How to Stop the Engine From Turning When Removing Harmonic Balancer

How to Stop the Engine From Turning When Removing Harmonic Balancer
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People face many problems while removing the harmonic balancer. The turning problem of the engine when removing the harmonic balancer is a very common problem. The turning problem is also known as the ‘ spinning problem’. It is very hard to stop the engine from turning if you do not follow the right steps. This article describes the right ways to stop the engine from turning while removing the harmonic balancer. 

Steps on How to Stop The Engine Fron Turning When Removing Harmonic Balancer  

1. At first, you should remove any belt which is connected to the harmonic balancer or the engine tools. The engine tool may be an alternator or power steering. There is a tensioner in every belt that actually keep tight with the belt with something. Therefore, you have to remove the belt by loosening the tensioner. 

2. After removing the belt, now it is time to remove the pulley. If your car has a two-piece pulley, then you have to separate them first. Then you have to remove the big bolt in the middle of the harmonic balancer. You can use a breaker bar to remove the bolt. The bolt is too tight. That is why it is advisable to use larger things to remove the bolt. That will save some of your energy. While removing the bolt, try not to remove the washer from its place. 

3. You will need a duck foot to remove the harmonic balancer. The duck foot has a flat and slightly curved side. The flat side will face toward the engine. Then you have to thread the duck foot with a big bolt. There is a cone-shaped piece at the end. You have to clip that end in the middle. 

4. Now it is time to select the suitable bolts for the harmonic balancer. There are holes in the duck foot. You have to put the right bolts through the holes and thread them with the harmonic balancer. Make sure that you insert all the bolts in the same depth.

If the bolts are not in the same depth, the balancer will be at an angle. That may cause you difficulty removing the harmonic balancer straightly because the harmonic balancer will be at an angle. 

5. The next step is to crank the center bolt up. The center bolt is a 17-millimeter bolt. You have to make sure that the harmonic balancer is pulled evenly. When the crankshaft support is at the end, you should support the balancer with one of your hands. It will fall off after a while. Now, you are ready to install a new harmonic balancer. 

How to remove harmonic balancer without puller?

To remove a harmonic balancer, usually, you will need a puller. If you do not have a puller then you have to buy a new one or you have to work without the puller. Without a puller, you have to use a ratchet strap and wrap it around the center of the harmonic balancer. Then you have to tie the straps. Then you have to pull the balancer out. Hopefully, you will get your work done. 

What happens when you run an engine without a harmonic balancer?

A harmonic balancer is a must for an engine because there are so many tools in the engine that depends on the harmonic balancer. The pulley depends on the balancer. The belt of the pulley is unable to spin without the balancer.

That is why when you try to run an engine without a harmonic balancer, you will face so many problems. The air conditioning system of your car, the alternator, or the power steering will not work without the harmonic balancer. Besides, the water pump will not work without the balancer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you hold a harmonic balancer in place?

It is difficult to hold the harmonic balancer in place while removing it. You can use a half-inch ratchet and a breaker bar to hold it in place. However, you have to support the harmonic balancer with one hand when the crankshaft support is at the ending point. Otherwise, it will fall off the place. 

Does a harmonic balancer increase horsepower?

The harmonic balancer does not increase horsepower but it can handle the extra horsepower. However, if you use an upgraded harmonic balancer, it will work great to keep your engine good. Besides, it will keep your engine safe from any serious issues.

An upgraded harmonic balancer will make your car feel more horsepower but the change of horsepower changes the harmonic. That is why when you increase the horsepower of your car, a good harmonic balancer can cope with the increased horsepower.


If you have a problematic harmonic balancer then you should replace the old one with a new one. Because a faulty harmonic balancer may cause you much trouble like excessive vibration, extra noise, early engine failure, etc. This article only helps you to do your work easily. Hopefully, you will be able to change your harmonic balancer on your own. 

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