Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Fan Noise- Fix It Now

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 fan making noise
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Dell Inspiron 13 7000 is a computer with a good display with perfect inches for the screen; it has a faster CPU frequency, and the storage is quite remarkable for use in the office. The fan noises from the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 result from overheating the CPU that causes the fan to work faster to cool the machine that causes damage to the fan, and reduces the rates of working of the computer.

Even though it is normal for the fan to make noise when running, it is good to find the noise causes and fix them because of some faults. For example, loud fan noises indicate that the fan has problems or that the computer has issues that make the fan run faster, making the noise.

Below are the possible solutions to the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 fan noise. However, it is essential to identify the noise causes before fixing the noise to make the fixing process more manageable in your machine. Follow the article to identify the causes of the noises and how to fix them.

Causes of Dell Inspiron 13 7000 fan noise

dell inspiron 13 7000 fan noise

1. Availability of dirty particles

When using the laptops in an open environment that can easily access dust, the dust particles accumulate in the air vents, CPU, and other parts that can cause either overheating of the machine or prevent the flow of air in and out of the machine. Therefore, the dirty particles make the fan work hard to blow air through the dirty surfaces making noise.

2. Hot CPU

When the CPU gets hot after a long time of usage, it tends to make the fan strain in working as it works hard to blow air into the machine for cooling. When the CPU is hot, it makes the fan run faster to remove the heat; the faster movement of the fan causes it to make noise in the laptop.

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3. Faulty bearings

A bearing with faults creates loud noises in the laptop when the fan runs faster when blowing air. Sometimes it causes a grinding noise due to the effects of the motor where its lubrications do fail in some cases. Faulty bearing causes overheating of the computer, making the fan make noise when straining to blow the air to cool the computer.

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4. Faulty hard drive

A faulty hard drive fails to work, causing loud grinding noise when the laptop gets access to the hard drive. Sometimes the hard disc displays data errors in the laptop that results from the fan’s noises. A faulty hard drive fails to perform functions that lower the higher temperatures in the laptop, forcing the fan to work alone and causing it to make loud noises.

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Solutions of Dell inspiron 13 7000 fan noise

Solutions of Dell inspiron 13 7000 fan noise
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1. Remove some processes in the laptop

Some processes in a laptop cause overheating of the CPU as they are heavy and light tasks in the machine. When the processes are running, the CPU then works harder hence overheating that later makes the fan run faster when trying to cool down the laptop, which causes noises. Therefore to reduce the noises in the fan, eliminate all the processes running in the laptop that mainly occur when booting the laptop. To eliminate the processes, open the task manager and close all the processes in the processes tab.

2. Purchase a computer cooler

A cooler is a device that helps cool the laptop in place of the fan, as it also helps the fan reduce its work. Therefore, when trying to reduce the noise from the fan, use a cooler to cool the laptop. A cooler not only reduces the heat in the laptop but also enhances the user’s comfort. There are three types of coolers that one can use to cool laptops; coolers include active coolers, passive coolers, and multipurpose coolers. Active coolers provide an extra flow of air into the laptops using small fans, while the passive coolers use thermal conductivity to draw away the heat.

3. Remove the dirt particles in the laptop by cleaning the internal parts

Fan noise results from dust accumulated in the air vents and some other parts in the fan and the laptop. The noise occurs when the fan blows air hard, and the air forces itself out through the dust particles in the air vents. After blocking the flow of air in and out of the laptop, the CPU will overheat, and it forces the fan to work again harder to reduce the heat inside, which causes noise. Therefore, to reduce the noises, consider cleaning the computer’s internal parts since they attract dust that accumulates, causing overheating of the machine.

4. Install software

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 machines allow the user to take control of the fan speed using the software. Using the software reduces the fan noises; however, the software affects the laptop, making it hotter and lowering its lifespan. Moreover, the software can know the complete information in the machine, so it is better to use the speed fan than the software. Speed fan controls the fan’s speed and can increase if it is shallow or reduce when it is compelling faster.

Frequently asked questions:

How can one fix the Dell Inspiron 13 700 from overheating to reduce the noise?

When you have a laptop that experiences the noises, it will make noise where you need to fix the overheating before it produces the noise. Below are some of the ways of fixing the problem

  • Update all the computer software.
  • Give time for the computer to rest without working
  • Use the exact amount of power that the laptop needs
  • Add more cooling devices to reduce the overheating.
  • Remove all the processes that can lead to overheating.

What is the process of cleaning the air vents that causes the fan noise in the laptop?

Follow the steps below you can follow when cleaning the air vents that have dirt particles causing noise in the fan:

i. Switch off the computer.

ii. Check the computer parts, like the air vents, if they contain dirt and other debris. It is good to use the computer manual to get the directions on accessing the parts with much ease.

iii. Remove the debris in the vents by wiping using a piece of cloth or rubbing them. You can also pick the particles with bare hands.

iv. Change the laptop’s position to be upright to prevent overheating of the CPU and ensure there are enough air vents in the machine.


Any computer must make a fan noise that shows the computer is working well. It is good to check the causes of fan noise in the laptop and find better solutions. Sometimes the noises in the machine can be expected that you can ignore. However, the noises can turn and be loud, which affects the regular operation of the user. The article above shows the causes of the fan noises and the possible solutions for reducing the noises.

Therefore, follow the guide carefully to identify why a fan makes noise in a Dell Inspiron and how to fix it. It is always good to take preventive measures when fixing the noises to avoid damaging other machine parts. To prevent the noises, keep checking the system frequently and remember to clean the air vents. If the fixing process fails to work in your machine, consider consulting a technician to help you fix the problems.

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