Lenovo Yoga 730 Fan Noise-How to Fix It Quickly

Lenovo Yoga 730 Fan Noise
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Lenovo Yoga 730 is a modern laptop that has unique features such as a touch screen. Lenovo Yoga 730 fan noise can be a regular thing since when a fan moves to circulate air in the Lenovo laptop, it will make a normal humming noise.

The noise results from the movement of air in and out of the fan when cooling the CPU. However, the noises sometimes turn out loud due to some faults or the operating system in the machine is outdated.

Therefore, if the Lenovo Yoga 730 fan makes a louder noise than usual, consider checking the parts having problems by opening the laptop’s inner components like the CPU and doing necessary repairs.

After checking the issues with the machine parts, check the machine’s internal software that can be failing to work, causing overheating that the fan works hard to cool the laptop.

Follow the article below to identify the leading causes of noise in the Lenovo Yoga 730 fan and the possible ways to troubleshoot the problems.

Also, the article contains the common causes of the issue and some FAQs concerning the Lenovo yoga 730 fan noises. Lastly, see a quick conclusion on the same.

Causes of noise in a Lenovo Yoga 730 fan

Outdated Bios in the Lenovo Yoga 730


When the Bios in the laptop is outdated, the laptop needs a new version that the user needs to download immediately. Failure to download the new Bios version makes the laptop perform slowly, causing more heat, making the fan struggle when cooling the machine.

Dirty fan

When the fan is dirty, there is an accumulation of dirty particles resulting from the air that moves in the laptop with dust. The dirty particles accumulate in the fan area, blocking the flow of air out of the laptop when the fan is blowing air. Therefore, noise results where the fan strains to blow air through the dust that blocks the air on its surfaces.

Broken blades

A fan with broken blades works slowly since the blades are the parts to propel when blowing air in and out of the laptop. Sometimes the fan blades break because of dirty particles that get into the fan that when the fan moves, they contact the blades hence breaking them. When the blades are faulty, the fan will strain to ensure the laptop’s CPU is excellent.

Overusing the CPU

How to prevent Overusing the CPU

When overusing the CPU, the computer starts overheating. Overheating in the computer forces the fan to work hard to reduce the overheating and cool down the laptop. Unfortunately, the fan working hard to cool the laptop makes the fan make loud noises that are abnormal to the user.

How to fix a Lenovo yoga 730 fan noise

Have all the materials that are necessary to carry out the process. The tools include the following;

1. Eliminate the unnecessary processes

The fan makes noise due to their response to the processes with the hardware, which mostly is the GPU, whereby you have to eliminate the hardware components’ processes to reduce the fan’s noise. To eliminate the processes in the Lenovo Yoga 730 machine, use the Task Manager in windows. If the computer keeps heating, then prevent the processes that start when the computer is booting.

2. Use laptop coolers in place of the fan

Laptop coolers are tools that look like metallic plates with the fan at the lower part, mainly for increasing the flow of air in the laptop. The modern laptop coolers contain LED, variable wind speeds, temperature sensors, and built-in USB hubs. Remember, coolers are suitable for laptops on a desk or a stable place since they must rest on a flat surface.

3. Clean the laptop

How to fix a Lenovo yoga 730 fan noise

Cleaning the laptop means cleaning the air vents and the other parts around the fan, like the blades that trap dust when the fan is running. Dust and debris accumulate in the fan reducing airflow rate, making noise when air is straining to pass through. To reduce the fan noise, clean the air vents by opening the laptop and cleaning the inner components.

In the process of cleaning the laptop, ensure you have compressed air to blow the dust. It is good to have an anti-static wrap to protect you from electrical shows when opening the laptop. Use short air bursts to remove dirt particles and other debris from the laptop. If the laptop is on a warranty, avoid opening it since you can take it back to the shop to help you open it without damaging other parts.

4. Replace the fan

Sometimes fans start making loud noises in laptops because they are old enough to work. When the fan is old, it will start making the laptop’s rattling and buzzing noises abnormal. In some cases, the bearings may have failures that when you want to repair them, it can be the same as replacing them. It is good to replace them for proper working.

5. Update Bios and power manager

Update Bios and power manager

Outdated Bios causes the fan to make noise in the laptop as it causes failure of some software operations that can help cool the laptop when helping the fan blow air. Therefore, if the fan has outdated Bios, you must update the Bios by downloading the latest bios versions from the Lenovo support site to avoid downloading versions from the wrong site. After updating the machine, set the fan and the CPU to work with balance.

6. Attempt a Software Repair

Third-party software can usually control the fan speed on most Lenovo yoga 730 laptops. Some even have controls built-in. These programs usually allow you to change the airflow on your laptop or start a cleaning program to remove dirt and dust. In concept, you might lower the flow rate on your pc to lessen fan sound. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this will make your Lenovo laptop warmer, shortening its lifespan in the long run, so proceed with caution.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What preventive measures to take when fixing the fan noise in the Lenovo Yoga 730 laptops?

When fixing fan noise in a laptop, consider taking preventive measures to avoid causing damages to some parts of the laptop and injuries to your body. The preventive measures are as follows:

i. Always keep off the computer before opening the internal parts by disconnecting the power cables before using compressed air.

ii. Ensure you clean the air vents by spraying the compressed air but do not blow air with your mouth since air contains moisture that can damage parts that are not compatible with water.

iii. Avoid opening the power supply units that have a fan when trying to clean.


The article above shows the possible solutions for fixing a Lenovo yoga fan noise. Fan noise in Lenovo laptops results from the availability of dust in the laptop, outdated software, faulty parts in the fan, and sometimes overusing the CPU, which causes the laptop to overheat and the fan strains to cool down. The solutions are majorly to solve the causes of the noise to help reduce some noises in the laptop. 

Therefore, follow the article to help you fix the noise with your Lenovo fan noise and the possible reasons. Remember to consult a technician if the whole process fails to work on your laptop. Manufacturers recommend avoiding opening laptops for fixing if they have the warranty period since they can fix the issues for free within the period.

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