Gtx 1060 Fan Noise-Common Causes & Solution

GTX 1060 fan making noise fix at your own
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GTX 1060 fan noise problem is a common occurrence across the globe to people using computers.  If this happens to you at any time, do not get stressed over it as it is a fixable problem. Where the need is, you may contact a professional.

Fixing this issue is very easy once you spot the problem or what is causing the noise. You need first to check the reason behind the noise, and with this, you will handle the situation very fast.

This article covers the most common fan noise causes. Besides the reasons, you will learn how to prevent and solve the issues. Follow the steps from start to finish. Sift through each step. It should be repaired by the end of the article.

The most common reasons for GTX 1060 fan noise 

gtx 1060 fan noise

1. Overheating

Your fans will spin faster and harder to dissipate the heat generated by the CPU, resulting in increased noise.

There’s a chance that dust will build up within the CPU, graphics card, and even in your GTX 1060, reducing the ability of your laptop to dissipate heat. It’s also likely that supporters will have to stay longer and make more noise due to the circumstances.

It is necessary to clean dust from the air vents to prevent it from accumulating. It is essential to clean dust from the air vents to prevent it from accumulating.

How to fix overheating on the GTX 1060 

How to fix overheating on the GTX 1060 

a) Cleaning the vents on your GTX 1060 is the most effective method of removing dust and lint. This is done to allow air to flow from underneath the casing. It is possible for moving or removable components to become coated with dust or clogged with hair or debris.

When the GTX 1060 becomes too hot, the dust that collects around the fan blades prevents air from flowing freely, making it work harder to cool the system. Even though removing the dust accumulated in the vents is critical, it is also crucial to do it as soon as possible.

b) A colder environment is recommended for the GTX 1060 due to the possibility of performance gains from lower temperature settings. The temperature of your GTX 1060 may be affected by cooling it. The step described above is likewise optional, which implies that you are free to go to the next level without completing it.

c) Make sure there is enough space for airflow around your laptop to ensure it has adequate ventilation. Good airflow may help to alleviate the problem of the GTX 1060 overheating. Prop your computer up and place it at eye level to allow for proper airflow to prevent it from overheating.

d) Perform an automatic BIOS update to see if there are any newer versions of the BIOS available. Dell provides updates for the BIOS as well as for some other components of your computer. Software updates should be checked for.

e) Turn on Low Power Mode on your laptop to help it stay cool. This condition causes your computer to consume less power, which allows it to last more relaxed. Enabling the laptop’s performance mode will result in a reduction in the operating system’s operating temperatures.

2. Bearings that have been severely damaged

A high-pitched noise will be heard when the fan speeds and a screaming sound will be heard if the motor’s lubricant is insufficient or fails. If you have to replace the fan, you may have an issue with your computer. It may be overheating, in which case you should either get a new fan or replace the existing one.

3. A hard disk with a lot of noise

The hard drive in your GTX 1060 may be failing if you hear a loud grinding noise every time the card accesses the storage device on it. Additionally, if you have had any data loss, you might consider replacing your laptop’s hard drive.

Getting rid of GTX 1060 fan noise 

1. Complete termination of all processes is required

As you can see, excessive use of your laptop during challenging activities might cause it to overheat. This is especially true for laptops. It is necessary to use the Task Manager to terminate any applications that are consuming CPU time.

To open your Task Manager, click Ctrl+Shift+Esc and choose the Processes tab from the drop-down menu. You will be able to close the applications consuming a significant quantity of system resources from there.

2. Make sure to bring a cooler

When the laptop cannot dissipate heat, a GTX 1060 cooling pad may be used to help. Aside from that, the cooling pad will help to lower the user’s body temperature while also providing additional comfort. Active coolers, passive coolers, and multipurpose coolers are the three types of coolers available.

It is necessary to use a network of extra cooling fans to generate more excellent airflow throughout the laptop’s body. Active heating methods frequently employ thermally conductive materials such as an organic salt compound as a heat source.

3. Organizing and cleaning the laptop

When your laptop is overheated due to a heating problem or due to the heat being turned up all the time, fans generate noise. Because of the collection of all that dust, there is less ventilation and less heat dissipation in the building.

Best Cleaner For Your Laptop

Laptops quickly pick up grime, dust, dirt, and smudges. To keep them clean, you’ll need several tools specific to electronics. These are the best tools to clean your laptop from keeping crumbs out of your keyboard to removing smudges off of the touchscreen.

Cleaning the intake or the equipment will be required to achieve better results. If you’re not familiar with dealing with this situation, you should proceed with caution before taking action. If you have any questions, you should consult with someone more knowledgeable.

4. Developing a software program 

It is possible to change the fan speed by using a third-party application with your GTX 1060. It is possible that by using the program to lower your fan speed, you can cause your laptop to get hotter and hence reduce its lifespan. This piece of software will have access to all of the data on your computer. Speed Fan is an excellent cooling solution for your GTX 1060.

5. Contact a Service Center

If the fan on your laptop is not working correctly, you must contact the laptop’s manufacturer for assistance with the problem. It may be more cost-effective to purchase a new laptop in this latter instance if the problem is bad enough.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes the GTX 1060 fans spin?

Answer; when the card reaches 62°C, the fans begin to speed up and will not stop until you shut down your computer. Even though you can see the fan speeding up rather than spinning down in GPU Shark, the fans on the GPU are still spinning at a high rate and making a lot of noise.


An insufficient cooling system may be the most common cause of overheating, allowing components to generate more heat than they would otherwise. Internal components of the laptop may become damaged as a result of excessive heat.

Additionally, a noisy fan may indicate that the computer is unable to cool the computer components adequately. Before attempting to remedy the problem with one of the remedies listed above, ensure no hardware issues are present. If your GTX 1060 has been damaged, don’t hesitate to contact the company’s customer service department for assistance.

You should check if any hardware issues are present if none of the fixes given above have been successful for you. Don’t hesitate to contact Dell’s customer care team if any of the GTX 1060’s components are not functioning correctly.

You can go through the process again to make sure you are accurate. You may also find the user’s manual to be beneficial. If none of these suggestions are helpful, seek professional assistance.

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