Why My Lenovo y50 Fan Make Noise-6 Easy Step to Fix

Why My Lenovo y50 Fan Make Noise
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The Lenovo Y50 is a contemporary laptop with distinctive features, including a touchpad. The Lenovo Y50 fan sound is typical because it produces a natural buzzing sound when the fan rotates to convection cooling in the Lenovo laptop.

The noise can result from air moving in and out of the fan as it cools the CPU. Nevertheless, due to various problems or an obsolete OS version in the computer, the sounds in the fan can occasionally become loud.

Yes, the fan noise in Lenovo y50 is common for all users. If the Lenovo Y50 fan is making noticeably louder than usual, inspect the malfunctioning parts by unlocking the laptop’s interior components, such as the Processor, and make the appropriate fixes.

Inspect the inner software’s in the system that may be refusing to run, creating burning and forcing the fan to work overtime to cool the laptop after verifying the faults with the machine parts.

The article below will show you how to identify the most common sources of noise in the Lenovo Y50 fan and how to troubleshoot the issues. The article also includes information on the most typical causes of the problem and some frequently asked questions about the Lenovo Y50 fan noises. Finally, have a look at a concise summary of the situation.

Common causes of Lenovo y50 fan noise

Common causes of Lenovo y50 fan noise

The information below shows the common reasons why your Lenovo y50 fan may emit noise.

1. The fan is filthy

When the Lenovo y50 fan is unclean, dirt particles accumulate in the fan due to the air moving through the laptop with dust. The unclean particles gather in the fan region when the fan is blowing air, obstructing airflow into the laptop. As a result, noise results from a fan’s attempts to blow air through the dust that has accumulated on its surfaces.

2. The CPU is excessive

Excessive CPU Heat

Overusing the CPU causes the machine to overheat. When a computer overheats, the fan has to work extra hard to lower the temperature and cool down the Lenovo laptop. Sadly, the hard work of the fan to cool the laptop causes it to generate loud noises.

3. The Lenovo y50 bearings are faulty

When the fan operates faster when blowing air than usual, a bearing with flaws causes loud laptop noise. It can make grinding noises due to the impact of the motor’s lubrication system failing in some circumstances. A faulty bearing causes the computer to overheat, causing the fan to make noise as it tries to blow air to cool it down.

4. Hard drive failure

When the Lenovo laptop accesses the hard disk, a malfunctioning hard drive fails to work, generating a loud grinding noise. The hard disk in the laptop occasionally exhibits data errors as a result of the fan noises when a hard drive fails to execute its functions, such as lowering the laptop’s higher temperatures, the fan insertion to operate alone, making loud noises.

5. Bad Lenovo y50 blades

Because the blades are the parts that propel air in and out of the Lenovo y50 laptop, a fan with broken blades works slowly. Sometimes fan blades fail because of dirt particles that enter the fan and come into touch with the blades while the fan rotates, causing them to break. The fan will work overtime to keep the laptop’s CPU running smoothly when the blades are faulty.

Steps on how to fix Lenovo y50 fan noise

Steps on how to fix Lenovo y50 fan noise

Follow the steps below to bring your Lenovo y50 fan to correct functioning

Step 1: have all necessary materials

Have all of the items you’ll need to complete the task. The following are some of the tools:

Step 2: Check and clean all internal parts of your Lenovo y50 laptop

Dust collects in the ventilation system and other fan and laptop elements, causing fan noise. When the fan blows hard, the air pulls itself out through the dust particles in the air vents, causing the noise.

The CPU overheats after obstructing airflow in and out of the laptop, forcing the fan to work harder to remove the heat within, resulting in noise. To lessen the noises, attempt wiping the laptop’s internal components, which draw dust and build inside them, causing the machine to overheat.

Best Cleaner For Your Laptop

Laptops quickly pick up grime, dust, dirt, and smudges. To keep them clean, you’ll need several tools specific to electronics. These are the best tools to clean your laptop from keeping crumbs out of your keyboard to removing smudges off of the touchscreen.

Step 3: Purchase a cooler for your Lenovo Y50

A cooler is a technology that cools the Lenovo y50 laptop in place of the fan while also reducing the fan’s workload. As a result, if you want to lessen fan noise, use a cooler to cool the laptop. A portable cooler not only lowers heat but also improves the user’s convenience. Dynamic coolers, passive coolers, and multifunction coolers are the three types of coolers that can keep computers cool.

This Isn’t just a Purchase.. A Cooler Can Increases Your Laptop Battery Health Up to 3x.

Passive coolers employ thermal conductive substances to take heat away from the laptops, while active coolers use small fans to bring extra airflow into the laptops. When purchasing the coolers, ensure you choose one that suits the Lenovo y50 laptop and is high quality.

Step 4: Remove any processes that aren’t necessary

The fan creates noise due to how it reacts to processes in the hardware, which is usually the GPU. To lessen the fan’s noise, you must disable the hardware components’ activities. Use the Task Manager in Windows to terminate the processes on the Lenovo Y50 computer. If the computer continues to heat up, disable the processes that begin when the machine boots up.

Step 5: Upgrade your Bios and power manager

Due to the failure of some software operations that can help cool the Lenovo y50 laptop while assisting the fan blow air, outdated Bios cause the fan to generate noise in the laptop. To avoid downloading versions from the wrong source, if the fan’s Bios are old, you must update it by downloading the newest bios versions from the Lenovo support site. Set the fan and CPU to work in harmony after the computer is in the latest version.

Step 6: Attempt a software repair

On most Lenovo y50 laptops, third-party software can typically alter the fan speed. Some even feature built-in controls. You can generally alter the airflow on your laptop or start a cleaning program to eliminate dirt and dust with these programs.

In theory, you might reduce the flow rate on your computer to reduce fan noise. However, keep in mind that this may make your Lenovo laptop warmer, which will reduce its overall lifespan, so proceed with caution.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I clean the air vents on my Lenovo y50?

Cleaning the air vents on your Lenovo y50 is a straightforward operation that comprises the steps below:

1. Shut down the machine.

2. Carefully inspect the condition of the air vents on the Lenovo y50 laptop for filth; Review the owner’s manual for your Lenovo y50.

3. Clean any dust available in the air vents.

4. Reposition the laptop and maintain it upright to avoid overheating and guarantee enough air vents for your laptop.


It is critical to take the Lenovo y50 laptops’ heat upkeep carefully. It’s a problem that you should look into more often. To fix the noise problem with your Lenovo y50 fan, do the methods in this guide. Take the laptop to a specialist to be examined if the issue is beyond your knowledge to fix.

Finally, consider the noisy fans and heat regulation if you’re thinking about purchasing a new Lenovo y50 laptop. If the sound generated by your Lenovo y50 fan is unusual, such as grinding noises, the fan bearings are likely to be defective. On the other hand, Laptop fans are not that costly, so you can consider replacing them.

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