Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise- How to Fix

Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise
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Wheel bearing noise is one of the most disgusting noises. Honda Accord sufferers this problem most often. Are you a victim of such an event? If yes, then today we are here for you. Today we will discuss the Honda Accord wheel bearing noise for making your life better.

Honda is one of the most renowned cars throughout the whole world. Among Honda cars, Accord is preferred by many users of Honda. But, sometimes it becomes problematic to deal with the wheel bearing noise of the Honda Accord.

So, today, we are here to inform you about most of the common causes of the Honda Accord wheel bearing noise. We will also brief you on how to overcome such problems in a smoother way. So, let us get started.

Causes Of Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise

1. The Tire Wear Is Not Consistent Enough

With the running of the car, the tire wear becomes weak day by day. If the tire wear is not consistent enough then there might cause behind this. That is the tire is worn out. As a result, the alignment of the vehicle can be displaced.

Driving improperly is another cause of the worn tire. Wheel bearing can also be affected in the case of inconsistencies of tire wear.

2. There Is A Vibration In The Steering Wheel

The problem mainly occurs due to bad wheel bearing. If your car is suffering in such cases, then you will hear a sharp noise. The pitch of the sound is high. The vibration and sound are most noticeable under the driving seat.

The availability of unbalanced wheels is also another reason for creating vibration in the steering wheel. So, when you are suffering such cases, you have to consider these two cases. This is one of the major reasons for the Honda Accord wheel bearing noise. 

3. Dust Is Available Inside The Brake

This is the most caused reason for Honda Accord wheel bearing noise. In such cases, the wheel bearing will start making noise. You need to make sure, whether the sound is heard constantly or the sound is inconsistent. If there is a problem in assembling the car wheel then you can also hear the same sound.

4. Contamination In The Oil 

Fuel is the key thing for a car. When your oil is contaminated it not only hampers the ignition system but also affects the wheel bearing also. Usually, the existence of unexpected things inside the oil is one of the major causes of Honda Accord bearing noise.

Sometimes, the use of improper engine oil also causes the same problem. The engine oil must have to be compatible with the car’s engine. Any incompatibility issues will cause sound.

This noise usually doesn’t have a high volume, you will hear a small but consistent noise when there is a problem with your fuel or engine oil. So, you have to check your oil and engine oil on a constant basis.

Possible Ways To Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise Issue

To Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise
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1. Check Your Fuel In A Proper Manner

This is the very first task you need to perform. The most cause of Honda Accord wheel bearing noise is contaminated oil. So, if you are facing this problem for a longer period of time, we prefer to change the oil for some time.

If you are not facing the same problem then you are lucky that you have changed your oil. So, make a change of your oil and observe the result.

2. Use A Compatible Engine Oil

Even if after changing your fuel if the problem is not diminishing then you have to change your engine oil. The engine oil must have to be compatible in order to keep your car healthy. 

Not all engine oil is compatible with your Honda Accord car. As per our experiment, Bosch 3323 Premium is the most used and compatible engine oil with Honda Accord. So, if you hear low noise, you might need to change your engine oil. We suggest using Bosch 3323 Premium then.

3. Proper Assembly Of Car Wheel Section

While changing any parts in your wheel section, you have to make sure that all the parts are assembled properly again. Without proper assembly, you might face sound under your seat. In such cases, we recommend calling a technician and check the parts are assembled properly or not.

If the solution is still not found, then you have to do another thing at the same time. Check out whether the tire is worn out or not. If the tire is worn out, you will also hear a high-pitched sound with vibration. Hopefully, you will find your desired solution.

Replacing the tire can also be another solution. In such cases, make sure the tire will last longer and will not make any improper sound.

We already have a look at the main causes of the Honda Accord wheel bearing problem along with their solutions. Now, we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that are available on the Internet.


1. Is it OK to drive with a noisy wheel bearing?

The answer is no. Whenever you are hearing humming, buzzing, or grinding noises you must check what has happened to your car. These problems are connected to many components. As a result, any problem can occur without any notice.

2. Is Wheel Bearing Expensive To Fix?

Wheel bearing can suffer from many problems. Some solutions can be expensive and some might not be that expensive. The average cost of fixing a wheel bearing is around $250 – $350. An exception can occur where the cost can be more than that limit.

The brand name is another issue while fixing your wheel bearing. If you are going for a long-serving renowned wheel bearing then you might have to feel some pressure in your pocket.

3. How Much It Cost To Replace Wheel Bearings On Honda Accord?

Wheel bearings have their own brand name and quality measure. Suitable bearings take more money to install inside your car. So, the price will vary based on the brand name and quality.

The average cost to replace a wheel bearing on a Honda accord is approximate $296 to $412. Based on your preference, you can replace the wheel bearing on the Honda Accord Quality of the wheel bearings is the main factor here.  


Honda Accord wheel bearing noise is one of the annoying and common things you can experience as a Honda user. In this article, probable causes of Honda Accord wheel noise problems are discussed along with solutions. So, have a good read and Good Bye! For now.

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