Ways of Fixing Lenovo y510p Fan Noise

Ways of Fixing Lenovo y510p Fan Noise
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When the Lenovo Y510p fan creates annoying noises, it might be challenging to deal with. The fan seems to be on to 100 percent.

It can be a result of a variety of factors, including overheating and dust collection. Also, failure of the OS may result in fan noise-making noise. Therefore, ensure you fix the issue instantly before the issue persists.

The Lenovo y510p fan noise is a typical problem that many people are experiencing. When dust collects in the vents of the Lenovo Y510p fans, it obstructs their operation.

Don’t be concerned about the problem; there are numerous options for properly resolving it. When it comes to resolving Lenovo Y510p fan noise, you are not limited to a single solution. You may quickly resolve the issues on your own.

I’ll walk you through some simple tips in this article. The suggestions will assist you in effectively resolving the issue. When a tip fails, it is always a good idea to try the entire trip again.

There are also some frequently asked questions and common reasons for fan noise. Consult an expert if you think you won’t be able to manage some of the advice. An expert or specialist will guide you.

Common causes of Lenovo y510p fan noise

lenovo y510p fan noise

The hard drive generates a great deal of noise

The hard drive in your laptop may have failed if it makes a loud churning sound every time it reaches the hard disk. Your laptop’s hard disk, on the other hand, will need to be repaired or replaced if you’re losing data.

A worn-out bearing

In some circumstances, a fractured bearing will make a high-pitched noise, while a motor’s internal lubrication will fail in others, resulting in a grinding noise. In this situation, your system may be overheating, and the only option to fix the problem is to install a new fan or replace the one you already have.


How to prevent CPU from Overheating

Overheating might make it difficult for your fans to spin and remove heat from the CPU, resulting in noise. Dust accumulating in the CPU or graphics card of your laptop might also hinder heat dissipation. It’s also possible that the alteration will force the fans to run longer and louder due to the change. Remove any dust that has accumulated in the vents.

Availability of dirty particles

When using the laptops in an open environment that can easily access dust, the dust particles accumulate in the air vents, CPU, and other parts that can cause either overheating of the machine or prevent the flow of air in and out of the machine. Therefore, the dirty particles make the fan work hard to blow air through the dirty surfaces making noise.

Lenovo y510p blades are defective

A fan with bent blades works because they are the parts that propel air in and out of the Lenovo y510p laptop. Dirt bits that entered the fan and came in contact with the blades while the fan spins might cause them to break, causing them to fail. The fan will work overtime to keep the laptop’s CPU working smoothly if the blades are faulty.

Ways of fixing the Lenovo y510p fan noise

Ensure you have all necessary materials, and they include; the following are some of the tools:

1. Consider a software patch

On the vast majority of laptop computers, third-party software can be essential in altering the fan speed. Built-in controllers are available in some versions. Typically, these tools allow users to modify the fan speed on their laptops or launch cleaning software to clean the system of dirt and dust.

You may lessen the amount of noise made by your laptop’s fan by lowering its speed. However, keep in mind that doing so would boost the laptop’s temperature, diminishing its overall lifespan in the long run. As a result, when utilizing the software, extra caution is required.

2. Check to see if your laptop is clean

Fans that are constantly spinning at high rates indicate excessive heat; as a result, if your laptop’s fans are spinning at high speeds, it’s likely overheating. Dust and hair buildup is common, and both can obstruct airflow. Limited airflow results in inefficient heat dissipation, necessitating equipment cleaning regularly. If the Lenovo Y510p is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, disassembling it will terminate the guarantee.

As a result, if you are inexperienced, you run the risk of destroying crucial project components. Use compressed air to clean your item as an option. Disassembling the laptop will also necessitate the use of a screwdriver.

Short bursts of compressed gas can be essential in cleaning dust and grime from within a laptop, particularly around the fans and heat sinks. A buildup of dust in and around the air vents can obstruct airflow, forcing the fans to work harder than they need to.

3. Treat all processes 

As we have already mentioned, overheating can be caused by the amount of time you spend working on your laptop. It would be best if you opened the Task Manager to close the applications consuming your CPU. When you launch your Task Manager by clicking these keys, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, you can complete the applications that consume the most processes from the Process Tab.

4. Upgrade your Bios and power manager 

How to Upgrade your Bios and power manager

Due to the failure of some software operations that can help cool the Lenovo y510p laptop while assisting the fan blow air, outdated Bios cause the fan to generate noise in the laptop. To avoid downloading versions from the wrong source, if the fan’s Bios are old, you must update it by downloading the newest bios versions from the Lenovo support site.

5. Purchase a cooler 

A laptop cooling pad lowers the working temperature of a laptop, which is usually required if the computer cannot dissipate the heat. The cooling pad not only helps to reduce heat but also provides comfort to the user.

6. Seek advice from a professional

Get professional help if the fan on your Lenovo Y510p continues to be noisy or if you are afraid to open the laptop. At this time, your machine is most likely still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. When it comes to laptop repair, different manufacturers use different methods.

If you bought your item online or if your local store is too far away to visit, you can still use the services of the nearby repair shops. In the best-case scenario, they will be in charge of cleaning your laptop and, if necessary, replacing the fan.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why do the fans on the Lenovo Y510p spin?

Answer: It won’t stop until you switch off your computer when the temperature on the card hits 62 degrees. Although the Lenovo Y510p Shark shows the fan rushing up and then slowing down, the Lenovo Y510p’s fans continue to spin quickly and loudly.


Finally, we must acknowledge that computers have become indispensable components of our lives. However, troubles with the laptop’s fan may arise, as illustrated in the Lenovo y510p, and must resolve for effective functioning. As previously indicated, there are numerous methods for resolving fan noise.

If the laptop’s fan continues to malfunction, get help from the product’s support department. Buying a new laptop may be the most cost-effective approach if the problem is severe enough. I hope the information in this article aids you in resolving the noise issue with your Lenovo y510p.

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