Kia Optima Engine Noise- How to Fix

Kia Optima Engine Noise
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Are you fed up with the annoying noise of your Kia optima engine? Solving problems requires learning the main reasons behind the problem. Excessive Kia optima engine noise can cause internal damage to the engine. In maximum cases, the noise comes from the bottom of the car.

Your life becomes pathetic when your Engine motor starts making too much noise. Your Kia optima engine may cause noise due to many reasons. After extensive research, we have found some of the main reasons behind the creation of noise.

Without any further due, we would like to invite you to read our today’s article “Kia Optima Engine Noise”. We will discuss the problem along with the solution also. 

Causes Of Kia Optima Engine Noise

1. Combustion Of Fuel

The main reason for Kia optima engine noise is the improper combustion of fuel with air. Kia is a globally renowned brand that produces cars that are compatible with a specific fuel. When your car is not getting the desired proper fuel, it will start rattling.

Solution: In this case, you have to use the specific fuel compatible with the Kia optima engine. Read the instructions properly provided by your manufacturer. After learning all the detailed things, you can select your desired fuel.

2. Issues With The Engine Oil

Kia Optima engine noise can be reduced easily if the engine oil is properly utilized. Rattling is the main issue caused by engine oil. Kia optima engine knocking recall is also another issue reported by the users. 

When the engine oil is not at all performing well, then rumbling will start. Rumbling oil will tend to create a Kia optima engine-knocking recall. Engine oil creates a protective layer between the parts of the engine which helps to work the engine in a smoother manner. That is the reason why engine oil plays a vital role.

Solution: You have to check the engine on a regular basis. You have to check whether your engine oil is turning into a darker color or not. We recommend changing the engine oil after every two-three months. When your engine is omitting exhaustive smoke then it is time to change the engine oil. To check the latest price of the engine oil.

3. Overheating Of Engine

Kia Optima Engine Noise

Engine cooling system is a vital thing. One of the most common reasons for Kia optima engine noise is the overheating of the engine. Some of the major causes of engine overheating are given below:

  1. Clumsy hose.
  2. Leakage in the cooling system.
  3. Broken part in the radiator fan.
  4. Clogged water pump.

The above-mentioned reasons are the main culprits for creating engine noise. Kia optima knocking noise is also generated due to the overheating issue.

Solution: Make sure you have turned the air vents on while leaving the car. The car should be parked in the shade. You have to take a close look at your temperature gauge. For more safety, you can add an engine coolant. Frequently changing the battery is also another option to reduce engine heat.

4. Attachment With Loose Belts

You may have noticed that your engine makes a sound while accelerating. Loose belts are the main reason why your engine creates sound. This sharp noise is generated due to worn belts. Rattling along with clicking under the hood also indicates the belts are not properly attached.

Solution: Keep a regular look at your engine belt. While accelerating the speed of your car you must focus on the sound of the engine. Any sort of sharp noise should be taken care of. 

5. Bearing Problem

The engine knock problem is another annoying issue. This problem is mainly created by bearing problems. Users over the internet report that contamination and insufficient lubrication create the bearing problem. Bearing life expectancy should be checked while buying from stores. 

For you, we are recommending the latest models of bearings from Amazon.

Solution: The only solution available for bearing problems is to change the bearing in a   continuous manner. Apart from that, we recommend you clean the bearing after one week. Use a quality bearing rather than using cheaper bearings.

6. Function of EGR Valve

The Exhaust gas Recirculation valve is commonly known as the EGR valve. When your car’s EGR valve is not functioning properly, your car will surely remain idle. Dust is one of the main reasons which causes the dysfunction of the EGR valve. Apart from that, excessive heat.

Excessive combustion of improper heat is also some other reason. An increase in the emission of Nox gas also increases the probability of damaging the EGR valve. The internal circuit inside the EGR valve should be engine friendly.

Solution: Using a solid safety glass in front of the valves is the first step to protecting your EGR valve. Fuel is also connected to the EGR valve, that’s why we recommend using the best quality fuel to overcome this situation. 

The air filter must be kept clean. Make sure that your hose connection is not invalid or incompatible. We prefer to use a long-lasting EGR valve to control the damage as much as possible.

7. Defect In Knock Sensor

Another issue of Kia optima engine noise. Is the availability of defects inside the knock sensor. Operating the engine at a higher temperature, and the function of carbon build-up inside the machine are some of the key reasons for defecting the knock sensor.

Solution: You must have to maintain a lower compression ratio in order to ignore the knock sensor problem. Top-notch engine oil with lubrication power can also prevent the problem. 

You must clean your combustion chamber with a high-lubricating liquid. Knock sensors usually last for a longer period of time, yet you can clean them or change the sensor after each year.

8. Existence Of High Pressure In Cylinder

One of the main reasons for creating Kia optima engine noise is the availability of a high amount of pressure inside the cylinder. When the cylinder pressure is high it causes rumbling in the engine. 

A sharp noise is heard which can later be converted into a deadlier accident. Make sure, excessive heat is not produced by your fuel. 

Solution: With the engine load increase, the cylinder pressure starts increasing. Storing a huge amount of fuel inside also causes high pressure in the cylinder. Usually, it is recommended to keep the cylinder pressure below 100 pounds per square inch (PSI). You should measure the pressure regularly to avoid deadly accidents.


In this article, we have tried to find out the major issues that occur with Kia optima engine noise. We recommend learning the problems properly. For your simplicity, we have also provided the solutions. You can apply the necessary solutions to keep your engine healthy.

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