Lenovo Think Pad Fan Noise-Troubleshoot It Quickly

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Lenovo ThinkPad fan noise is some normal noise that arises from the laptop when running or using it. When your fan is making noise, you should not worry about the noises that you can hear, but instead, you should mind checking the causes of the noises or why the fan is behaving in such away. Therefore, you can open the machine and check the internal parts.

In most cases, the fan makes noises when there are some faults within its parts like the bearing, which can turn out to be faulty, the motor will have issues, and maybe fails to provide enough power to the fan to compel air. These dusty air filters prevent airflow from entering the laptop and may be issued with the bearing, motor, and hard drive.

Therefore, if you are experiencing some of the noises with your machine, do not worry about what to do since I will provide the causes of the noises and the possible solution, which I will give steps to follow. There will be the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

How to troubleshoot a Lenovo think pad fan noise

As we all know, the primary cause of the fan noise in any computer is usually the parts within it causing it, so you need to keep in mind and regularly check to avoid the noises. In some cases, when everything is okay, the machine can be overheating, which causes the fan to cause some noise which you also need to fix. I will provide the ways of fixing the issues below.

Tools needed for the troubleshooting process of the machine noise

Steps of fixing the noises in the machine

How to troubleshoot a Lenovo think pad fan noise

i. Turn on the computer to access the source of the noise

Before fixing the computer noises with you, consider turning it on to check the significant parts causing the noises after maybe studying the causes of the noises, which I will provide in the article below. Turning on the computer helps identify the processes running in the background, causing the CPU to overheat, which later makes the fan overheat.

ii. Check the CPU state

The CPU in most cases is the part that overheats in the computer where the fan will strain to cool it down. Therefore, when fixing the problems, mostly when the issue is all about overheating, consider checking the internal parts of the CPU and how it is functioning to correct its malfunctions for the proper running of the machine.  When the CPU is okay, then there will be lower chances of overheating.

iii. Terminate the power-consuming processes

Some computer processes run in the background without the knowledge of the machine user. Therefore, consider terminating all the machine processes running without your knowledge and wait for the machine to be okay. If it fails to stop making noise, they know that the problems are not the processes, but you can fix some other issues.

iv. Check the state of the motor

A motor is a device in the machine that helps to provide power to the fan to facilitate its running by providing cool air to the machine for its operations. Therefore, when the fan has some faults or issues related to it, consider checking the motor and replacing it if it has faults to reduce the noises that are arising.

v. Check the motor and hard drive

When a motor or a hard drive fails to work, it shows there will be many failures within the machine that can prevent several activities. Issues with the motor are hard to identify; therefore, consider asking a technician to help you check the problems if you cannot and replace them for you. If you try fixing the parts but the machine is still making noise, continue with the next step.

vi. Clean the laptop parts

In most cases, the air vents and air filters block when dirty air passes through them since they contain debris that clogs on the surfaces of the air filters. Therefore, if the laptop makes some of the noises, it might be with the air filters that do not allow the flow of air but instead leave everything for the fan that strains to provide cool air to the machine making the noise.

So, it is good to check the filters and clean them if they are dirty. For larger pieces of debris, wear gloves and pick the debris carefully, taking care of the delicate parts of the computer to avoid damages. Consider using certain types of detergents that are good for the computer parts to avoid damaging them. With cleaning, you can also ask a technician to help you clean if you do not understand the process.

vii. Visit customer care

If you try fixing all the processes, you know. Still, nothing is adding up with the troubleshooting process; consider visiting customer care support or calling the help desk number for further instructions on what to do with the machine to reduce the noises.

Causes of the noises in the Lenovo think pad fan

Causes of the noises in the Lenovo think pad fan

Faulty hard drive

A hard drive contains some information about a computer. Therefore, when the hard drive is faulty, most operations will fail to work correctly such that the fan will start making noise when running.

Overheating of the CPU

How to prevent Overheating of the CPU

When the CPU works, it dissipates heat for the proper function of the machine; however, if the air filters have been blocked, the CPU will fail to remove the heat within the computer, causing overheating.

Active processes

Some processes within the computer consume much power that causes overheating of the machine. As a user, it is good to keep checking on the processes running in the background to reduce the production of the noises.

Faulty motor

When using a machine, you need to plug the laptop into the socket for power transmission. In this case, the motor helps in storing power for running some activities such that when there are any faults, you need to fix the motor immediately to reduce

Dirty air filters

Air filters can get dirty if there is the passage of dirty air into the computer, which at some point blocks the air filters. When the air filters get blocked, they tend to prevent airflow during normal operations of the machine. After the air vents get blocked, the fan will have all the working energy to compel air that it will have to move with a higher speed to maintain the temperatures.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the types of noises that the fan makes?

There are different types of noises that fans can make when operating, including humming, grinding, squealing, and others.


Usually, when the laptop is running, there will be noises that show the computer is running, which you should be worried about. The guide above shows the steps you can follow when fixing the noises, which you need to be careful when handling the parts for troubleshooting to avoid causing damage to the machine.

Remember to ask a technician for help with any place you feel you find hard to fix in the machine. Before fixing any part, check on the causes of the noise to identify the exact area you will major in to avoid wasting time when fixing any issue. 

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