Dodge Ram Fan Clutch Noise-Quick Fix

Dodge ram fan noise fix by your own
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Dodge ram clutch noise is a common problem affecting many vehicle users. The issue may be a result of faulty bearings, and a worn-out fan clutch, among others. You can fix the issue on your own, or you may seek help from an expert.

If you experience such issues, consider fixing the problem immediately. First, ensure you have all the materials necessary, such as the screwdriver, among others. Proceed to follow the steps carefully until you obtain the best results.

The article describes common noise and the main reasons why they occur. Also, it states the steps you can use to solve the problem successfully, including the FAQs. Please review the article carefully.

Common Dodge ram fan clutch noise

dodge ram fan clutch noise

Many noises may result from a faulty dodge ram fan clutch. Some of the noises include the following;

1. Rattling

When the engine is operating, the consumer may notice a clunking sound. It’s a frequent noise that can indicate various issues, like torn fan clutch rotor blades. You may check the clutch fan by opening the hood with the engine off, and the car is at rest. If any edges are torn, replace the fan clutch as soon as feasible.

2. Screeching noise

When you disengage the clutch pedal on your Dodge Ram, you’ll notice a clutch noise that’s no more comforting than when you push it. If you hear sirens that sound like crunching or scraping, it’s most likely the pedal spring or clutch wire. As far as the springs are concerned, their purpose is to restore the pedal to its original location once it has been pushed.

You can attempt lubricating the system to ensure it is not the cause of your problem; the repair is affordable in any event. If you hear a squeak, it’s conceivable that your Dodge Ram’s clutch wire has worn out and is hanging in its housing; consider repairing it before it fails. The process of fixing the issue is easy as long as you follow the recommended steps, but if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional mechanic.

3. Reckless sound

A client occasionally reports a roaring noise from the engine compartment. It’s frequently likened to a fighter jet.

A roaring noise may indicate many issues, including a faulty wheel bearing, old tires, or a low-oil joint. It’s frequently the fan clutch. The clutch shoe inside the part refuses to separate when it becomes locked. The fan will become stuck on the input gear as a result of this.

The cooling fan is continuously active while the fan is chained away. The roaring noise is a result of the issue. You might ask the client a few follow-up inquiries to see if the roaring noise is coming from the fan clutch, such as when the problem began, among others.

4. Humming

A humming or whistling sound originating from the engine compartment might be pretty dangerous. Several things can cause the humming sound, but a slack serpentine belt is most prevalent. The fan clutch is not correctly set when this occurs.

Common causes of the dodge ram fan clutch noise

Common causes of the dodge ram fan clutch noise

Many reasons result in the fan clutch making noise when in use or when not in use. Here are some of the common causes.

Torn Release Bearing

 The releasing bearing is another probable source of noise while pushing the clutch pedal in. If it makes a noise, the bearing is worn out and needs an immediate replacement to make your ram fan effective.

Torn Throwing Out Fan Bearing

 If your dodge ram fan clutch makes a sound when you leave the pedal, it’s likely that the throw-out bearing is eaten out and requires immediate changing or replacement. 

Torn Pilot Bearing

If you hear a sound when you push down on the clutch pedal, the pilot bearing is most likely to be responsible, and it will require immediate replacement to bring your fan to correct functioning. 

Torn Input Bearing

If the sound occurs when the vehicle is in default, and you are not using the clutch, the intake bearing inside the gearbox is the most probable reason.

Clutch Wear

It’s also conceivable that the clutch is old and needs replacing. These parts are subject to a lot of wearing and require the user to replace them regularly. Nevertheless, your driving style and behavior will determine the regularity with which you change your tires. The flywheel may also need to be resurfaced when you replace the clutch.

Step by step guide on how to fix the dodge ram fan clutch noise

Step by step guide how to fix the dodge ram fan clutch noise

1. Collect all essential materials

The materials necessary include the following;

2. Remove all dust and dirt from your dodge ram clutch fan

The loud surface Dodge ram fan clutch; your car is constantly hot if your fans are continually on. The build-up of dust and hair is unavoidable, and it only helps to obstruct airflow.

Reduced airflow equals poor heat dissipation; therefore, you’ll have to clean the vehicle to improve things manually. If your car’s warranty is still active, opening it will void it.

When cleaning the car, including the fan, you’ll need tools like a screwdriver and an air compressor to get rid of all the dust. To avoid harming the car’s internal parts, wear an antistatic wristband and unplug the vehicle from the power supply source by turning the engine off before starting the process.

Use short air hoses or a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that has gathered on the car. Finally, read the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to clean all car components.

3. Check the pulley bearings

If the pulley makes a sound while spinning, remove the bearing and inspect it for bristles or roughness. Examine the fan belts and the gear to ensure they are not overloaded. You may lessen the belt load if your bearings are overburdened. Details on how to accomplish this are in your car’s owner’s manual.

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4. Repair the clutch fan spillage

If your clutch is leaking and your car is overheated, you must dismantle it and inspect it. If it has become brownish, it has been sliding, and you must replace it immediately. When you have the clutch fan on, you will notice the clutch sliding and creating sounds. The slipping will also cause problems with heating and cooling. If your air conditioner runs cold, then warm, then out over, examine to see if your clutch fan is sliding.

5. Pinging Sounds

If you hear metallic noises when the clutch is not functioning, your air gap is too tight. The air gap between the clutch and the mounting must be increased. Your grip is in perfect working order.

6. Replace the clutch fan

Measure the temperature of the clutch shaft where it attaches after you’ve driven your automobile to make sure it’s under 300 degrees. If it is too high, the clutch requires replacement. Your clutch warming will cause excessive temperature overload on the engine up the shaft.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the dodge ram fan clutch cost during replacement?

A Dodge Ram Fan Clutch Repair costs approximately $164, including $69 for parts and $95 for service. Costs may differ depending on where you are.


If you experience the problem of your dodge ram fan making cranking noise or any noise, please read the article above and follow the steps to achieve your goal successfully. Also, remember to follow the manufacturer’s guide.

Finally, it is advisable to fix the noise rather than turn the music on immediately before it becomes worse. Also, take some precautions, including servicing the clutch fan more often to increase its lifespan.

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