How To Stop High-Pitched Noise From Electronics

how to stop high pitched noise from electronics
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High-pitched noises in electronics are always annoying. Several reasons are involved in the case of generating high-pitched noise. Delivering a proper problem statement along with a number of probable solutions is the main purpose of today.

Heat issues, bad signals, and problems in the control circuits are some of the key reasons. The main aim is to provide a proper guide regarding how to stop high-pitched noise from electronics. The article is divided into two sections. 

Without any further due, let’s jump into the main topic. The obvious reasons are stated first.

Key Solutions From High-Pitched Noise From Electronics

How To Stop High-Pitched Noise From Electronics

1. Use Of Cheap Materials Inside The Device

This is the most common issue of generating high-pitched noise from your device. From research, we have found most devices that are made from cheap raw materials tend to generate a higher amount of high-pitched noise than other devices.

Apart from that when the signal receiver is not made of good raw materials then the signal gets noisy too much. It has been observed that the signal-to-noise ratio increases exponentially. 

So, before buying the device, you need to read the necessary specifications of that device. Sometimes you need to research the performance of the raw materials. It is better to study that before buying that device.

2. Transformer Is Not Working Properly

The main purpose of using a transformer is to provide high voltage to the CRT.  So, when the transformer of your device is not working then CRT is not getting enough voltage. As a result, it starts making a high-pitched noise.

The problem can be solved by changing the transformer of your device. This could be a costly solution. If you think you will continue with the current transformer then you can call a technician and repair it.

When the transformer is faulty then the pitch of the sound becomes high. The continuity of this sound is pretty long. Usually, 20- 30 db is heard when the transformer of your device does not work properly.

3. Wire Is The Main Culprit

The wire is also known as a bus in some cases in electronics. Wire allows transporting electricity in a safer manner so that no accident can occur. These things also pass extra electronics into the ground also.

Loose wire can not control extra electricity, where the grounded connection is needed to be secure. So, with the help of wire electricity leaks itself easily. So, loose wire is one of the main reasons for creating high-pitched noise.

Ground connections are also needed to be secured. So, you need to check the wire connection of your device. While using a new connection you also need to buy good cables. C2G Cables are one of the best cables available in the market.

The pitch of this sound is also high along with the longevity is much higher also. The sound is between 35 db to 40 db. So, when you are using sound within this range then you need to focus on the wire.

4. Unavailability Of Low Pass Filter

A low-pass filter is mainly responsible for reducing high-frequency noise. So, the issue with the device is that when a low-pass filter is not available, electrons can be discharged in an easier way.

So, using a proper low pass filter can be one of the solutions in order to remove high pitched noise from your device. Sometimes, cheaper brands do not use good low pass filters. 

You need to check the necessary specifications to find out which low pass filter they are providing. 

5. Signal Denoiser Is Not Working Properly

Usually, the signal that is received by the device is heavily noisy. Without denoising the signal it can not be used properly. So, when a denoising device is used to remove noise from the signal.

But when your device is not providing a proper denoiser then a faulty signal creates high pitched sound. So, you need to check the denoiser of your device. The fact is that the denoise needs to be repaired or replaced.

To repair the denoiser, you need to take the help of a technician. Usually, denoiser is needed to be taken care of carefully. That is how you can easily repair your denoiser. 

6. Stabilizer Is Not Properly Controlling

The main task of the stabilizer is to control voltage. When extra voltage enters the device then it can be destroyed. The first step is that it will create a high-pitched noise at first. 

So, when you are hearing a high humming noise between 20 db to 40 db then you have to understand the stabilizer of your device is not working properly. You might not change the stabilizer.

You need to find a compatible stabilizer for your device. Usually, companies provide their own stabilizers. So, you need to check the stabilizer out and put it with your device. That is how you can control the voltage along with high pitched noise from your device.

These are the common reasons for initiating high pitched noise from electronic devices. We have also provided solutions that will help to get rid of such problems. So, you can apply such a solution in order to stop high pitched noise from electronics.

Now we will discuss the most frequently asked questions throughout the internet about this topic. So, we would like to invite you to read the section below in order to get proper ideas.


1. What Is an Electrical Noise Filter?

It helps to stop noise from entering along with disrupting signals. The thing also helps to protect devices from power failure issues. Protecting the equipment is another vast task of this electrical noise filter. This is one of the most important things for your device.

2. What Is The Most Annoying Sound In The Entire World?

Well, that depends from person to person in the case of electronic devices. Humming, buzzing and chirping noises are the most annoying types of noises. In your case of you, another type of noise can also be annoying.

3. What Frequency Is Most Annoying To Humans?

The range can be varied from 2000 Hz to 5000 Hz. After much research, it has been decided that this range is most annoying to human beings. So, you can consider this as the most annoying range.


High-pitched noise is one of the most common issues in the case of electrical devices. In this article, we have let you know about some of the most common reasons for high-pitched noise in electronic devices. Hopefully, this will help with how to stop high-pitched noise from electronics.

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