How to Fix a Lenovo Flex 5 Fan That Makes Noise

How to Fix a Lenovo Flex 5 Fan That Makes Noise
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A fan is a piece of device that helps cool the computer when running, with any noises in a Lenovo flex five fan noise that shows that the fan is faulty. Therefore as a user, you need to check on the causes of the noises, which are always parts of the fan or the parts that supply power to the fan, which can be faulty, causing the errors.

When you are having such a problem, you can first check through the fan to check if there is any problem; however, if you feel that that task is challenging, consider consulting technicians to help you check on the causes of the noise in the fan and then fix the problem. The typical causes of the problems are with the filters that block.

The article below shows the causes of the Lenovo Flex 5 fan’s noises and how you can fix them. Then there will be the steps you can follow when trying to fix the noises in the fan. The frequently asked questions are typical questions from the user, and lastly, the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

How to fix a Lenovo 5 flex fan noise

lenovo flex 5 fan noise

Before starting the troubleshooting process for the fan that is making noise, it is good to ensure you find out the causes of the noises and is the major problem so that you can have an idea of whether you are repairing or replacing the issue with the fan. Failure to do so can cause some confusion to the user. Below are the steps to use for the fixing process but first, choose to collect all the requirements you need

Tools needed for the troubleshooting process

Steps to follow when troubleshooting the fan noises

How to Switch on the Lenovo flex 5

i. Switch on the Lenovo flex 5

The first step to carry out is switching on the Laptop to check if the fan is moving and that there are noises with it. Ensure you are keen on the major areas that can cause the noises by putting an ear on the specific part that causes the noise for easy fixing.

ii. Terminate all the processes

The primary purpose of the overheating in the Laptop that can cause the fan to make a lot of noises is with the processes that are running that are heavy and running at the background process of the machine. Therefore, to reduce the noises, ensure you terminate all the activities by closing the apps consuming much on the processor by opening the taskbar and closing them. When you terminate the process, there are many chances that the Laptop will stop overheating and that the fan will make less noise.

iii. Purchase a cooler

A cooler is a device that you can use externally to help cool the machine apart from the fan. The cooler helps to reduce the tasks of the fan and can also keep the computer cool which mainly works when the Laptop is unable to dissipate heat. The cooler has a cooling pad that will reduce the heat and provide comfort to the user.

When buying coolers, choose the best type of cooler since there are three different types: active coolers, passive coolers, and multipurpose coolers. Active coolers can create an extra airflow around the Laptop body by using the little fans it contains, while the passive coolers are thermally conductive materials.

iv. Cleaning the Laptop

When the Laptop and other parts within it have some dust that accumulates on it, there can be noise such that it can overheat at some point. Commonly dust accumulates within the air filters blocking the flow of air that reduces the process of heat dissipation.

Therefore, you need to ensure the filters are clean by washing off the dirt after a short period with such circumstances. Consider using specific detergents to avoid damaging the parts. If you find it hard to wash the air filters and other parts of the Laptop, you can consult a technician to help.

v. Fixing the software

When working with the fan’s speed, you need to fix a specific software that will help you work with the fan smoothly. Therefore, consider checking on the fan to identify if it contains any possible issues fix it immediately, and increase the fan’s speed with the software to increase the lifespan of the Laptop. The software has access to all the information on the Laptop and corrects the possible issues with them.

vi. Replace the parts with faults

After cleaning all the parts with the computer that are blocking the flow of air, it is good to consider replacing the parts with damages with them. When replacing the parts, some can work after repair, while some need replacement to work correctly.

Common causes of the fan noise with the Lenovo Flex 5 fan

Overheating of the fan

How to prevent your Laptpo from overheeting

Overheating is a common problem that most machines face due to the amount of power they are consuming. Overheating problems with the fan can make them have a hard time mainly working when they are trying to compel at a higher speed to reduce the excess heat that the CPU is producing, which causes the noise.

Sometimes the fan can struggle to compel air to the machine since there is an accumulation of dust in the CPU and the graphics card that prevents the Laptop from dissipating heat. The issue can make the fan run faster to cool the areas, which can take much time, causing the noise. Therefore, you need to clean the dust accumulating in the air vents.

Faulty bearing

A faulty bearing can cause noises in the fan when the fan is running at high speed that the bearing creates high noise. In some cases with the bearing, you can hear the noises from the motor, which is a result of internal lubrication which fails in them.  If there is any case with the bearing or overheating, the user needs to purchase a new fan.

Faulty hard drive

If there is any failure with the hard drive, there could be many possible causes of the fan making noise. The failures with the hard drive could cause some other problems with a computer, such that it will display the data errors, which shows that there is a problem with the hard disk of the Laptop and that you need to repair the issues or replace the hard drive to reduce the noises.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can one purchase the replacement tools for the Lenovo Flex 5?

If you need the replacement tools for the Lenovo Flex 5, visit Amazon sites or eBay sites that offer quality products at a lower price.


When a fan is running normally, it will make some humming noise which shows that the fan is good. In this case, when you have your fan making noise, you should not be worried since it is normal. However, if the noises persist, then you should check on the causes of the noises.

If you need the causes of the noises from the Lenovo Flex 5 fan, you need to check the guide above, which has the possible solutions for the noises like cleaning, replacing parts with faults, and others that can you when you fix they’re your machine work well. 

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