How to Fix Kia Soul Brakes Noise

How to Fix Kia Soul Brakes Noise
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Brake noise not only distracts your mind but also seriously affects your health. Kia soul brakes noise is one of the most disgusting things. Brake noise occurs due to many certain reasons which are unknown to maximum people.

Today’s discussion will be based on the annoying sound produced by the Kia soul brakes. Learning about the problems will not help to resolve the issue. That is why we would like to inform you about the probable solutions also.

So, without any concern, we would like to invite you to jump into the main topic. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and start.

Primary Reasons for Kia Soul Brakes Noise

Primary Reasons for Kia Soul Brakes Noise

1. Fuel Is Not Adjusted With The System Properly

Usually, you buy fuel from numerous places, not all fuels are 100% effective. When unnecessary substances are attached to the fuel then there are chances your brake system will not cope with the fuel properly.

In such cases, you will hear a grinding noise that will annoy you continuously. The problem is maximum when the unnecessary stuff is added with the Octan. The pitch of the sound is comparatively lower. On a continuous basis, this sound will be heard.

2. The combustion Chamber Is Not Working Properly

The main task of the combustion system is to convert the energy from fuel. After conversion, the car can achieve the proper strength to move forward. When the combustion chamber can not convert it properly then many problems arise.

There is a deep connection between the combustion chamber and the brake system. The brake can not work properly without the help of the combustion system. That is why it is important to maintain the combustion chamber healthy in order to maintain the brake system.

The pitch of this type of sound is high. Usually, a buzzing noise is heard when you face such a noise. The duration of this type of sound is much lower than other types of sound.

3. Excessive Heat Generation

Heat is the most common reason for generating heat. When the car can not get rid of excessive heat then the brake system fails to operate properly. The main reason behind this is that when too much heat is produced, the combustion chamber fails to remove it.

When the combustion chamber can not deal with the heat, it affects the brake system. A grinding noise is heard when such a type of problem occurs. The pitch of this type of sound is high.

If you don’t take proper steps at an earlier stage then you might face some problems, even deadly accidents. So, we recommend that you understand the problem and take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

4. Problems With The Brake System

There are many reasons behind not working the brake system. The most common reason is the strutting problem with the brake. When the brake is torn in some places then it is referred to as a strutting problem.

When you are facing scrutting problem then you will hear a buzzing noise. Unlike other noises, the pitch of this sound is not very high or not low. The pitch is medium in frequency. 

The duration of this type of sound is usually more than 1 hr after starting the car. Apart from that, with the pressing of the brake, you will hear this sound for a more extended period of time. 

We recommend checking the brake system instantly when you are facing such noises. These are dangerous as any kind of accident can be caused due to a problem. Almost 20% of road accidents occur due to problems with the brake system.

We have gone far with the probable reasons for Kia soul brake noise. Now, it is our turn to provide you with the necessary solutions also. First, you need to identify which problem you are suffering from. Later, you can pick the solution from the below scenario.

How to Fix Kia Soul Brakes Noise

How to Fix Kia Soul Brakes Noise

1. Use Compatible Fuel

The first task you need to perform is to use compatible fuel. It is important to identify where you are getting good fuel without unnecessary things. You need to refill your car from that place.

In such cases, the fuel can burn very well and convert into energy at an instant point in time. In such cases, the combustion system can perform its task at an earlier period of time. So, we recommend using a proper and compatible fuel that will not decline the longevity of your car.

AA Car Fuel Detector can identify whether the fuel is compatible with your Kia car. So, you can use this and identify whether any fuel leakage is available or not.

2. Maintain The Combustion Chamber Properly

Another major task is to maintain the combustion chamber. If your combustion chamber is not working properly then it will not convert the fuel into energy, So, as a result, there can be excessive heat inside the car. 

With such a problem, deadly accidents can also occur. So, you need to maintain the combustion chamber properly.

3. Check Your Brake System Properly

When your brake system is not working properly then you have to find out whether any scrutting problem is available or not. If yes, then you need to fix this problem as soon as possible. As this can cause accidents.

This type of problem can not be sorted by the user. We recommend taking the help of some professionals to check the brake system. After checking you need to cover up the torn places. If not possible then changing the brake is the only solution available.


1. How Do I Stop My Brake From Being Noisy?

The easiest way is to check the brake system, combustion chamber, and fuel. Try to identify from where the problem is generated. After finding the problem you can take the necessary steps in order to stop your brake from being noisy.

2. Why Does My Car Make A Grinding Noise When I Brake?

Usually when your car is facing an issue with the brake system then it can make a grinding problem. Scrutting problem is the most commonly occurring problem in such cases. So, check the brake system of your car then you will find the origin of your problem.


Today we tried to enlighten you regarding the Kia soul brakes noise. Hopefully, you have found the origin of your problem along with a proper solution. For any further queries, you need to contact us. We will try to reach you as soon as possible. So, have a good day. We will meet again with another article. Till then Bye Bye!

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