Ford f150 AC Compressor Making Noise [How to Fix Guide]

Ford f150 AC Compressor Making Noise
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Sometimes, the Ford F150 AC compressor makes a loud grinding noise. The noise starts with turning on the AC. It can make noise in both continuous and non-continuous ways. In both cases, the noise gets louder rapidly. The noise may not occur on a regular basis but it never vanishes until it is solved. The noise problem is fixable if the correct steps are taken at the right moment. 

The whining noise of the compressor does not resist your vehicle to work properly. However, if the problem is not solved at the initial level, it can create bigger problems. It is wise to fix the grinding noise problem before it creates any severe problems. This article shows the reasons for the whining noise and the best ways to troubleshoot the problem.

Causes of The Whining Noise from Ford f150 AC Compressor

Causes of The Whining Noise from Ford f150 AC Compressor
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1. The clutch plate gets shaky

The clutchplate of the compressor is tied up with the pulley with an 8 millimetre bolt. Sometimes, the bolt gets loosened up and the clutch plate shakes. That makes noise. However, if the clutch plate is worn out, it can also produce noise. 

2. Serpentine Belt is misplaced

The clutchplate and the pulley are tied up with a serpentine belt. The belt helps to spin both of the parts together. However, if the belt is misplaced for some reason, then it makes noise. Besides, the belt can be worn out or torn in many places. That is also another cause for the grinding noise.

3. Bearing run to ruin

There is a bearing inside of the pulley. If the bearing does not work in a proper way, it can make noise. There can be another reason behind the whining noise. If the bearing balls are displaced, the AC compressor makes that sound because the bearing is used to spin smoothly. When it does not work properly, there occurs friction and that causes the noise.

4. Break down the wiring coil

Behind the pulley, there is a wiring coil. If the wire breaks down and gets random, the compressor starts to make noise.

5. Unexpected materials inside the AC system

Sometimes, there are some contaminants or debris floating inside the system. Besides, this debris can be found inside the AC receiver dryer. The contaminants prevent the system from working properly. Moreover, if a passage through an AC evaporator gets clogged up with garbage, that can make a major problem that can prevent the system from functioning properly. That is why the temperature of the system increases and that may cause the grinding noise problem also. 

How To Fix The Grinding noise Problem Of Ford F150   

How To Fix The Grinding Sound Problem Of Ford F150   
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The steps of troubleshooting depend on the cause of the noise. The following steps are the best solutions for different noise problems.

i. Tighten up the screw

Tighten up the 8-millimeter screw with a nut driver. This can stop the noise if the noise is made by the loosened screw. Here is a sample nut driver that can help to tighten up easily or loosen up the screw: Check Price

ii.  Check the serpentine belt

This is a very common reason behind the compressor making noise is moving the serpentine belt from the right place. If the belt is not in position, take it to the right position. This may help stop the whining noise. It is advisable to check the belt subtly if there is any problem with the belt.

iii. Replace the bearing

Another reason for the sound problem is decrepit bearing or broken bearing. If any of this happens, you should replace your bearing with a new one, or else you can change the whole pulley. Here is a link to a bearing that will help you replace the old one: Click Here.

iv. Replace the coil

The compressor has a coil. If the coil breaks down for some reason, then the compressor may cause noise. To prevent this type of noise, you should buy another coil and replace the coil with a new one. That can stop the noise if it is the only reason for the noise. 

v. Use orifice tube

Sometimes, some materials are found floating around inside the AC system. However, they are not supposed to stay there. They should be cleared up as soon as possible. An orifice tube is used for filtering that type of debris or contaminants. Using this tube, you can control the number of elements that can enter the AC evaporator. That will decrease the unnecessary things from the evaporator. That is very helpful to control the temperature. As the temperature remains under control, the whining noise stops.

vi. Check the clutch plate

Using a worn-out clutch can also make a lot of noise. It is also advisable to check the condition of the clutch. If it is not in the condition of use, then you should replace the clutch plate with a new one. Here is a sample of the clutch plate that you can replace with your one: Check Here.

vii. Change the compressor

If the sound is caused by more than one reason, you can change the whole compressor. You can get an experience of totally new AC replacing the whole compressor.

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Final Words

Many reasons can start making a whining sound. This article shows us the possible reasons for the grinding sound of the Ford F150 AC compressor and also the best ways to fix the problem. 

You should solve the problem at the initial level on your own because the problem will get bigger with time. You should try to troubleshoot the problem before going to any mechanic or nearby service center. If you follow these steps, hopefully, you can solve the problem on your own. 

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