HP Envy x360 Fan Noise- Fix at Your Own

HP Envy x360 fan noise fix
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The HP Envy x360 laptop may make excessively loud fan noises when it is first turned on, which you may have noticed if you own one of these computers. These laptops are known to have a common problem, which can be easily resolved by following the steps below: In addition to fixing the issue, users should take preventive measures to guarantee that it does not occur again in the future.

If you notice a problem with your computer, it would be great if you addressed it as soon as possible to avoid more complications. This is a problem that can be resolved quickly. Dirt and dust build-up in the fan, heating as a result of inadequate airflow, several processes running, or simply the computer growing old and in need of repair are all possible reasons for the noises you are hearing.

It is necessary to consider and address each one of the potential reasons for the fan noises. Moreover, it is possible to lower HP envy x360 fan noise to create a more pleasant working environment by following the steps given in this article. Find also the best answers to the most frequently asked questions about the HP envy x360 laptop fan.

If you are a user of HP Envy x360, In this article, I will take you through the reasons that lead to an HP Envy x360 Fan Noise and guide you through solutions to the same problems.

Simple methods for reducing HP Envy x360 fan noise 

hp envy x360 fan noise
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Method 1; reduce heat production

A laptop works harder and generates more heat when multiple applications are open at the same time or when running graphically demanding video games. You can improve your computer’s performance by following the suggestions listed below:

  • The Start-up tab in Task Manager allows you to specify which applications will be launched when Windows is first booted up.
  • Once you have finished with an application, you should exit the application.
  • Close the web browser when it is not in use.
  • Lower the game’s quality and graphical settings if the HP envy x360 becomes noticeably warmer than usual while you’re gaming.

Depending on whether the problem persists, you may need to update the laptop’s operating system by using Windows Update.

Method 2; Make sure your laptop is clean

Make sure your laptop is clean
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Fans that are always running at high speeds indicate excessive heat; as a result, if the fans on your laptop are constantly running at high speeds, it’s probable that it’s overheating. Dust and hair build-up are prevalent, and both can hinder air passage. Limited airflow causes inefficient heat dissipation, necessitating the need for frequent cleaning of the equipment.

If the HP Envy x360 is still under warranty, disassembling it will void the coverage provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, if you are inexperienced, you run the danger of deleting critical components in your project. Please exercise extreme caution, or seek advice from one who has more expertise.

You may clean your item with the use of compressed air. In addition, a screwdriver will be required for disassembling the laptop. It is essential to wear a static wristband and unplug the gadget from its power source (and if possible, remove the battery) to prevent static energy from harming internal parts or oneself. It is possible to utilize short bursts of compressed gas to clear dust and dirt from internal elements of a laptop, notably around the fans and heatsinks.

Airflow can get impeded as a result of a build-up of dust in and around the air vents, causing the fans to work harder than they were designed to. Using a toothbrush, clean out the air vents on the laptop.

Method 3; Ensure that your laptop is properly ventilated

Most HP envy x360 manufacturers include laptop fans in their products, which allows customers to effortlessly dissipate excess heat by lifting the laptop for a few minutes and permitting the air beneath the computer to naturally circulate around the device. Maintaining your laptop on a hard, flat surface is recommended in order to avoid impeding airflow to and from the fans.

Make sure that the HP Envy x360 fans are properly ventilated in order to avoid the potential of overheating difficulties. In order for a computer to function properly, the systems must have appropriate ventilation.

Method 4; Take into consideration a software fix

Third-party software can be used to control the fan speed on the vast majority of laptop computers. Certain versions are equipped with built-in controllers. Typically, these programs allow users to change the speed of their laptop’s fan or to launch a cleaning software to remove dirt and dust from the machine.

If you lower the speed of your laptop’s fan, you might theoretically reduce the amount of noise emitted by the fan. Keep in mind, however, that doing so will raise the temperature of the laptop, reducing its overall lifespan in the long term. As a result, extreme caution must be exercised when using the software.

Method 5; Consult with an expert

If the fan on your HP envy x360 continues to be noisy, or if you are scared to open the device, get professional assistance. Your machine is probably still backed by the product warranty at this point.

Regarding laptop repair, different manufacturers have varying techniques for doing it. If you purchased your item online or if your store is too far away to visit, you still can take advantage of the services offered by the neighboring repair firms.

The best-case situation is that they will be responsible for cleaning your laptop and, if necessary, replacing the fan. Be prepared, though, for some unsettling news to come your way. In some cases, replacing crucial hardware, such as the motherboard, may be required to resolve the problem. Typically, you’ll be given a quote for the repair; if the repair is really expensive, it may be more cost-efficient to purchase a new laptop.

Method 6; use another air conditioning system

Initially, computer coolers were nothing more than basic metal panels with built-in fans to maximize the amount of available airflow on the laptop. LEDs illuminate them today, and they’re outfitted with features such as variable wind speeds, built-in USB connections, and temperature sensors.

Coolers are particularly useful if you plan to use your HP envy x360 laptop on a desk or in another fixed location. People who want to play intense 3D games, do video processing, or run their computer at max capability for extended periods of time may find them to be very appealing as a purchasing option.

As an alternative to cooling baseplates for computers, clip-on vacuum fans that suck hot air directly out of your laptop are also available. This is an example of a device that is specifically intended for rapid cooling, such as the Opolar LC05. Despite the fact that the majority of reviews are positive, the device’s interoperability with your specific laptop model will determine whether or not it will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What causes overheating in an HP envy x360 fan?

Answer; this is because the processor heats up when a laptop becomes hot. This issue stems from the fan. The fan pulls air from below and blows it out the side. It will also draw hair and dust.


Finally, we can’t overlook the fact that computers have become essential components of our life. However, as shown in the HP envy x360 noise, issues with the laptop’s fan may occur and must be solved for proper operation. As stated previously, there are several ways to troubleshoot fan noise.

If the laptop’s fan persists in malfunctioning, contact the product’s support department for assistance. If the problem is severe enough, buying a new laptop may be the most cost-effective solution. I hope the information in this article helps you fix your HP envy x360 noise problem.

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