Lg TV Popping Noise-Causes and Easy Solutions

lg tv makes popping noise
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Lg TV makes popping noise when turning on and when turning off as it is a normal sound since they occur due to expansion of power cables when the TV is starting and contraction of the power cables when the TV is shutting down.  Sometimes the TV makes popping noises due to changes in the house’s temperature, which makes noticing the noises hard as the noise changes when the temperature changes.

Even though the noises do not harm an individual and cannot damage the rest of the machine, it is good to get rid of them if they are loud. However, since the noises are mostly normal, you can still prevent them by turning on the TV gently but not switching all the power cables on for once or shutting them down for once since they can cause a louder popping noise.

The article below discusses the possible ways of reducing the popping noise in television, even if they are normal, and the causes of the popping noise in the Lg television. Follow the guide to know the reasons why your television makes a popping noise.

Causes of popping noise in an Lg television

lg tv popping noise

1. Changes in temperature and humidity

When the temperatures are high, the internal parts of the Lg television get so warm that Continuous warmth causes them to expand, causing them to make popping noises. On the other way when the temperatures are low, the cables drastically contract due to changes in their temperatures making popping noise in the Lg television.

The temperature changes affect the humidity level at that device such that when the temperatures rise, the humidity level lowers, while when the temperatures are low, the humidity level rises.

2. Starting the television

The main cause of popping noise in an Lg television is the starting process where the user is turning on the TV, and then the power cables receive power which warms them. After warming the power cables, the power cables try to stretch due to their expansion which causes the popping noise to occur.

Therefore you must not start the television at once when you want to use it to reduce the popping sound but instead put on one point at a time like you can put on the power source from the wall then switch on the extension of which you will give the television cables to get warmer slowly then switch the TV on after some time.

3. Shutting down the television

After using the television, most people tend to put all the power cables and switches off at once which causes the cables to contract suddenly, causing the popping noise.  The popping noise can later damage the television parts due to sudden expansion and contraction of the cables as some may bend and fail to send power to the television when starting.

Therefore, it is good to shut down the television in stages by starting it by putting the television off first, and after some time, you shut down the power source, which gets the TV parts cool so that they are ready to rest.

4. Resting LG TV on uneven surfaces

When using the TV, some people place them on uneven surfaces so long as they watch what they want. However, placing the TV on such surfaces makes the TV be in a tilt position which increases the rate of popping noise when using the TV since most of its parts are not in their accurate positions.

It is advisable to use televisions on flat surfaces with rubber rather than on glass surfaces that are hard and can cause some other noises apart from the popping noise.

How to fix popping noise in an LG TV

How to fix popping noise in an LG TV

In some cases, popping noise in a TV is a source of worry to the TV users even though the noises do not affect the television and its parts. However, you can still find a way to reduce the popping noise in your television to enhance comfortability in the house. Below are the ways of reducing the popping noise.

1. Provide proper ventilators that enhance the room’s ventilation by opening windows and any spaces to allow proper circulation of air in the house. High temperatures in a room cause expansion of most TV parts in the house since most parts have a plastic material that can easily expand, making the popping noise in the process.

2. Ensure the air vents in the air conditioner face a different direction ScienceDirect facing provides much cool air into the television, causing them to contract or sometimes provide heating around the television, making the plastic cables expand, causing the popping noise.

3. Place the television on a flat surface with rubber material that is spongy such that when the TV vibrates when starting, you cannot hear popping noise inside since placing the TV on places that lack balance can increase the rate of popping noise in the TV as most of its parts displace their location, and they keep fixing themselves when turning on the TV.

Effects of popping noise to LG television

Popping noise in television is normal, but it can cause failures with the television after some time due to some reasons that cause the popping noise. Some of the effects of the popping noise include;

1. Bending of wires and cables

Since the popping noise results from sudden expansion and contraction of power cables in the television, the cables can easily bend and fail to provide power to the television. All this is because the power cables can suddenly stretch and fail to return to their positions, blocking the flow of current to the television when starting.

2. Brings discomfort to the owner

When the popping noise frequently occurs on your television, it can keep worrying you, or maybe it is a problem that you ignore, thinking it is a normal sound. However, sometimes popping noise can be louder to the point it disrupts you. Therefore, you can ask a technician to visit your place and check on the television.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can an LG TV make cracking noises?

Cracking noise is the same as popping noise since they occur due to similar reasons. When a television crackles, it means you are switching off the television such that you are removing power from the devices. The crackling noise in the television is normal when starting or shutting down the TV, just like the popping noise.


LG television popping noise is a normal noise when switching on the TV, switching off, or in the middle of a movie. All this is because tv has metallic and plastic parts that, when they work together, make a popping noise since there is expansion and contraction of the parts.

The parts contract sometimes and expand due to climate changes in temperatures and humidity. The article above shows the causes of popping noise in television with their effects and how to solve the popping noise in your television.

Therefore, follow the guide on how to fix the popping noise since they are about opening the television because the noise is normal noise that results from operations in the television that are normal. However, if the noises turn out loud and the television is in good condition with proper ventilation, ask a technician to help diagnose some other issues that can cause the popping noise.

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