Why My HP Spectre x360 Fan Make Noise-Easy Guide to Fix

HP Spectre x360 fan make noise
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It is essential to understand the HP Spectre x360 Fan issue, which is defined by a buzzing sound. In this case, the problem occurs due to an incorrect system setup. If issues with Windows cause it, you can potentially have inconsistent settings. The solution to this problem may be found with specific software.

Special system software is used to resolve the registry and to optimize system settings, returning stability. Installing a Repair Tool is highly recommended if you hear a buzzing sound while using an HP Spectre Fan.

This article explains how to stop the annoying buzzing sound from the HP Spectre Fan using any method. In addition, this article will help you resolve some of the frequent issues you may encounter concerning your HP Spectre Fan. This is necessary to ensure that you remain attentive to the subsequent procedures. Additionally, the guidelines for fixing this problem are included.

Specifications of HP Spectre x360 fan

Specifications of HP Spectre x360 fan

An HP spectre x360 fan is packaged with a 13.3- inch FHD display with 1920 by 1080 pixels. It is also powered with a 1.8 Hz Intel Core i7-8550U processor having a storage space of a total of 256 gigabytes SSD and 8 gigabytes DDR3. HP Spectre also has a backup for the battery, running for up to around 8 hours.

I now go straight to what causes this HP spectre x360 to produce noise which is a problem, and how the problem can be solved. Many people using an HP Spectre x360 are coming across this problem in such a way that the fan always produces a loud sound. For an HP spectre fan to make there is automatically a reason why this happens.

Causes of HP Spectre fan to make noise

1. Excessive heating

When a fan is overheated, it leads to a fan working extra hard and spinning at a very high speed to get out heat generated from the central processing unit, which can eventually lead to noise. Furthermore, when the dust is accumulated in the central processing unit, the graphics also hinder one’s laptop from dissipating heat. In addition to that, it can lead to the fan running for quite a long time and hence make more noise. For this to be solved, the dust accumulated needs to be cleaned in the vents that pass air.

2. A bearing that is damaged

A very loud sound can be caused by a bearing that is damaged. This is because the fan runs at a very high speed, and due to the high speed, this can lead to a noise caused by grinding, which results from a motor whose interior lubrication has failed to work. Therefore, if this situation happens then, that means that your computer is heating too much and the only available solution for that is to buy another to replace the old.

3. A noisy hard drive

If you realize a loud grinding noise every time in your laptop, it could result from a hard drive that is failing. This could also be shown by encountering some errors in the data. When this happens frequently, it means that the hard disk needs to be repaired.  Replacing the hard disc is also a good idea since the problem ends up being solved permanently.

Solutions to Fix HP Spectre x360 Fan Noise Problem

hp spectre x360 fan noise

1. Kill all the Processes

About our prior discussion, we mentioned that one of the reasons why an HP spectre x360 fan will make noise is because of overheating. This is caused by running so heavy tasks on the laptop. Therefore, when this happens, they need to close all the applications that are digesting the processor. To do this, we need to open the task manager.

To close the apps which are digesting your processor, you have to open the Task Manager. The task manager is opened by hitting control plus shift plus escape key in your keyboard simultaneously. Still, under the tabs showing the processes, you can also decide to close all the tabs, which are more process users.

2. Purchase a Cooler

This is a gadget that assists in reducing the temperature of the laptop by cooling it when the computer reaches a point where it does have the capability of dissipating the heat. In addition, this gadget has a cooling pad that reduces the heat and gives the user extra comfort. Coolers are in three different varieties.

This Isn’t just a Purchase.. A Cooler Can Increases Your Laptop Battery Health Up to 3x.

They can either be active, passive, or multipurpose. Active coolers typically build an additional flow of air around the laptop’s body by using tiny-sized fans. The passive one depends on thermally conductive materials, like the composition of organic salt.

3. Cleaning the HP Spectre x360 Laptop

We should have in mind that fan noise comes from heating or maybe the laptop can be very hot. Most of the dust accumulated around that will slow the flow of air, leading to minimal heat dissipation. For things to work better, you will be required to clean the vents.  If you do not know how to do this, then be keen when performing the task. It will always be good to consult with someone who has got some experience.

Best Cleaner For Your Laptop

Laptops quickly pick up grime, dust, dirt, and smudges. To keep them clean, you’ll need several tools specific to electronics. These are the best tools to clean your laptop from keeping crumbs out of your keyboard to removing smudges off of the touchscreen.

4. Fixing with a Software

HP Spectre x360 will give you an allowance to take control of the speed of your fan by the use of third-party software. Lowering the speed of your fan using the software will make the laptop hotter and shorten its lifespan. This software also gives access to all the information contained in the computer in a more profound way. On this matter, I will recommend a speed fan for your HP Spectre fan.

5. Approach the HP Service Center

Having tried all the above methods and they fail to work for your HP Spectre x360 bit, it is always recommended that you visit an HP service centre nearby. A service centre for your laptop’s manufacturer will be the best. If the problem turns out to be large enough, then the best thing to do is to purchase a new laptop.

6. Purchasing a new laptop

This comes as the last solution if at all the ones mentioned above do not work. After trying all the above and the noise remains, the only solution is to buy a new laptop.


An HP spectre x360 fan can sometimes have problems producing noise, as mentioned above. As I have highlighted above, when this happens, you do not have a reason to worry a lot since there are reasons why this happens, and there are also solutions to the same issues. The significant reasons for HP spectre fan noise are overheating, damaged bearing, and also a noisy hard drive.

All the above still do have solutions like killing the processes, cleaning the laptop, purchasing a cooler, fixing software, and approaching an HP spectre service centre.

When you follow the steps above, the fan should stop making noise. Repeat the steps to ensure that you haven’t created an error somewhere. See the user’s guide that came with your device when you purchased it.

It will be essential to seek outside assistance if the condition does not improve. When you investigate the matter, a knowledgeable individual will help you determine whether or not to repair the problem or change the fan.

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