How to Fix Hyper 212 Evo Fan Noise

How To Fix Hyper 212 EVO Fan Noise
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The Hyper 212 EVO fan noise issue is a regular occurrence when the CPU is loaded on a global scale. If this occurs to you, do not become stressed, as it is a resolvable issue. Wherever there is a requirement, you may consult a professional.

Once you’ve identified the source of the noise, resolving this issue is a breeze. You must first determine the source of the noise; this will enable you to resolve the matter quickly.

This article provides more information on Hyper 212 EVO fan noise. The article will also take you through easy guidelines on how to handle the fan’s noise issue using simple tips. Find also the best responses to the commonly asked questions on the same. Read through keenly for a better understanding. Let’s start;

About Hyper 212 EVO fan noise

About Hyper 212 EVO fan noise

For most enthusiasts, the purpose of cooling upgrades is to get the highest stable overclock possible, and they are willing to overlook the discomfort of noisier systems. For some users, silence is paramount, and they will forego maximum overclocking if it results in higher system noise. The outcomes should be remarkable with a projected 19 dB (A) in a 120mm size factor.

However, when compared to recognized low-noise performance, the fan specifications raise numerous questions regarding their reliability. The bundled fan may have a noise level of 19 dB (A) when un-mounted in a particular test scenario, but it is most certainly not quiet at 12V in the noise tests. However, this does not suggest that the fan is loud; it is not; nevertheless, it is not completely silent either.

The installed fan measures somewhat just above the system noise level at 24″ and 6″ from the cooling system. With the casing opened and the fan operating at 12V, you can certainly hear the Hyper 212 EVO fan. When the case is closed, or the fan RPM is reduced, the noise level is reduced to near-zero.

While this fan may not be as silent as Scythe S-FLEX, it is still rather quiet and should not be a problem for the majority of consumers unless they are resting near the working system.

One issue with today’s cooler specifications is that unbelievable noise claims are frequently made for the fans. We’d much prefer to see a genuine 34 dB (A) specification that can be verified in testing than a relatively low noise claim that comes out to be unduly optimistic. While the Hyper 212 is quieter than many other coolers, it is far from silent. However, the majority of users will be satisfied with the Hyper 212 fan’s low noise level when installed on the heatsink.

Guide on how to fix a noisy Hyper 212 EVO fan

hyper 212 evo fan noise

It is pretty normal to hear some noise from your Hyper 212 EVO in everyday situations since its fan should spin to enable cooling of the system. This is usually noticed when there are heavy tasks since there is an increased push of loads making the fans spin much faster to enhance CPU cooling.

This leads to a noise that is so pronounced. This noise is termed as usual, and it should not cause any distraction such that one feels uncomfortable. However, if you happen to be experiencing an unusual noise, then the following steps can be of help;

1) Clean the fan and remove all dust and dirt

Loud Hyper 212 EVO fans indicate heat; your device is constantly hot if your fans are continuously on. The accumulation of dust and hair is inescapable, and it simply serves to impede airflow. Decreased ventilation equals poor heat dissipation; thus, you’ll need to clean the machine manually to improve performance. If your device is still covered by a warranty, opening it will destroy it. Take precautions or seek advice from an individual who has more expertise.

When cleaning the device, including the fan, you require a screwdriver and compressed air to remove all dust. Before beginning the process, wear an antistatic wristband and disconnect the device from the power supply source to avoid destroying its internal parts. Also, use the short air busts or vacuum cleaner to suck all dust accumulated on the fan. Finally, ensure you read the manufacturer’s manual guide on cleaning all fans and other parts.

Best Cleaner For Your Laptop

Laptops quickly pick up grime, dust, dirt, and smudges. To keep them clean, you’ll need several tools specific to electronics. These are the best tools to clean your laptop from keeping crumbs out of your keyboard to removing smudges off of the touchscreen.

2) Fix the device’s software

The Hyper 212 EVO fan become noisy due to malfunctioning device software. First, try using another software instead of the existing one. If the problem persists, consider upgrading the device software to the latest version and see if the problem is eliminated. Also, attempt using other apps that allow you to control your fan speed.

Reducing the fan speed may also reduce the noise emitted from the Hyper 212 EVO fan. Also, try cleaning your device using the manufacturer’s manual guide routine and remove all dust and dirt that prevents it from functioning normally. Remember to use the apps with a lot of care since they may leave your fan making a lot of noise and reduce its lifespan.

3) Repair any worn or broken bearings

The damaged bearings cause the fan system to overheat, which increases the speed of your Hyper 212 EVO fans. High speeds will eventually destroy the entire structure of your fans.

4) Consider replacing the old fan with a new one

Many individuals find this to be unreasonably costly. If your old Hyper 212 EVO fans malfunction due to wear and tear, replacement is the best option. Even though it is expensive, this approach will contribute to the solution of the problem. Make sure that you substitute with the correct model to avoid incurring further expenses in the future.

5) Visit your Hyper 212 EVO service center

You can either physically visit their centers or use their website to do so. You will get the opportunity to meet with the professionals who will guide you through the entire procedure. They can even provide recommendations on the best course of action to take. For instance, if the fan’s warranty had not elapsed, they could have considered absorbing the entire expense of repairing it from the beginning.

You could also contact your particular seller and seek help concerning the fan. The seller may look for experts in your place to open and check it carefully to identify any faults. Also, the professionals may first clean your device and replace the faulty fan with a new one that suits your model well.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which Hyper 212 is the best?

Answer: The Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition is the finest successor to the Hyper 212 versions that came before it in terms of price and efficiency. Overall, the Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition and its quiet counterpart, the Black Edition with a Silencio fan, provide dedicated Hyper 212 fans with new PC build options.

  • Should users use the cooler’s included thermal paste?

Answer: While most coolers come pre-applied with thermal compound, PC enthusiasts seeking optimal temperatures at standard speeds should purchase and apply new paste during the CPU installation process. Thus, while it may be beneficial to maintain a low CPU temperature, it is unlikely to yield the greatest results.


An insufficient cooling system may be the most common cause of overheating, allowing components to generate more heat than they would otherwise. The CPU and other components of your device may become damaged as a result of excessive heat. Before attempting to remedy the problem with one of the tips elaborated above, ensure no hardware issues.

If your Hyper 212 EVO fan has been damaged, don’t hesitate to contact the company’s customer service for assistance. You should check if any hardware issues are present if none of the fixes given above have been successful for you. You may also find the user’s manual to be beneficial. If none of these suggestions are helpful, seek professional assistance.

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