Why My Laptop Charger Keeps Making Noise

laptop charger making noise
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Any problems with the Laptop noises cause worries to the user since they always think that everything is gone, mainly among computer illiterate individuals. In this case, we are majoring in the laptop chargers that are making noise where we all know the charger is crucial within the laptop.

Remember, when using the charger, the noises can be destructive to you, and you need to fix them immediately. The possible causes of the noises with the charger can be due to defaults with the charger, such as the outlet, damages to the battery, and other physical damages that you efficiently fix to work.

The article below shows the possible solutions for the laptop charger with the steps to follow and the causes of the noises from the laptop charger after that are the frequently asked questions, and lastly, the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

How to fix a laptop charger that is making noise

laptop charger making noise

When you have a charger that is making noise while using it, there is no simple way that you will intend to use to fix the problem quickly, but instead, you have to employ some soundproofing material to go around the charger. Some of the causes can be that the charger is old or has some features that you will have to check on before solving. Below are the steps to follow when solving the problem and the tools needed for the process

Tools needed for the troubleshooting process

Steps of fixing the charger

Steps of fixing the charger

i. Unplug the charger

It is advisable always to check the issues with any appliance when it is off to avoid missing out on some hidden parts; therefore, consider unplugging the charger from the socket. Ensure you cover up yourself with an antistatic wrap that prevents you from electrical shocks since they can cause injuries.

ii. Inspect the charger for any damages

After removing the charger from the socket, consider checking the charger for any damages. The most common reason for the noises within the charger is that the charger has been damaged; therefore, check the whole charger and ensure everything within is okay. However, if the charger is making noise for the first time, it could be that the charger has physical damage that you need to replace the parts. The physical damage can be due to a drop, an animal getting hold of the charger, or maybe the charger is dragging on the floor, causing some noises.

In some cases, the charger may have the damage for a couple of days back and then starts making the noises later. Therefore, ensure you look at all the parts within the charger that can cause the possible noises for an easy time when fixing.  Check on the cracks at the endpoints of the charger and maybe if it has wear and tears at any point.

iii. Use the charger for a different outlet

In some cases with the charger, you can find out that the outlet has some issues that you need to fix before anything else. Therefore, with such an issue, try testing a different outlet for the charger. Trying out a different outlet with the charger is a simple task to carry out, and it saves time and energy to check on the problem. The problem with the outlet can be that it either receives excess power making the charger cause the noise or that it receives less power causing the noise.

iv. Replace the old parts within the charger or the outlet

Before trying out the replacement process, choose to purchase the tools you will use for the process. The best sites to visit when trying to purchase the replacement tools are the Amazon sites and eBay sites, which offer goods with a discount and high quality.

Ensure before buying the tool for replacement, check on the brand of the tool and choose the exact brand that you know can work with it. Choosing the exact brand also helps save money for the user since chargers tend to be expensive. But if you can do repairs, then it can be good since laptop chargers are expensive.

If the charger is excellent, repair the outlet if it has issues or replaces it. When working with the outlet, ensure you have the Philips screwdriver that you will use to open the outlet and check for issues to repair or choose to replace. The replacement process is the choice of the user. However, some parts do not need repairs in case of any damage but only replacements.

v. Run the adapter settings

After checking everything with the chargers, it is good to consider running the adapter settings you need to run some tests. The adapter helps give a person some truth about whether the charger needs replacement or not.

Causes of the noises from the laptop charger

Causes of the noises from the laptop charger

Off-brand charger

When you use an off-brand charger, the charger may cause some noise. Off-brand chargers cause the noises since they don’t always carry the correct voltage because they have a poor design and don’t always follow the safety measures and quality standards.

Old charger

When you use a specific charger for a couple of days, they tend to get old. If a charger is old enough, it will start misbehaving till it starts making noises. To identify if your charger is old or not, you can check the wear and tear it possesses. Remember, there is no way anyone can fix a charger that is old but instead replace it by buying a new one.

Faulty outlet

Faulty outlet
Hand disconnects or connects the plug to a broken outlet, risk of electric shock.

 Sometimes you may think that the charger is the one making noise while using it but rather the outlet making the noises due to their faults. The outlet makes noises due to the loose wires inside it that create a hum when transmitting power.

Physical damages

When the user does not take good care of the charger, you may encounter problems doing repairs and replacements since poor care of the chargers reduces the lifespan of the chargers. The physical damages may include that the charger is bent, twisted when forcing it to fit in the bag, and maybe dragging the charger on the floor causing the damages.

Broken components of the charger

A charger contains different components within it that can have any damage to it. So, when the charger component has been damaged, consider buying a new device that you will use for work.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the lifespan of a laptop charger?

The lifespan of chargers depends on the ways the user uses the charger in like plugging and dragging. If you take care of the charger, it will last longer, but it will get damaged easily if you abuse its rights.

  • Which other areas make noises apart from the charger in a laptop?

There are many parts in the computer that can make noises, indicating that there is something wrong with the machine. The parts include the fan, filters, and the CPU.


A charger making noise must not be a reason why the laptop user should worry about what to do since there must be a reason behind the noise, and you can have solutions for it. It is good to consider checking the charger yourself and fixing them correctly when you have such an issue.

Therefore, you should keep your worries away by following the causes of the noises from the article above, which you will fix using the steps above. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when handling the charger to avoid further damage to the charger.

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