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DirecTV box
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If you own a DirecTV box you can agree with me that once the device is aging, it’s possible for it to produce louder noise. This might be a result of many causatives, making your box noisier than before. This issue is hectic and some DirecTV owners have attempted fixing them on their own while others are left to an expert.

Yes, you need to understand that it’s possible to fix them yourself and others you can’t. Well, this article will equip you with enough knowledge on how you can handle such issues with your DirecTV box. The steps are simple as you can easily understand and implement them.

Why does my DirecTV box make noise?

directv box making noise

First of all, you need to understand that some of the DirecTV box options don’t feature fans. Though we still have some that have fans, they are few, and therefore those without can operate silently. Yes, these models work this way and the silent ones imply that they have no fans.

Therefore, if you think the DirecTV box is making a lot of noise for you like strike/run, this may imply that there is a serious problem. Such a problem requires special attention immediately.  If it happens that you are using an old DirecTV box, you should go for replacement before the situation worsens.

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More so, you should understand that some of these models tend to have bigger fans and that’s when you should expect some noise levels. Additionally, all DirecTV boxes come with hard drives that can make noise; you should expect this.

However, if you’ve been operating with your DirecTV box for a couple of years, it’s possible to predict the correct noises and determine the dangerous ones. In case the device starts to produce some unique noises, it’s possible that there is a minor mechanical issue. Now after you are done with diagnosing the possible reason why your DirecTV box makes noises, below are some common noises that you should expect from the device.

Common noises in a DirecTV box

Excess fan noise

If your DirecTV box fan is going the extra mile then it should be used to, yet the room temperature is just okay, then chances could be that you are operating with a faulty fan. You need to understand that a fan in the DirecTV box plays a vital role, meaning that if it fails then the entire unit won’t operate correctly. Yes, your box will heat up quickly, rendering it useless and unusable.

In case you notice a louder noise than a regular fan blowing with your DirecTV box, then you are supposed to unplug the box and blow a small amount of canned air via the slots. More so, you should not forget to apply the air on the mainboard plus the fan itself. Remember doing so is necessary not only to enhance the unit’s performance but also to extricate dust.

However, in case you experience the ‘skidding’ noise occasionally from the unit’s fan, it implies that maybe the fan is almost failed. This is the right time to watch whatever is in the box and then plan for an upgrade. Yes, because failure to do that may worsen the situation, leaving you without a DirecTV box; no other choice but a replacement.

Excess hard drive noise

Excess hard drive

I thought you should know that your DirecTV box tends to do self-maintenance and mostly, the process is associated with a loud noise. This shouldn’t worry you whenever the hard drive crunches a bit loudly repeatedly. And in case the DirecTV box remains to be noisier for a couple of days, it’s advisable to check and confirm when the last time the software was upgraded.

Below is a reliable sequence to check and ensure that the software of your DirecTV box is up to date;

  • Press the [MENU] function
  • Scroll to [SETTINGS AND HELP].
  • Press the [SELECT] function.
  • Toggle through the [SETTINGS] before pressing the [SELECT].

At this point, you should be able to see the unit’s software version plus the last installation date. On occasions where the device makes louder noise yet the installation date is within the last seven days, you should therefore don’t worry about louder drive noise; it’s normal. But, if the situation exceeds one week, that’s when you need to be attentive.

Sometimes these hard drives might develop their own problems and if you think so, the best solution could be resetting the DirecTV box. Doing so will automatically restore its workability and test itself during the startup process. This action is essential and mostly recommended by experts because if there are errors, they will be automatically handled. They will be fixed during the healing process, leaving you with a renewed DirecTV box.

Buzzing or screeching noises

Here is another type of noise that you are likely to experience with your DirecTV box. Owning any electronic appliances means that you are ready to accept the challenges it may encounter. Mostly, noise complications from DirecTV boxes emanate from either two-source. This could rise from the chassis that’s starting to vibrate against the top cover

Or, the entire appliance starts to tremble against the shelf it’s sitting on. With such an issue, you are supposed to press the case gently and observe whether the vibrations cease.

If the vibrations stop, the next thing will be to place even clumped-up paper towels or felt squares beneath the feet of your DirecTV box. But, if the top cover is the one with problems (vibrate against the case), using the business card to shim the case can be of great help. Alternatively, using another cardboard piece can be reliable to curb this issue.

You are not allowed to open a faulty DirecTV box

At this point, most of the DirecTV boxes are almost dying and out of warranty. Sometimes you may wish to open it, but you are not allowed since it is leased equipment. Mostly, DirecTV doesn’t accept the boxes back, but if they ask for it and it’s not there; you will pay a lot of money. Leave alone the missing box, if you tried to open it within the warranty period.


  • Should I take my noisier DirecTV box to a technician?

Yes, but only if the device is out of warranty. Besides, you only do so if you have tried the above-diagnosed action but it doesn’t respond to actions. I say so because some of these noises are normal and should only worry you whenever they become persistent.

  • Are DirecTV boxes worth buying?

Of course yes, these models are long-lasting; they can serve you for several years before opting for a replacement. Besides, the devices can troubleshoot some minor issues during the self-maintenance process. More so, updating the software version of the unit means that you are restoring its normalcy.


Well, hopefully, you understand that once you decide to own an electronic appliance, minor issues are normal. We always find suitable ways to handle these issues, but we leave the complicated ones for an experienced individual. From the above discussion, you can realize that most of the DirecTV box noises have simple solutions unless they become persistent. You don’t have to struggle with a faulty DirecTV box yet you can try doing it yourself. The above noises are common and you should only start to worry when they become consistent.

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