Kia Sorento Noise When Accelerating-How to Fix

Kia Sorento Noise When Accelerating
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Do you like to speed up cars on a free highway? But your Kia engine is continuously making noise while accelerating. Well! Well! If you are looking for a proper solution for your Kia Sorento noise when accelerating. then you are at the right place. 

Sorento noise is one of the hectic tasks to remove from the engine of your car. Today our main topic is how you can recover Kia Sorento noise when accelerating. KIA Sorento screen protectors can also be damaged due to excessive noise. So, your task is to take the proper steps to solve this issue.

Let’s jump into today’s discussion “Kia Sorento noise when accelerating”. Grab a cup of tea and read to solve your problem. The solution is also provided for each of the problems.

Causes Of Kia Sorento Engine Noise When Accelerating

Kia Sorento Noise When Accelerating

1. Existence Of Torn Object In Your Clutch System

This is one of the common issues of creating Kia Sorento noise when accelerating. Usually, this type of torn object makes the object, particularly while accelerating. With the reduction of acceleration, the noise starts reducing. In most cases, it is observed that no sound is available when the car is not accelerating at all.

Solution: In such cases, the solution is to change the clutch system. With the change of clutch system usually, this problem vanishes. You can also recheck your clutch system in order to find out which part is torn or broken. Then you can replace that particular part. To know about the prices of clutch then you can visit.

2. Problems Reside In The Alternator Belt

Is this an uncommon name? The alternator belt has a crucial role in order to run the car system. The main task of the alternator belt is to power the electronics in order to run the car’s engine smoothly. When the alternator belt is problematic, many of your parts will not be efficient at all.

In most cases, this problem increases the chance of creating engine noise especially when accelerating. A sharp noise is heard abruptly when the problem is introduced.

Solution: You need to call a technician in order to diagnose your Kia Sorento engine in order to find out the main issue. If your problem exists inside the alternator belt, then it’s mostly due to the existence of dust. You can clean the dust and run your car again. 

Even after cleaning if the problem is not vanishing then you have to buy the alternator belt. Then you have to find a new one for your car. Some quality products are available on Amazon Check The Latest Price.

3. Problems Available In The Rolling System Of Your Automobile

If you still face the same problem after applying the first two solutions then it is time to apply the third system. If your car engine is making loud noise instead of sharp abrupt noise then you have to check your rolling system. Again, usually, loud noises are introduced from the rolling system.

Solution: We prefer to check the overall rolling system. Sometimes the problem resides in bearing. But if the problem is found in your rolling system then it is better to repair the rolling system rather than change it. Changing the rolling system might affect other parts of the car.

4. Car Bearing And Wheel Issue

Another issue might be that your bearing is not supporting your wheel properly. Sharp noise is usually raised in such cases. But on the other hand, in case of wheel issues, there might be some unwanted object attached to the wheel. Sometimes, tearing the inside wheel can also cause the same problem.

Solution: A quality wheel might solve the issue. Aside, in such cases, you have to check the car wheel thoroughly. On the other hand, the bearing is also checked. After checking these components, hopefully, you will find the problem and take the necessary steps.

5. Problems Available In The Engine Belt

The engine belt usually powers the alternator along with it provides energy for air conditioning. As mentioned earlier, when the engine belt is not working properly then a sharp noise starts creating. So, an effect on the engine belt can cause problems in the alternator belt.

Solution: You need to change the engine belt in order to solve Kia Sorento’s engine noise when accelerating. Usually, the engine belt does not work properly if it is repaired. So, we recommend changing the engine belt of your car.

While buying the engine belt, you must focus on certain criteria. To find the best engine belt you can check.

6. Availability Of Not Enough Fuel Or Engine Oil

Fuel unavailability can be the cause of Kia Sorento engine noise when accelerating. Even if the engine oil is old, then a sharp annoying noise can be heard while accelerating your Kia Sorento engine.

Solution: Check whether enough fuel is available or not. If not then refill your tank. If your engine oil is 4 or more months older then you have to change your engine oil also. The used engine oil must have to be compatible with the Kia Sorento engine. 

If you find it difficult to get a compatible engine oil for your Kia Sorento engine, then the link below is given for your simplicity. You can pay a visit and decide your desired engine oil. Check The Latest Price Of Kia Sorento Engine Oil.

7. Issue With The Ignition System

Problems with the ignition system usually create a ticking noise when accelerating. The existence of a high-level exhaust leak can also be a possible reason to make a sharp noise. Ignition system problems can cause accidents. So, in such cases, it is better not to wait longer.

Solution: When you are hearing a ticking noise when accelerating then you have to diagnose your ignition system. The ignition system must be repaired within a shorter period to avoid a deadly accident. 

With the ignition system, it is better to have a look at the exhaust tank for leakage. The leakage must have also been repaired.

8. Less Pressure In Cylinder

Sometimes low pressure inside the cylinder causes a Kia Sorento engine noise when accelerating. Usually, a click sound is heard in such situations. And the sound remains silent after stopping the car.

Solution: In such cases, make sure you have enough pressure on your cylinder tank. Usually, such problems do not create any sort of accident. Yet, take suggestions from a technician and repair the problem.


We tried our level best, to let you know about “Kia Sorento engine noise when accelerating”. We recommend reading the article properly. We are hopeful, you will find the problem and take the necessary steps. Looking forward to meeting you with another article.

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