Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise Front End – 6 Easy Fixing

Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise Front End
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The humming noise of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is also known as the knocking noise. The sound may happen continuously. It can also happen often. This sound can be a symptom of a severe problem. This type of sound is usually fixable if you follow the correct steps. 

The humming noise does not prevent the vehicle from working normally but if you do not take the necessary steps at the right time it may cause very big internal damage. Therefore, it is wise to fix the problem at an early stage before it causes any big trouble for your vehicle. This article shows the causes of the problem and the best and easy ways to solve this problem.

Causes of the humming noise of the Jeep Grand Cherokee front end

1. Damaged control arm

Damaged control arm
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For the humming noise, the most common problem is torn boots. There are some boots on the ball joints. These are used to reduce the bumps and noise. Besides, it also reduces vibration. This is also known as a “ damaged control arm”. When the boots get torn or worn out then the vibration and bump increase and the boots cannot handle it. That is why the humming or knocking sound starts.  

2. Loosen bolts

One of the common reasons for the humming noise of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is loosened nuts. There are three bolts on the pillar. Sometimes, the nuts get loose. That is why when the car starts, the SUV starts shaking and with that, the bolts also start shaking. Therefore, this can be a cause of the knocking noise. Besides, there are nuts in the engine also. They can also be the cause of the noise.

3. Loosen lug nut

Lug nuts are used on most of the steel and aluminum wheels. These nuts secure the wheel to stick with the axle. Many lug nuts are used to ensure safety. That is why if one or two lug nut nuts are loosened that is not a big issue. However, if the nuts are loosened then they start making clicking sounds. At the initial stage, it is not a big issue but if all the nuts get loosened then it can be a cause of the accident. Therefore, as soon as you find out the problem you should take a step into it. 

4. CV axle problem

There are some symptoms of the bad CV joint. The vehicle’s steering wheel vibrates and also boots can be torn. Besides, the lubricant can come out through leakage. For the insufficient lubricant, the humming noise starts. In the early stage, the grease of the CV joint starts splitting and if it is not repaired it can damage the whole axle. That is why it is very important to take the necessary steps as soon as you notice a bad CV joint.

5. Drop link and Sway bar link

There are two links named drop link and sway bar link. These are two joints. The drop link joins the anti-roll bar with a control arm. On the other hand, the sway bar link connects the outer end of the sway bar with the suspension. If the joints are not connected well it can make a knocking or humming noise. 

6. Bushings of the suspension

There is one more common reason for the humming noise and it is the bushings of the suspension. Sometimes, the bushings of the suspension are worn out or torn. That is why the suspension cannot work properly and that can be a cause of the sound problem. 

      Steps on how to fix the humming noise of the Jeep Grand Cherokee front end

Troubleshooting the problem actually depends on the problem. The best ways to solve the problem are given below.

i. Replace the boots

If you figure out any of your boots are torn or worn out then it might be the cause of the noise of your SUV. As soon as you notice the torn boots, you should take steps to solve the problem. If it is not too late, then you should change the torn boots as soon as possible. If you do not want heavy damage to your vehicle then you should take early steps. Otherwise, you can have bigger problems like CV joint problems or axle problems. 

ii. Tighten up all the bolts

There are many nuts in the front end of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. For continuous bumping of the vehicle, the bolts can be loosened at any time. It is very important to check all the bolts and tighten all of them.

Usually, three bolts on the pillar and one under the cap are loosened. Besides, there are a couple of nuts in the engine. Make sure you tighten up all the nuts. That can help you fix your noise. You will find it easy to tighten up bolts using the wrench. Here is a good sample of a wrench set box. To buy a wrench set box click here

iii. Tighten up the lug nuts

Lug nuts mean nuts of the wheel. If one or two are loosened that is not a word of worry but if all the nuts are loosened then that can cause a severe accident because the wheel can fall off the vehicle. That is why it is important to check all the nuts very carefully and tighten up all of them before anything bad happens. 

iv. Replace the axle

If you have changed the boot but you still have the same problem then you have a severe CV joint problem. However, if you have a CV joint problem then you have to change the whole axle because there is no separate CV joint in the market. It is a little bit expensive but you will surely get rid of the humming noise. 

v. Connect the drop link and sway bar link tightly

If you have the problem unsolved till now, then you should check the two joints and tighten the joint. Hopefully, that will finish your problem. 

vi. Replace the bushings of the suspension

If you find bad bushings in the suspension, you should definitely change the bushings. Probably, that is the reason for the humming noise. Besides, if it is not the reason for the noise, changing the bushings will help your vehicle perform well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee have a lot of road noise?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has very low road noise than the other SUVs. That is why if you want to buy a quiet and good performance vehicle, then you should definitely go for it. 

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee expensive to maintain?

The maintenance cost of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a little bit more than other midsize SUVs. Before buying the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you should know that information. 


There are many reasons that cause a humming sound. However, the article shows us the reasons and the solutions to the problem. If you have already heard the sound then you should try troubleshooting the noise because it will get worse day by day. Before going to any mechanic, you should try to fix this on your own.

Therefore, you can be benefitted in many ways. You can learn things about the problem. Also, you can repair your car if you face the same problem again and also you can save your money. In conclusion, it is advisable to fix the problem at the initial stage without ignoring it to save your vehicle from any severe damage. 

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