Ford Expedition Air Suspension Compressor Noise- How to Fix

ford expedition air suspension compressor noise
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Air suspension compressor is an essential part that helps vehicles function correctly, and each vehicle comes with it, including the ford expedition. In most cases, the compressor may start producing noise for several reasons, such as; a lousy thermostat, loose screws that are holding it in position, among others.

Don’t worry about what to do since the issue is common and affects many owners. You can follow some guidelines to solve the issue effectively without any challenges. For example, you can choose to replace a thermostat if it is worn out, etc, but in resolving the issue, don’t forget to seek help if the issue persists.

As you can see, the article below gives you full details on the common cause of the noise together with their best solutions. Also, you can know when your compressor is failing by reading all the signs. Lastly, there are some FAQs concerning the same.

Common causes of Ford expedition air suspension compressor noise

Here are some reasons why your Ford expedition air suspension compressor keeps making noise when in use or not in use.

1. A faulty contractor

It is an essential part that controls the amount of air flowing into and out of the vehicle. Once it becomes faulty, it makes the air suspension compressor strain turn on and regulate temperature, and in the process, a loud noise is generated.

2. Screws that are rusty and unfastened

Broken bolts are likely to loosen from the pieces they secure in the air compressor, causing it to malfunction. The unsecured bolts constantly generate noise when the air compressor is turned on because the oscillations cause the screws to loose vibrate. After a while, the short vibrations caused by the air compressors loosen the bolts.

3. Leaking air suspension compressor

If the compressor is leaking, fluid flowing through it results in the emission of loud noise wildly when it is spinning continuously. Sometimes, the fluid may prevent air from flowing to the motor, leaving it too hot.

4. Battery with a bad capacitor

The air compressor and other sections of the air suspension are powered by a capacitor, which has a battery that retains a current. As a result, if the batteries are weak, they will be unable to retain sufficient energy to operate the air suspension compressor, resulting in an excessive sound as it wants to launch owing to a lack of power.

5. Bad thermostats

Another common reason your ford expedition’s air suspension compressor may keep making noise is faulty thermostats. If the thermostat fails to sense heat changes, they make the compressor strain and start functioning incorrectly, where they fail to cool the engine when too much heat is emitted.  

The loud noise generated is due to the car relay sending false signals to the thermostat and misleading it to fail to act when necessary. In that case, you must seek help or try fixing the thermostat.

6. Dirty air filters

Also, if the air filters have a lot of dust and dirt, the compressor may fail to spin as usual. While it is straining to spin, it emits loud noise that causes a lot of distractions while driving.

Steps on how to solve ford expedition air suspension compressor noise

If you are experiencing loud noise with the compressor, don’t worry. Just follow the steps below carefully.

Tools necessary.

The first thing is that you must have all the essential tools, and they include the following;

  • A screwdriver.

i. Stop the vehicle

First, run the vehicle on a lonely road slowly and use your hearing skills to detect any issues. After detecting, park your vehicle away from people or other people’s property. Find the location of the air suspension compressor.

ii. Inspect the air suspension compressor

After ensuring that the noise is from the air compressor, scrutinize it and identify any faults. Check the air filters, screws, and accumulation of dust and dirt, among others.

iii. Tighten the screws

If loose screws are why your air compressor is making a lot of noise, try tightening them using a screwdriver and a wrench. While tightening the screws, ensure the wires remain still and don’t come in contact. If the issue persists, proceed to the next step.

iv. Check the air filters

Sometimes, the loud noise may be a result of air filters. Begin by checking and see if there is dust and dirt. Suck all dust present using a vacuum cleaner and wipe them carefully. Test the compressor to see if the issue persists. Also, you can clean them using a cleaning agent that is recommended and a piece of cotton wool. Leave them to dry completely before reinstalling them back to their position.

v. Change faulty parts

First, check the thermostat, contactor, and capacitor to see if they are in a good state. If they are faulty or some blown out like the capacitor, consider replacing them immediately, and don’t forget to follow the recommended steps on how to replace the components.

vi. Seek help

If you have done all the activities above and the issue persists, you must contact a nearby mechanic to help you identify the cause and fix it effectively.

Signs of a lousy ford expedition air suspension compressor

When the compressor has an issue, it usually produces a few indications that can warn the driver of a possible problem that needs to be addressed.

1. The compressor will not turn on

A compressor that fails to turn on is another indicator and an enormous problem. Many modern vehicles are automated, meaning they will automatically switch on and off the compressor based on the platform’s needs. It is required for the suspension system to work. If the compressors do not turn on at all, it is broken or have some problems.

2. He vehicle is riding lower than average

A considerably reduced car ground clearance is one of the earliest and most prevalent air suspension compressor failure indicators. Compressed air from the compressor is used in active air suspension. If the compressor is burnt out or malfunctioning, it may not effectively fill the safety devices, causing the car to sit and drive softer.

3. While operating, there are unusual sounds

Unexpected noises during the performance are one of the most prominent signs of a possible compressor malfunction. If you detect strange noises like overly loud clicking, screeching, or scratching, it could indicate that the compressor’s engine or fan is malfunctioning.

If the compressor is permitted to function with strange sounds continually, the compressor may ultimately be faulty and malfunction. When the compressor malfunctions, the unit will not inflate the airbags, and the car’s suspensions will break.

4. Why is an air suspension compressor essential?

It is essential in regulating the temperature within the vehicle. For example, it cools the engine whenever there is excessive heat emission, providing a conducive environment for both the people inside and the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can low lubricant result in ford expedition air suspension noise?

Yes. When the engine lacks sufficient lubricant, it starts straining during spinning making it hard for the air suspension compressor to function effectively. In the process, it emits a loud noise.


If you experience noise with your ford expedition air suspension compressor, such as loud noise, please read the article above. You will have a complete understanding of the leading causes and the steps you can take to bring your vehicle to correct functioning.

In addition to that, it is essential always to carry the manufacturer’s guidebook everywhere you go. If you don’t have one, you can use search engines such as google and chrome. Lastly, don’t forget to service your car to prolong its lifespan. 

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