Why Lenovo Yoga 720 Fan Keeps Making Noise (With Fix)

Lenovo Yoga 720 fan keeps making noise
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Lenovo yoga 720 fan face the problem of making noise at some point. Many people who use Lenovo yoga fans experience this problem occasionally. When this problem occurs, it produces a loud noise that is too unpleasant to the ears. As a result, a new Lenovo Yoga fan can be costly.

A Lenovo Yoga 720 laptop is very beneficial once bought since it has a huge battery life which is good. There are numerous advantages to acquiring a Lenovo Yoga 720, including extended battery life, vibrant image output, and a stylish design.

In this article, I will take you through reasons that lead to a Lenovo Yoga 710 fan making noise and guide you through solutions to the same problems.

Causes of Lenovo Yoga 720 Fan noise

lenovo yoga 720 fan noise

1. Excessive heating

When your fan is overheated, it makes it work extra hard and thus spins faster to get rid of the heat produced from the CPU. Unfortunately, this makes the fan produce an unexpected loud noise. Accumulated dust inside the Lenovo Yoga 720 CPU and graphics could also hinder your device from dissipating temperature. In addition to that, it can also make the fans rotate for an extended time and produce much noise. To avoid this accumulation in the air vents, they should be cleaned.

2. Bearing that is damaged

A damaged bearing can build up a very high-pitched noise since the fan moves at a very high speed. There could also be a grinding noise that can come up due to a motor whose inside lubrication has failed to function. In such a case, the computer may overheat. However, there is a solution to this. When the motor fails to work, the solution is to purchase a new fan and replace the old one.

3. Noisy Hard Drive

Hard drives contribute to fan noise. Whenever you experience loud grinding noise every time in the Yoga 720, then it means that there could be a failure in the hard drive. Nevertheless, if you are still experiencing various data issues, your laptop’s hard disc requires repair. It could also be replaced if one feels that repair may not work well.

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Easy solutions to Lenovo Yoga 720 fan noise problem

Lenovo Yoga 720 fan noise problem

We have earlier some of the reasons that make a Lenovo yoga 720 produce unpleasant noise. Some of them are overheating a noisy hard drive or even a bearing that is damaged. The solution to this is not only going back to the market to do the replacement. I will guide you through some of the things you can do to avoid going back to the market to do costly replacements. These solutions will help you control Lenovo yoga fan noise.

1. Kill all the Processes

We have earlier discussed that one of the reasons why a Lenovo yoga 720 fan can produce noise is due to excessive heating. This is caused by running tasks heavily on the laptop. The solution to this is opening a task manager to close all the applications that are making use of the processor. Task manager is opened by hitting control plus shift plus escape. In the processes tab, it is always advisable to close down the applications which consume more processes.

2. Buy a Cooler

A cooling pad helps to cool the laptop. When the Lenovo Yoga 720’s heat dissipation mechanism is insufficient, a computer cooling pad is frequently used to keep the temperature down. Not only will the cooling pad assist in reducing the temperature, but it would also increase the user’s comfort. We have three varieties of coolers:

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  • Active cooler- this cooler produces an extra flow of air around the laptop’s body, making use of small fans.
  • Passive cooler-it depends on conductive materials that are thermal like the composition of organic salt.
  • Multipurpose cooler

3. Cleaning Laptop

When there is a heating problem, you will hear the fan, and your laptop will be hot. In addition to all the dust collected, this will hinder ventilation, reducing heat dissipation. For things to work more smoothly, you will have to clean the computer’s vents physically. Proceed with caution, and if you are unsure how to proceed, seek the assistance of someone more educated.

In some cases, changing the power settings will cause the fan to move faster, which can cause problems with laptops. This type of fan is most frequently found to have a loud problem because of dust buildup in them, where many people do not take the time to clean. Dust might accumulate in the fan blades, forcing them to spin faster and making more noise because of the obstruction.

Best Cleaner For Your Laptop

Laptops quickly pick up grime, dust, dirt, and smudges. To keep them clean, you’ll need several tools specific to electronics. These are the best tools to clean your laptop from keeping crumbs out of your keyboard to removing smudges off of the touchscreen.

Many customers prefer to outsource the cleaning of their fans, which causes service issues for them in the long run.

a) All that is needed is to shut down and unplug your laptop from the power supply.

b) Please turn the battery over on its back to remove it.

c) Locate the laptop’s air vent on the screen’s outside edge.

d) Unscrew the panel to reveal the fan beneath.

e) Finally, blow away any remaining dust. Compressed air can be used to clear the dust.

4. Fixing with a Software

There is software that can be fixed on your laptop to control the speed of your fan. The use of third-party software does this. This software lowers the speed of your fan. When the fan’s speed is very high, it eventually reduces the span of life for your laptop. The software also does the task of having access to all the information in the laptop and in a more profound way, for the Lenovo Yoga 720. Therefore, I will highly recommend a speed fan.

5. Approach the Lenovo Service Center

One may try the solutions as mentioned above, and they fail to work. However, if the fan continues to make noise after doing the above, it means that the problem may require to be looked at by an expert. Therefore, approaching or visiting a Lenovo service center will be very vital.

The service centers are conversant with every part of your laptop, so they will be able to identify the problem and give an exact solution to your Lenovo yoga 720 making noise. You can also visit your laptop’s manufacturer since the builder of an item knows each hand every part of it.

6. Purchasing a new laptop

 If the above options do not work for you, then the best solution will be to purchase a new laptop. This is because it could have faced a problem that is beyond repair.

If you can’t find any solution applying these steps, You can check More Info About Lenovo Yoga from Amazon.


The main issue when the Lenovo Yoga 720 gets too hot is a thermal problem. Damage may be done to the device’s internal components due to the intense heat. To be sure, yet it is apparent that Lenovo Yoga 720 fan components help to move air to keep the systems at a reasonable temperature. Keep your Lenovo upright at all times to prevent it from getting damaged. A different common reason for fan noise is bearing damage.

Following the steps above will make your fan silent. Once the steps have been completed, make sure to go over them again to ensure that everything has been done correctly. If nothing happens, you should turn to the user’s manual for help. In the unlikely event that you cannot solve it, contact a technical expert. A specialist will assist you in finding a replacement for your current system.

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