Dell Inspiron 15 Fan Noise-Causes and Easy Fix

Dell Inspiron 15 fan making noise
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Dell Inspiron 15 fan noise results from many activities running in the laptop that you need to identify the causes and fix them. When it comes to getting work done in the environment of your choice, nothing beats a laptop computer.

However, portability comes at a price. Due to the little interior space and high-capacity batteries, heat accumulation is a common issue. As soon as things get hot, your laptop fan will struggle to keep up. But why is your laptop fan creating such a racket, and how do you quiet it down?

 Some causes of the fan noise can be excessive heat that forces the fans to spin faster and more frequently, potentially damaging internal components and lowering the computer’s performance. One or more fans are installed in your computer to keep the internal components cool.

However, it is common for a computer to generate a good amount of heat and become warm to the touch under normal working conditions. An issue could be indicated by fans that continue to spin swiftly and generate loud noises.

Below are the major causes of the fan noise that you must identify before fixing the issues. After that are the ways you can fix the noises that depend on the causes. There are the frequently asked questions later, and lastly, the conclusion that summarizes the whole guide.

Causes of a loud dell Inspiron 15 fan noise

dell inspiron 15 fan noise

1. A faulty hard drive

Faulty hard drive repair

Sometimes you might hear the grinding noises in your computer as it accesses the hard drive. Faulty hard drives cause failures in the machine causing the fan to run faster to cool the computer causing the fan noise. If you experience issues with data, your laptop’s hard drive will need to be fixed or replaced. You can also consult a technician to help you fix the hard drive with a new one.

2. Overheating of the CPU

Overheating of the CPU

In most cases, overheating occurs in the CPU, which is the brain of the computer, such that it controls all the activities in the machine. Overheating will cause the fan to work more than expected and rotate to cool the heat created by the central processing unit sound.

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The buildup of the dust particles in the central processing unit and the graphics card might make it difficult for your laptop to cool down. It may also make the fan work harder and generate more noise as a result. Ensure that you wipe the off dust accumulating in the air vents.

3. An old bearing

As the fan speeds up, it will make a loud noise if the bearing is damaged, or a motor’s inner lubrication may fail, resulting in a grinding noise. If your computer is behaving in such a way, the problem is overheating. The best way to solve such a problem is by replacing the fan with a new one. Avoid repairing bearings since they can cause some other problems in the machine.

How troubleshoot the dell Inspiron fan making noise

How troubleshoot the dell Inspiron fan making noise

1. Eliminate all processes

The overheating of the Dell Inspiron is caused by intensive tasks that are running on the computer. Therefore, it would be best if you opened the Task Manager to close the applications using the processor.

2. Invest in Cooler

A cooling pad in a Dell Inspiron assists in lowering the temperature of operation in the laptop and is typically utilized when the laptop is unable to remove heat. Not only would the cooling pad reduce heat, but it will also bring comfort to the user. Active, passive, and multipurpose coolers are the three categories of coolers. Active coolers use small fans to produce additional airflow around the laptop’s body. Materials that can conduct heat Thermally conductive materials are used in passive methods.

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3. Cleaning Your Laptop Keep in mind that issues of heat cause fan noise

The accumulation of dust impedes the flow of air, resulting in poor elimination of heat. It is essential to physically clean the vents or your machine to make things operate better. It is essential to take caution if you are not aware of the best way to do this. Be cautious before taking any action. You should seek advice from a more knowledgeable person.

4. Install a Software to Repair

You can use third-party software to change the fan speed on your Dell Inspiron. Reducing your laptop’s fan speed rate will make it hotter and shorten its life. The software has complete access to the data and information available on your computer. We recommend Speed Fan for your Dell Inspiron.

5. Consult the Dell Service Center

If the dell Inspiron fan is not operating, it is essential to contact the manufacturers near your place. Finally, if the noise does not end, and is very severe, you can acquire a new computer since it is not very expensive.

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6. Monitor the activities in the Dell Inspiron

Fans that turn on unexpectedly are responding to demands placed on the hardware, most typically the GPU. The best approach to handle this is to terminate the process and so eliminate the demand. Mac can use Activity Monitor to isolate and eliminate undesirable programs, while Windows users can utilize Task Manager. Linux users can also use a variety of techniques to eliminate rogue processes.

Frequently asked questions:

What preventive measures to take when fixing the fan noise in the Dell Inspiron 15 laptops?

When fixing fan noise in a laptop, consider taking preventive measures to avoid causing damage to some parts of the laptop and injuries to your body. The preventive measures are as follows:

i. Always keep off the computer before opening the internal parts by disconnecting the power cables before using the compressed air to clean the machine since the compressed air can damage the machine when it is on.

ii. Ensure you clean the air vents by spraying the compressed air but do not blow air with your mouth since air contains moisture that can damage parts that are not compatible with water. Also, avoid using vacuum cleaners and blowers as they cause static and damage the computer’s electronic parts.

iii. Avoid opening the power supply units that have a fan when trying to clean. Opening the power supply can destroy the cabling direction and the cables can fail to provide power to the computer and get the computer damaged later. It can either provide excess power or less power.


The article below contains the causes of the noises, which, as the user, you have to identify before correcting the issue. It is essential to take the thermal maintenance of the Dell Inspiron laptops seriously. It is an issue that you are supposed to check out more frequently.

Follow the steps discussed in this article to solve the noise issue in your Dell Inspiron fan. However, if the problem is beyond your ability to solve, take the laptop to a professional to get it checked.

Finally, if you consider buying a new Dell Inspiron laptop, it is essential to keep the noisy fans and heat management in mind. If the sound produced by your dell Inspiron fan is not usual, for example, the grinding noises, then the fan bearings are bad.

However, the laptop fans are not that expensive, and therefore you can replace them. When working with the machine, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual book for more directions.

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