Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise When Accelerating-Easy Fixing

Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise When Accelerating
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It is a very common problem for Jeep Grand Cherokee that it starts a humming noise at a high speed. It can be incessant after starting sound or it can be often. However, this sound is very easy to stop. You just have to follow the right steps. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise while accelerating does not resist increasing speed or working decently but it can cause severe damage later. Therefore, it is advisable to fix the problem as soon as possible because the problem will increase with time and maybe it can be irreparable. This article describes all the possible reasons for this humming sound and the easiest ways to solve the problem. 

Causes of humming noise when accelerating Jeep Grand Cherokee

1. Bad wheel bearing

Bad wheel bearing

A wheel bearing is used to reduce the friction when wheels spin. Sometimes, the bearings do not work properly for some problems. The bearings can be broken or maybe they need lubricant. Whatever the reason is, when they do not work properly they reveal some symptoms. One of the symptoms is the humming sound. The sound increases when the speed of the car increases. Besides, a driver can feel the vibration when he drives the car. 

2. Bad transmission system gear

The transmission system controls the ratio of the speed of the car and gear. If there is any problem in the transmission problem then the gear shifting problem appears. When the gear does not shift correctly then the humming noise starts. Basically, this noise comes from under the body of the vehicle.

However, the sound increases with the speed. Sometimes, cars start running at the neutral position for this problem. Besides, people also find it difficult to shift to the first gear. If you find out this type of problem do not avoid the issue and take the necessary steps on it. That will help you avoid the other severe damage to the transmission system. You can find out the fluid falling off from the transmission system. 

3. Uneven tire alignment

Uneven tire wear means a tire that has no proper alignment. That can happen for many reasons like worn-out suspension. Besides, if your wheels are unbalanced then you can have the problem often. Another reason for this sound noise is low-quality tires.

If you have changed your tire already but the quality of the tire is poor that can be a valid reason. The uneven tire is also one of the reasons for the humming noise. Not only uneven tires but also the tire that is running for a long time and the condition of the upper layer is very bad can make the humming noise also.

4. Tire blocks

If you are hearing a noise when your speed is increasing, that is not always a problem. It can also happen because of your tire. If you are getting the noise right after changing the tire then probably it is the reason for this noise. Tread blocks or tread marks are important for your vehicle because the grip of the tire depends on the tread blocks. However, if your car produces noise for the tire blocks then the tire blocks are large. 

5. Bad differential

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A differential is a set of gear that supplies the engine power to the wheel. If your differential oil is not good then you can have a bad differential problem. If your differential is not good then you can realize some symptoms like smelling burnt oil and finding difficulty controlling the steering. Besides, you can feel a vibration while changing the speed of your vehicle. The humming noise is another symptom of a bad differential. 

Steps on how to fix the Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise when accelerating

Solving the problem actually depends on the problem. The information given below gives the best solutions to the problem.

i. Replace the bearing

If you find out the humming noise in your Jeep Grand Cherokee while accelerating then at first you should check your wheel bearings. It is the most common reason for this type of noise. You can give some lubricant to your bearings if the bearing is not broken. However, if you do not find this useful then you have to replace the bearing. 

ii. Change the filtering fluid

It is a common problem to find out the fluids are falling off. To fix this, you can change the old fluid and get the new one. Besides, many parts of the system can be found in the market like solenoids and throttle cable, etc. If any part of the system is damaged, you can replace the part with a new one. That will help you fix the humming noise while accelerating if you have a real problem with the transmission problem. 

iii. Change the tire pressure

If you find out your tire has no proper alignment then you should change or adjust your tire pressure according to your need. Besides, if your tire is making noise after giving the right pressure then you can change the tire that is worn out. That will help you solve your problem.

iv. Changing the tire

If you figure out that the humming noise of your Jeep Grand Cherokee coming from the tire blocks then you should change the tire because the noise will come until you change the tire. If you are okay with the tire then it is fine or else you can have a new tire. That will be the solution to the noise.

v. Replace the differential oil 

If you figured out more than one symptom of a bad differential then you should replace the oil of the differential with good quality oil. That may fix your problem. It is cheaper than rebuilding the whole differential. However, if you have changed the oil and are facing the same humming noise then you have to rebuild the differential. Hopefully, that will help you stop the noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee a reliable car?

The reliability of a vehicle depends on many things such as expenses, mileage, driving history, etc. Overall, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is an above-average car that can actually be called reliable.

  • Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee have a third-row sitting?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have a third-row seating system. In this vehicle, a maximum of five people can manage to sit. That is why this car does not need any third-row sitting.


There are many reasons that result in producing a humming sound at the time of increasing speed. More than one reason can be working for the sound together. This article shows all the reasons and the solutions to the problem. 

If you feel the sound in your car while accelerating, it is very essential to take the necessary steps on your own before going to any mechanic. You will be benefitted by fixing your vehicle in many ways.

It will help you gain a lot of knowledge about the problem and you can also fix the same problem in the future. Besides, you can save a lot of money. Finally, it is advisable to troubleshoot your problem without wasting time because that can do heavy damage to your vehicle. 

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