Jeep Cherokee Makes Noise When Turning- Easy Fixing Guide

Jeep Cherokee Makes Noise When Turning
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Jeep Cherokee often makes noise when the wheel turns from one direction to another direction. This sound may happen in both continuous and non-continuous ways. If the sound happens continuously then the sound gets louder when the wheels turn. Besides, the sound gets worse in the cold weather. However, this popping sound of the wheels is fixable if you follow the correct steps. 

The clicking sound of the Jeep Cherokee does not resist the SUV to work properly but the sound shows how severe the problem is. If you avoid the problem, the sound will increase day by day and that can cause big internal damage to the vehicle. That is why it is advisable to fix the problem as soon as possible. This article shows the causes of the sound that happens when the wheels turn and how to fix all these problems.  

Causes of Jeep Cherokee sound when turning

Causes of Jeep Cherokee sound when turning
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1. A low fluid of the power steering pump

If you start your car and suddenly your car starts making noise and the sound gets worse, you might have a problem with your power steering pump. Sometimes, the fluid of the pump gets low and the empty part of the pump gets airy. Besides, you can see some bubbles in the fluid. This is not a good symptom.

At the initial moment, the problem is very small but if you do not take any steps earlier, you may have major damage to your power steering pump. The level of the fluid can be low because of a leakage in the pulley. If the pulley has a leak then the belt will also get wet. It is advisable to refill the pump as soon as you notice it or else you may face very big problems afterward. 

2. Leakage in the power steering seal

If you do not have any problem with your power steering pump, then you should check your power steering seal. Sometimes, there can be a leakage in the power steering seal. Through the leak, the fluid comes out.

That also causes that type of sound. The steering power seal is protected with a rubber outside. You have to uncover the seal and check if there is any fluid or not. If there is fluid in the rubber or around the seal, then you have a leakage.

3. Low oil supply in the suspension system

A suspension system is used to reduce the shaking level. Sometimes, the suspension system shows some problems. However, when the lubricant level is not sufficient for the system, then friction increases in the suspension system. For this friction, creaking noise can be found. This is not a severe problem but the sound that makes is very annoying. 

4. Damaged or broken axle

Axle is very important for turning smoothly. There is a CV joint in the axle and a six-ball bearing that helps the wheel move freely. However, if there is not enough lubricant in the bearing, then the friction will increase and that will cause the noise.

Besides, the axle can be broken from the joint. That is why it is important to check the axle if there is any sound. Moreover, the bearing of the axle can be broken. If you have a bad bearing you can feel it when you move the steering and go right or left. That also causes this type of noise.

5. Worn out steering power rack

A steering rack is used for turning the tire from the inside to the outside of your car. That is why it is obvious to have friction there but when the steering power rack gets old or worn out then the system does not work smoothly. That can be a cause for the noise. 

6. Worn out rubber bushings

Rubber bushings are used for reducing the vibration of the two parts of a car. Sometimes, cars run on a very rough road and the rubber bushings cannot handle the vibration anymore. The driver can feel some unusual issues when rubber bushings are worn out or damaged like the steering can be loosened up or can hear some rattling noise. It is not a big issue but it is safe to take a step early before anything big happens. 

Steps on how to fix the noise of Jeep Cherokee when turning

Steps on how to fix the noise of Jeep Cherokee when turning

The method of troubleshooting actually depends on the problem. Here are some best ways to solve the problem given below.

i. Fill up the fluid of the pump

If you find out the popping sound at first check the fluid level of the power steering pump. If you find the level quite low then fill up the fluid. If your Jeep Cherokee is making noise because of it, then the sound will turn off.

Besides, you should check the leakage of the line also. If you have a leak in the line no matter how many times you fill-up the pump with fluid the pump will be empty. If you have faced the pump problem for a long time and after filling the pump you can hear the annoying sound, maybe you have to change your pump.

ii. Replace the power steering rack

If you could not solve your problem after the first point then you should check the power steering seal. If you find any leakage in the steering rack, then you should replace the whole power steering rack. 

iii. Supply oil in the suspension system

Check your suspension system if there is enough lubricant or not. If you see that there is not enough suspension oil then you should give there some oil and that can solve the problem. To prevent this problem, you should check the suspension oil often and oil them when needed. 

iv. Replace the axle

After that, you should check the axle. If the six-ball bearing of the CV joint cannot move freely or there is not enough lubricant then you should oil the bearing that will help you solve the problem. However, if your bearing joint is not good then you should change the broken bearing assembly with the wheel hub. Here is an example of a good wheel hub and bearing assembly. Click here to check the best one.  

v. Replace the rubber bushings

If you have not been able to solve your problem till now then you are left with one problem. Your rubber bushings are worn out. You should replace them with new ones. Hopefully, that will solve your problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does my SUV make a louder sound in the winter?

In the winter season, many parts of the car do not work properly. The engine belt or power steering pump can be the reason for the noise in the sound or maybe the air conditioning system. 

How long can a Jeep go with a bad axle?

It actually depends on the condition of the axle. It can work for a few days to years. However, it is better to change the lousy axle as soon as possible because it will help your Jeep to perform its best. 


Several reasons can work for producing this type of sound. However, the articles show all the reasons for the noise problem and all the possible best ways to solve the problem. 

If you face a noise problem, you should try to fix the problem on your own before going to any mechanic. That will help you learn a lot of information about the problem. You can also save your money. Moreover, the most important thing, you can solve the same problem again without anyone’s help when you face this problem in the future.

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