Dell g7 Fan Noise-How to Troubleshoot

Dell G7 Fan making noise
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You are having a noisy Dell G7, right? The fans can sometimes become noisy, irritating you when you require some cool computing. The GPU of your machine is the common culprit for making loud noise whenever you power it on. I know you might be thinking that opting for a replacement is the best solution; no, the issue may continue.

If you are among the victims operating with Dell G7 noise, then you should plan and have a look at our article. We care a lot about your computer’s well-being. Therefore, our report will equip you with the necessary information on what could make your Dell G7 noisy.

Whether it is the fan case or GPU, it’s fixable. Everything is covered in this report, including the causes and how you can curb the issues. As much as a replacement can be a good solution, the noise might be coming from the neighboring components. Well, let’s explore more about Dell G7 fan noise.

Causes for noisy Dell G7 fan

dell g7 fan noise

There are several causatives that can leave your Dell G7 noisy. It’s annoying, right? Let’s have a look at some of these common problems;

1. Dirt and dust accumulation

Here is the first and foremost reason for a noisy Dell G7 fan. If there is dust buildup around your Dell G7 fan, the noise the machine will strain to pump out hot air.  Besides, the graphics and CPU might also be affected by dust accumulation, making the machine produce loud sounds when in operation.

2. Damaged bearing

If your computer has a broken bearing, prepare for loud noise from the fan. The reason behind this statement is that you get grinding noise when the fan spins faster. Damage bearing will cause your machine to overheat; hence producing high pitched sound. The best solution for this issue is to opt for a new fan.

3. Failed motor lubrication

Another issue that could be making your Dell G7 fan noisier is the failed lubrication of the motor. Any moving part requires lubrication to enhance smooth operation. Once it runs out of lubricating liquid, the noise will be part of it. The motor of the fan will become noisier whenever its internal lubrication fails.

4. Overheating


Overheating is common in old computers, mostly when running a heavy program. However, dirt and dust buildups can also make your Dell G7 fan noisier. This can affect the normal function of the graphics and CPU, making the fan spin faster, and trying to pump out hot air. Cleaning the fan can be the best solution for such an issue.

 Reliable tricks to troubleshoot Dell G7 fan noise

Noisy fans will always make your machine sound like a jet engine. It’s only the noise that is unnecessary, but fans are useful items in cooling your computer. However, if your Dell G7 is equipped with a water-cooling mechanism, then there’s no need for fans. Otherwise, dirt, air contaminants, and dust can find their way into your Dell G7 machine and ruin the mood.

Well, below are some of the easy fixes.

1. Properly position your Dell G7 for excellent airflow

Did you know that where you station your laptop plays a vital role when it comes to the airflow? It determines whether its fans have required airflow or not. Having the right airflow is advisable in ensuring the machine is cool all the time. Using a radiator or heater should be replaced with any available desk cupboard.

Such laptop positioning is poor since there is limited air supply to the Dell G7 fan. The air around the fan will therefore heat up faster, making the fan spin faster so that to pump out produced hot air. The machine’s fan will become louder.

You should therefore not place your laptop on a surface that will block its fans. Direct the fan to a suitable place for smooth airflow if you want to operate with a cool computer.

2. Give your Dell G7 a thorough Clean

How to clean Dell G7

When the fans take in air, it’s possible to attract other contaminants from the atmosphere to your Dell G7. Have you ever thought of how a bookcase cane accumulates dust? That’s exactly how your laptop fans tend to operate, making them louder. The best solution to this problem is to offer the machine proper cleanliness.

Accessing the fan can be a bit complicated, but you can use a screwdriver to remove the bottom panel. These case panels are held in place by a few screws. If you are not sure about opening your laptop, then I would advise you to make use of either compressed air or an air duster. Doing so will remove any dust buildup, leaving your laptop with open ventilation as well as a clean fan.

3. Inspect the running software

Dell G7 fans will strain when the laptop is running heavy software. Occasionally, your machine might be idle, but the fans are noisy. It’s possible that the Dell G7 has malware and software problems. You need to understand that some malware like crypto miners can utilize your idle laptop for other activities.

Therefore, you should learn to regularly scan malware to enhance the normal functioning of many laptop components. Alternatively, you should close all the running apps and you can achieve this using Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons.

4. Purchase a cooling pad

This Isn’t just a Purchase.. A Cooler Can Increases Your Laptop Battery Health Up to 3x.

Accessing problematic Dell G7 fans can be more challenging than you would with a desktop PC. For this reason, you can give a trial to cooling pads if you fear dismantling your laptop. Using an exterior laptop cooling pad can do wonders to enhance the noise-free operation of your laptop.

These are external fans that can be used to get rid of hot air from the motherboard of your Dell G7. Besides, it practically raises the laptop higher to enhance impressive airflow below the machine. Cooling pads will make you forget about serious maintenance measures.

4. Replace the fan

It’s noisier and you don’t want to stress yourself, right? Opting for a replacement can be the best solution though can be expensive. You might also have tried all the above options, but failed to bear fruits. Computer fans can be replaced since they aren’t long-lasting components.

The ball bearings of the older laptop fans can run out of lubrication, making the fans noisier than before. Sometimes you might be unable to replace the Dell G7 fans since it’s trickier compared to PC. Well, you can seek the help of an expert to do the job for you.

5. Employ third-party software

For noisy laptop fans, Fan Control Software can pin the problem down. However, this approach might be dangerous, damaging your hot laptop. Thankfully, some motherboard manufacturers offer specific Fan Control applications for their laptops.


  • Is it dangerous to have a loud laptop fan?

Not really, unless the noise is irritating. Fans are great components in driving out hot air from the laptop motherboard. Therefore if they become noisy, just know that there’s a problem that should be addressed.

  • What should I do if I am unable to open my Dell G7 laptop?

Accessing laptop fans can be sometimes challenging, but you can use air dusters or vacuuming.

Final words

Here we are! Based on the above discussion, you can realize that there are several causes of noisy Dell G7 fans. Thankfully, we have offered various approaches or tricks to handle each problem. Don’t allow noisy fans to ruin your computing experience. 

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