Ford Van AC Stops Working When Accelerating-5 Ways to Fix It

Ford Van AC Stops Working When Accelerating
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AC plays an important role during the whole warm season. When we go outside on a summer day, we cannot even imagine ourselves without AC. However, there are many problems that can happen to the AC of the Ford van. Among all the problems, stopping AC at the time of acceleration is a very common one.

The AC can stop working in a continuous or noncontinuous way. In other words, the AC can go away at the time of accelerating and come back when you stop accelerating. This problem is fixable. Therefore, if you take early steps to repair your AC, the problem can be fixed easily. 

Though stopping AC during acceleration is not a big problem at the first stage, you should fix it as early as possible. Because with time, the problem increases and it can also do damage to the internal parts of your van. Actually, this problem does not stop the car from working properly but with a long-time problem, it can affect other parts of the van. This article shows all the problems related to the AC when accelerating and how to fix the problems. 

      Causes of Stopping AC of Ford Van When Accelerating

Ford Van AC Stops Working When Accelerating

1. Vacuum reservoir

A vacuum reservoir helps to supply air from its storage when the primary vacuum runs low. Sometimes, because of a faulty reservoir, the vacuum system does not work properly. If your AC starts working at first and after some time when you accelerate your van then suddenly stops working, your van may have a problem in the vacuum reservoir. In this case, when you release the acceleration, the AC starts working automatically after some time. 

2. Broken hoses for vacuum

Vacuum hoses are very important for the engine. They help to maintain the same pressure everywhere in the vacuum system. Sometimes, the AC stops working when the pressure is not equal. That happens because of the broken or misplaced hose. If you find broken hoses in the engine, maybe this is the reason for the problem with the AC of your van. 

3. Leaks in the vacuum system 

The vacuum system helps the AC work properly and regularly. When you have a faulty vacuum system like a leakage in the system, then the airflow will be prevented. This may also cause the AC to turn off. Therefore, when there is a leakage in the vacuum system, the AC starts normally. After blowing air for some time, the compressed air starts to excrete with the little hole in the system. That is why the AC turns off. 

4. Engine vacuum loose connection with the AC control switch

Sometimes, you can feel that the AC of your van is running but somehow you are not getting the air in the van. This may happen because of the loose connection of your vacuum from the AC control switch.

When you start your AC and you find it is working properly but after a while, your AC stops. This happens because of the loose connection of the vacuum system. When the vacuum system cannot work properly, the nitrogen and other gases cannot be removed from the HVAC unit. That may also stop the AC from working.  

5. Defective check valve

There is a check valve between the engine and the reservoir. Sometimes, that check valve can have problems. If your AC is fine and suddenly when you start climbing a hill with your van then suddenly our AC turns off, it may be the problem with a check valve. Because when the van starts climbing upwards and the check valve is not strong enough to send the air to the vent, the AC automatically stops working. 

6. AC clutch cutout

If your van’s throttle is wide open and your van is in a bad situation, this time if your AC turns off, the reason will be AC clutch cutouts. There is a WOT cutout that works for disengaging the AC clutch from the system in the condition that your engine can not take a load off your AC temporarily. However, when the situation goes right, the AC will be back on. 

Steps on How To Fix The Ford Van AC Stops Working When Accelerating

How To Fix The Ford Van AC Stops Working When Accelerating

Troubleshooting the problem actually depends on the cause of the problem. The steps given below will help you solve the AC problem. 

i. Replace the faulty or damaged vacuum reservoir

In most cases, AC stops working at the time of acceleration when the vacuum reservoir is not in a good condition. That is why you should check the reservoir first. If you find it damaged then you need to replace the damaged reservoir with a new one.

There are so many reservoirs available in the market.

ii. Replace the vacuum hose

After completing the first step, you should check your vacuum hose. If there is any broken hose in the system, that can be the problem you are searching for. You have to replace the old hose with a new one. You can buy a new hose.  

iii. Repair the leaks in the system

If your van has a vacuum system that is working for a long time, then your system might have a leak in the system. If you have followed step two and you still have the problem then you should check for the leakages in your system. You can find the leakages with a visual inspection. If you find any leakage, repair them or you can replace the wire that has a leak. 

iv. Tighten up the AC control switch connection

You should check the connection of the AC control switch. Sometimes, your vacuum system and the AC control switch both works properly but the connection between them is not joined properly. That is why if you have followed all the steps above, now it is time to check the join. If you find the connection is lost then tighten it up. Hopefully, that will help you solve your problem. 

v. Repair the check valve

If you have a problem with your AC when accelerating in the hills, then you need to look for the best check valve. If you find the check valve defective then you should either repair the valve if it is in that condition or else you should replace it.


There are many reasons that can result in stopping the AC. More than one reason can work together for the problem. This article shows all the possible problems that can cause stopping the AC and how to fix all of them. 

If you face any problem with your AC, you should troubleshoot the problem without any delay. If you follow the article, you can solve the problem. You should try to solve the problem on your own. That will help you in different ways.

If you fix the problem on your own, you can save a lot of money. Besides, you can learn a lot of things related to this problem. Moreover, you will be able to solve the same problem within a little time in the future. Therefore, in the long run, it can also save your time. Lastly, it is advisable not to avoid problems and take early steps to save your van from any several internal damage.  

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