HP Pavilion g6 fan noise-causes and how to fix

HP Pavilion g6 fan noise how to fix
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While everyone wants a quiet laptop, most of the HP Pavilion g6 owners have encountered a fan noise that appears all of a sudden. In most cases, this is just your fan doing what it’s supposed to do; to keep your device cool.

When the machine first powers on, the fans tend to spin loudly for some time. However, when the fans spin loudly for an extended period, the fan may have a problem, or the laptop may be overheating.

Generally, this issue will affect your HP Pavilion g6 laptop and need to be addressed immediately. Adjusting the power settings, cleaning the fan, and updating the laptop’s BIOS could assist in cooling the system. This, in return, will result in reduced fan noises.

This article provides the possible causes of the fan noise on your HP Pavilion g6. The article also includes the best and easy tips on how to eliminate HP fan noise for a smooth working experience. Find also the best responses to the commonly asked questions on the laptop’s fan.

Causes of HP Pavilion g6 fan noise

hp pavilion g6 fan noise
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The noise could be the result of a variety of factors. The most likely causes of HP Pavilion g6 fan noise include;

1. Overheating

Overheating can cause your HP Pavilion g6 fan to work harder and spin faster to disperse the heat generated by the CPU, resulting in increased noise. Dust accumulation in the CPU and HP Pavilion g6 graphics card can also obstruct heat dissipation. Additionally, it may cause the fans to run longer and generate more noise. The user should eliminate the dust that has accumulated in the air vents.

2. Noisy hard drive

If your HP Pavilion g6 laptop makes a loud grinding noise when accessing the hard drive, you may be experiencing a hard drive failure. However, if you are also encountering system failures, your laptop’s hard drive should be repaired.

3. Faulty bearing

When the HP Pavilion g6 fan speeds up, a damaged bearing may produce a high-pitched noise, or a motor’s internal lubrication may fail, resulting in a grinding noise. If this is the case, your device may be experiencing excessive heat, and the only way to resolve the issue is to purchase an HP Pavilion g6 fan or replace the existing one.

Easy tips on how to eliminate HP Pavilion g6 fan noise

1. Change the fan settings

In most cases (primarily HP laptops), the laptop fan is configured to run continuously in the BIOS settings. That is why, even during the winter, when there is little risk of overheating, the fan continues to operate perpetually. This setting maintains constant rotation of the fan, resulting in its failure after several months/years of use. Therefore, try to disable the BIOS option “FAN always on.”

To deactivate the configuration:

  • Switch off your laptop and then power it back on by using the ESC key on your keyboard.
  • Press the appropriate function key on the screen to access the BIOS settings. ​
  • Immediately upon entering the BIOS, navigate to “System Configuration” and disable the “Fan Always On” option; then save and restart the laptop.

2. Update your laptop’s BIOS

When one powers the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, the first application that executes is the Basic Input Output System (BIOS). It is not saved on the hard disk but the motherboard’s storage. When a system encounters hardware problems, it is always a good idea to update the BIOS.

There are two methods for updating the BIOS. The first is to use a window-based application and allow the software to execute the update for you. The second method is to use a bootable device to run the update. When available, it is usually advisable to update your BIOS via the bootable method.

3. Clean your HP Pavilion g6 laptop

Cleaning a desktop computer is simple as it requires one to open the cabinet and wipe away dust with a hand towel or other cleaning tools. However, cleaning a laptop becomes a little more complicated. If you prefer not to open your laptop, you can use a compressed air duster to blow air into the fan area of your laptop, allowing the dust to escape.

Laptop fan cleaning kits are available online, notably on Amazon. You may purchase a dual package of compressed air duster for approximately 15 to 20 dollars. Additionally, while the HP Pavilion laptop’s fan is operating, one can blow air to force the excess dust out all at once.

4. Clean your HP Pavilion fan from inside

Unscrew all of the screws on the rear panel of your HP Pavilion g6, extracting the Hard Drive, RAM, and a Wireless Adapter from the back panel and the keyboard from the front panel. One can use a magnet to hold all the screws together to ensure that they don’t get lost. If it is your first time, you may opt to watch a video on YouTube (if accessible) on how to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop to gain confidence when performing the task.

Once everything has been removed, you can use soft brushes or cloths to gently scrub away any dust accumulated on the motherboard’s visible surface. In most cases, the laptop fan is located behind the motherboard and is directly connected to the heat sink that houses the processor. So, when you remove your motherboard, make sure you entirely unscrew it and be careful with the monitor and power cables that are exposed.

Next, turn it around and clean the fan.  You can also remove the fan’s cover to clean the blades. However, the screws on the fan’s cover are too small, so be careful not to lose the screws if you do so. Now, rewind everything up, reposition all components back into their original positions, and turn it back on when you’re through.

Note: If your laptop’s display is not turning on, check to see that you have correctly inserted the RAM into the slot in which it was installed.

5. Replace the fan on your laptop

If the issue is not resolved by cleaning the fan, the final solution is to replace the fan. The electromagnetic motor that drives the fan is the source of the noise and needs to be replaced. On Amazon, you can browse various laptop fans and purchase the one specifically designed for your HP Pavilion g6 laptop. Additionally, apply thermal paste below the heat sink. Thermal paste significantly reduces processor overheating, and it is typically included with the new fan that you purchase from the market or order online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate way to clean my HP Pavilion g6 laptop fan?

Answer; Dust and build-up on the fan blades can be removed by blowing them away using compressed air. Clean any remaining residue off the blades with moist cotton swabs if necessary.

How can I turn off my HP Pavilion g6 fan?

Answer; when your computer boots, press the ESC key. This turns off your laptop’s fan. When you check the bios settings, the fan should be disabled.


In conclusion, we can’t ignore the reality that laptops are now one of the most critical aspects of our existence. We will make all concessions necessary to keep our laptops clean, quicker, and more up-to-date. However, one might experience issues with the laptop’s fan, as described in the case of HP Pavilion g6. Follow the guidelines provided in this article to troubleshoot HP Pavilion g6 fan noise.

It will be necessary to contact the manufacturer’s service center in your area if the fan on your laptop continues to fail. The purchase of a new laptop may be the most cost-effective remedy if the problem is severe enough. I hope the information provided above will be of assistance in resolving your HP Pavilion g6 noise issue.

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