Honda Civic Clicking Noise When Starting- Easy Fix

Honda Civic Clicking Noise When Starting
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The clicking sound of the Honda Civic is also known as the ‘ticking sound’. This is a widespread problem in the Honda Civic. Sometimes, the engine does not even start when the clicking noise starts. The noise problem can be a continuous or a non-continuous problem. The clicking noise is not a big issue at the initial level but it can damage your car internally. This noise problem can be fixed if the proper steps are followed. 

The clicking noise does not resist any part of the body from working correctly but if the problem gets older then you might have some serious internal damage. That is why it is advisable to fix the problem as soon as possible before anything bad happens to your car. This article shows all the possible reasons for the clicking noise and how to fix the problems. 

         Reasons For The Clicking Noise of The Honda Civic

Honda Civic Clicking Noise When Starting

1. Disconnected ground wire

There is a ground wire that comes from the thermostat housing. The ground wire is connected there with a 10-millimeter bolt. Sometimes, the bolt can be disconnected or maybe partially connected at some point.

This happens by shaking the internal parts of the car during running into the road. If your ground wire is disconnected somehow, this can be the reason for the clicking noise of your car. Though the ground wire is disconnected, the sound comes from behind the glovebox. There is the main relay. Because of being disconnected from the engine, the main relay does that sound. 

2. Low voltage battery

If your car starts clicking noise when you try to start the engine and also you are unable to start your engine, then you might have a battery problem. You can check it by switching on the headlight.

If you can turn on your headlight, that means you have got power in your battery but if you cannot turn on the light, either you have a bad battery or you have a faulty alternator. Besides, you can measure the voltage of the battery. If you get the voltage under 12 Volts, then your battery cannot provide a sufficient power supply to the engine. 

3. Faulty starter

If the condition of your battery and alternator is alright but you can hear the clicking noise and your engine also does not start that means you might have a faulty starter. You can check if your starter is alright or not. You have to try jumping your car.

Jumping is a process in which you have to connect your engine with another car’s battery. If your starter is good, your car will start. Otherwise, your car will show the same problem as before. Besides, the solenoid in the starter often shows a problem. It gets sticky or sometimes it gets worn out. In both cases, the solenoid does not work properly. 

4. Corroded battery terminals

If your whole battery system is alright, you should check for the battery terminals. Sometimes, they get corroded. The terminal area can also be dirty. This can also be the reason for the clicking noise when starting.

5. Bad ignition switch

In the process of finding a bad starter, if your car makes a clicking noise that means your ignition switch is good but somehow the noise stops indicating that you have a bad ignition switch. The noise actually means that your ignition switch is sending the power to the starter. Thus, you can be sure about your faulty ignition switch. 

         How to Fix The Clicking Noise of The Honda Civic 

How to Fix The Clicking Noise of The Honda Civic 

The solution to the problem actually depends on the reason for the problem. The reasons for the clicking noise are inscribed above. Now, follow the instructions below to solve your problem.

i. Connect the ground wire properly

If you find out the reason for the noise of your car is disconnected ground wire then you have to connect the ground wire properly. You have to tight the 10-millimeter bolt up. Make sure that you have disconnected the power before tightening the bolt. You can use a wrench to tighten the bolt up. Check out the wrench set from Amazon.

ii. Changing battery

If you have confirmed that you have a bad battery, you have to change the battery. There are a lot of batteries on the market. Here is a good sample of this product. Click here to check this out. Usually, a battery problem occurs when the battery is old.

It is advisable to change the car battery within 4 years. However, if your battery is alright then you should go for a new alternator. Sometimes, because of a faulty alternator, the same problem occurs. Therefore, if you need a new alternator, you can get the product from Amazon. 

iii. Rebuild or replace the starter

When you find out that the problem is in the starter, then you can tap your starter with something heavy like a hammer. After that, you can try to start the car. If you succeed then it was a problem for the solenoid of your starter.

Hitting or tapping on the starter helps to loosen up the solenoid from the starter. When the solenoid is loose, it can work freely. However, if the starter still does not work, then your starter is a faulty starter. There are two ways to fix the starter.

One is to rebuild the starter. You can buy a rebuilding tool and rebuild a new starter on your own. The other choice is to buy a new starter and replace it with the old one. Check to buy a new starter. If your starter has a problem, it will help you solve your problem. 

iv. Clean the corroded area

You have to clean the corroded area. You can cover the area with baking soda and then give some water to them. That mixture will react and clean the corroded area. You can also clean the dust area. That will protect the terminal area from getting corroded. 

v. Replace the ignition switch

When your ignition switch is unable to send the power to the engine, you have to change your ignition switch. There are so many available on the market. You can get this product here. Hopefully, you will get your problem solved by following these steps. 


There are so many reasons that can start the clicking noise but you have to find out which one is your problem. You may find out more than one problem. Fortunately, this article will help you to find out your problem and will guide you to troubleshoot it.

The time you experience the clicking noise, you should try to fix the problem on your own before going to any mechanic. That will help you in several ways. You will gain a lot of knowledge related to your problem. Besides, that will save you the cost of mechanics.

Moreover, the next time you see the same problem in your car, you will be able to troubleshoot the problem instantly without anyone’s help. Lastly, it is wise to fix any problem earlier because it may cost you some extra money with the time.

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