How to Fix High-Pitched Noise From TV

How to Fix High-Pitched Noise From TV
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To solve the high-pitched noise several steps need to be followed. Usually, high-pitched noises are generated due to audio and video regarding problems. This sort of noise might reduce the lifetime of your television. 

Our prime target is to provide a detailed guidelines regarding how to fix high-pitched noise from tv. Several issues will be discussed first. Later, we would like to let you know about some of the common tricks.

So, let’s jump into the facts of why your tv is suffering from high-pitched noise. To understand the factors, we recommend reading the section below properly.

Probable Reasons For High-Pitched Noise From TV

How to Fix High-Pitched Noise From TV

All the major issues are discussed elaborately for your betterment. The main reasons behind high-pitched tv noise are given below.

1. Horizontal Flyback Transformer Issue

The main task of the horizontal flyback transformer is to isolate the given oscillator inside the tv and provide enough diving power to the amplifier. When the horizontal flyback transformer is not working properly then the amplifier is not getting enough power.

Amplifiers try to enhance the signal for a better user experience. So, the main thing is, an amplifier is used to clear the noisy signal. When the amplifier is not getting enough driving power then it can do its duty properly.

That is the reason, you are hearing a high-pitched noise from the signal. So, when you are suffering from this issue then first you need to focus on the horizontal flyback transformer issue.

2. Problem Is In The Horizontal Deflection Circuit

If you don’t find a problem inside your horizontal flyback transformer then you need to check the horizontal deflection circuit. The activities of horizontal deflection circuits are vast. 

The activities include controlling sweeps and commutation. It also controls the energy being produced inside the device. So, when the horizontal deflection circuit is not performing its duty properly then excessive heat will be generated inside the drive.

As a result, high-pitched noise is produced as the device gets warm. So, you need to check the horizontal deflection circuit in order to solve the issue.

3. There Is A Worn Cable In Between The Connections

When there is a worn cable available in between the connection, then the signal gets noisy. When a noisy signal is flowing through the device, it becomes difficult to get rid of the noise.

The horizontal deflection circuit also finds it difficult to remove this sound from the device. As a result, you will hear a high-pitched noise from your tv. So, check the cable properly.

Another issue regarding cable is that when the quality of the cable is not up to standard then you will hear such types of noise also. We recommend having a detailed look at your cable.

4. Audio Or Video Components Are Loosely Connected

To receive audio and video signals, usually individual modules are used. In the case of TV, audio signals must have to be clean enough. The system must have to be connected strongly to the tv.

When the audio components are not connected properly then there are chances that signal leakage will occur. When signal leakage occurs then you will hear a high-pitched noise.

The same issue also occurs with video components also. Signals of video components are a bit sensitive. So, any leakage of video signal also makes sure that you will hear high-pitched noise. 

We focused on the major problems regarding how to fix high-pitched noise from Tv. Now, our target is to provide an adequate solution in order to prevent the problem. Now, without any further due let’s dive into it.

How to Fix High-Pitched Noise From TV

How to Fix High-Pitched Noise From TV

1. Use Cables That Are Compatible With Your Device

As already mentioned, when the cable is not working properly then you will hear high-pitched noise. So, that is the reason you need to use a proper cabling service. Different brands have their own compatible cabling. 

So, based on your device you need to choose the cable. Make sure, no leakage is available throughout the whole cabling system. If there is any, you need to fix this as soon as possible.

2. Check The Audio And Video Components

Make sure the audio and video components are connected properly to your tv. Check the circuits of those components in order to find out the actual problem. If you are an expert then you can perform this thing on your own.

If you are not an expert in this case, then you need to call a technician who will check the circuits properly and will find out the problem residing inside the device. After that, you can take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

3. Make Sure The TV is Not Closer To Glass Or Metals

When the tv is in front of any metal or glass then it makes high pitching noise due to losing some of the frames. When there is a signal leakage then you reflect from the glass and make high-pitched noise.

Another thing you can do is to put the TV on the carpet. That will reduce the interference of the sound and finally stop high-pitched noise if available.

4. Replace The Flyback Transformer

If your TV is more than 5 years old then you might need to change the flyback transformer.  Before replacing you can try to solve the issue by coating the transformer for a few days.  If the sound disappears then you might not need to replace it.

But when the problem is in the flyback transformer and not getting any better after coating then you need to replace the flyback transformer. So, have a look at the flyback transformer so that the problem is not faced again.

Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding this topic. The answers are prepared after much research.


How Do I Stop My Screen From Making High-Pitched Noise?

The primary concern related to screening making high-pitched noise is the cabling. Check if your cabling is properly installed or not. If not, then the main concern is coming from that place.

How Do I Get Rid Of High-Pitched Sound On TV?

We have recommended all the necessary solutions in order to get rid of the problem. We recommend that you follow it properly. After finding the problem, you need to solve the issue as mentioned in this article.

What Caused High-Pitched Electrical Noise?

Mainly using improper wire, overloaded wire, and loose wire are the main reasons behind high-pitched electrical noise. Check all the connections properly to find out the issue with the cabling. Later, you can fix this by yourself or with the help of a technician.


Probable reasons regarding how to fix high-pitched noise from tv are discussed briefly along with available solutions. We recommend you contact us if you are still stuck on this issue. We will soon try to provide the necessary solution that will ease your problem. We will meet again with another problem.

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