is possible for extra peace of mind; this action minimizes noise further.


  • Can I trust CyberPowerpc?

Yes, it is a good company, but the issue comes in when you try to seek help from them. You can be treated as a criminal.

  • Is it necessary for a PC to make loud noises?

No, if you experience such then know your computer is suffering from dust accumulation. Clean it for better results.

Final words

Working with a silent CyberPowerpc computer from today; a noisy one should be the story of the past. The above tricks should help you to easily minimize noise emanating from your CyberPowerpc computer. You have the choice to choose the cheapest approach as long as it works for your situation. 

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