Lasko Fan Clicking Noise – How to Fix

Lasko Fan Clicking Noise
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Lasko is globally renowned for its parts servicing. It has been observed that people prefer Lasko fans over other brands. But one of the major issues related to Lasko fans is its clicking noise. 

The sound mainly comes from the blade of the fan. There can be several reasons behind the clicking noise of Lasko fans. We would like to understand most of the reasons for the clicking noise of Lasko fans. There are also some easy solutions available. We would like to let you know about the possible solutions also.

Now, we are going to discuss some of the common reasons for Lasko Fan clicking noise along with the probable solutions. Without delaying any other minutes let us dig deeper.

Causes Of Lasko Fan Clicking Noise

Lasko Fan Clicking Noise

1. The Blades Are Loosely Attached

The main thing about a fan is the blades available. If the blades are loosely attached then there are chances that the blades will continuously make noise. When the blades are loosely connected then the screws inside the fan get stuck with the harder part of the fan.

So, as a result of constant friction, the longevity of the fan gets decreased along with we hear an annoying noise. So there are higher chances due to the loose connections of the blades you are continuously hearing a clicking noise.

2. There Are Some Screws Missing

Sometimes while installing the fan, the screws remain missing. When you are not installing your fan properly due to time shortage then there are chances that you will also hear a clicking noise.

Usually, a fan consists of 20 – 30 screws. Each individual screws are emergency for making the way smoother for the fan. If any screw is missing then it will raise security concerns along with disturbing sound also.

Big screws are mainly the reasons for creating clicking noise while rattling noise is produced if the small screws are missing. So, mainly the missing big screws are the culprits to produce a clicking noise.

3. There Are Errors Available In DIY Installation

If the fan’s DIY is not installed properly there can be many types of noises. Mainly rattling and clicking noises are mainly produced. Even improperly installed brackets are one of the major issues regarding clicking noise. Apart from that, rattling noise is usually produced.

Around 30% of the clicking noise is produced by the fault of DIY installation. There can be many ways of installing the DIY in a proper way. But lacking knowledge is the main issue for not doing so.

4. Issues With The Fan Battery

The battery provides energy for both ceilings and standing fans. Usually, Lasko fans provide long-lasting batteries. But there can be any issue that can damage the battery of the fan.

When the battery of the fan is dead, there are chances your fan will not work. After putting the switch on the fan will not move rather it will produce a clicking noise on a constant basis.

So, you have to check your battery from the start of making clicking noises. If the clicking noise is medium in pitch then you have to check your battery. After that, if there are issues found with the battery of the fan then you have to take the necessary steps.

We have discussed the main reasons for Lasko fan clicking noise. Now, along with the cause of the problem, the solution should also be learned. That is the reason why we are giving the solutions that will help you to remove the clicking noise from your fan. So, let’s learn about the possible solutions.

Ways To Solve Lasko Fan Clicking Noise

Ways To Solve Lasko Fan Clicking Noise

1. Check whether The Blades Are Strongly Connected Or Not

As mentioned in the problem section, the main issue for Lasko fan clicking noise is the absence of strong connections between the blades. If the blades are not strongly connected, you need to call a technician and properly integrate it. 

As it requires a heavier metallic engine, that is why it is better not to perform individually if the person is not properly trained for this purpose.

2. Make Sure All Screws Are Available

The absence of big screws is also an issue for producing the clicking noise of the fan. So, when we are hearing any sort of clicking noise, we need to check whether any screw is missing or not. If there are any screws missing, you need to solve the issue. So, checking the screws is also another vital issue.

3. Battery Should Be Checked On A Regular Basis

The battery should be checked immediately if there is any production of clicking noise. After checking the screws and other issues, you need to check the battery.  You need to change the battery of your fan if the battery is dead.

While installing the battery, you have to make sure that the battery is compatible with your fan. If the battery is not compatible or long-lasting then you might have to change it again within a shorter period of time.

Lasko Batteries are the most popular batteries that are globally used. So, we prefer to use Lasko batteries based on the model number of your fan.

We have also learned about the solutions regarding the Lasko fan clicking noise. Now we will help you to know about some of the commonly asked questions on the internet. For your betterment, we have selected the most relevant questions.


1. Why Is My Lasko Fan Rattling?

There can be many issues with the rattling noise of your Lasko fan. But, the most common one is the lack of small screws. So, check whether any small screws are missing or not. After that, check if the blades are affected by water or not.

2. How Do I Fix My Fan Clicking?

Checking the batteries and blades are the main things that can remove your clicking noise. If your fan is from the Lasko brand then you will find your necessary answer in the Lasko fan clicking noise. So, you can check the above-mentioned ways.

3. Why Is My Lasko Fan Making Noise?

The main issue of the Lasko fan rattling or clicking is due to its blades. We recommend checking the blades first. Later, you can check the battery next. Finally, checking the screws will let you know the main issues.


Lasko fan-clicking noise is one of the most common issues. In this article, we tried to let you know about the most common issues regarding those issues. We have also recommended some solutions also. Hopefully, you will find the solutions helpful. So, goodbye! For today.

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