MacBook Pro 16 Fan Noise – The 5 Best Ways to Fix

macbook pro 16 fan noise
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MacBook Pro 16-inch has two cooling fans. Usually, they work silently. That is why people do not notice. Sometimes, when the workload is more on the cooling fans, they start noise. This is a widespread problem. There can be many reasons behind the noise like an excessive load of work on the processor or playing a high graphic game.

The noise can happen in both continuous and non-continuous ways. However, the problem is solvable. If you follow the correct steps, you can solve it without any other problems. If you delay taking steps, it may damage some other tools of your MacBook Pro. That is why it is advisable to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. This article shows the common causes of fan noise and all the best ways to solve them. 

Causes of The Noise of The MacBook Pro 16

MacBook Pro 16 Fan Noise

1. Blocked or covered ventilation system

Sometimes, the vents of passing air get stuck. The main feature of the fans of any electric device is to pass the hot air through the vents. That helps to keep the device cool. However, if the device is hot somehow then it also helps to cool down the device very fast. If the vents are blocked or covered by something or dust then the air cannot flow spontaneously. That is why the device temperature increases and the fan cannot do its job properly. Basically, that occurs the sound. 

2. Heavy usage of the fan

People use their MacBook according to their needs. It is very common to use apps or games that give a lot of pressure on the processor and that is why the device starts to get hot. When the temperature cannot be controlled by the fan then it starts spinning faster. That can be also a reason for the noise. Actually, this is a temporary issue. The time you stop using heavy apps or games, the fan will automatically slow down and stop making sounds.  

3. Using an external monitor

There is a default problem in the MacBook that if you use any external monitor the fan starts spinning continuously and after a while sometimes it makes noise. This issue is for everyone. Maybe there will be a software update later that will solve the problem. The same problem occurs if you use a high-resolution display all the time.  

4. Faulty chrome settings

Sometimes, the noise can be heard only when you are using chrome. For better performance, sometimes the MacBook has default settings for chrome. However, in normal cases, chrome does not need high GPU performance. That is why sometimes the fan makes noise.  

5. Using a high resolution in the external display

Using an external monitor increase the pressure on the processor and that also increase the work of the fan. If you use an external device with high resolution that will be very difficult for the fan to handle the heat. That may cause the noise also. 

         Steps on How To Fix The MacBook Pro 16 Fan Noise

The solution to the problem depends on the reason for the problem. The steps for troubleshooting the noise are given below.

How To Fix The MacBook Pro 16 Fan Noise

i. Unblock the vents

If the vents of the MacBook Pro 16 are covered with something, maybe it is the reason for making noise. The blockage of the vents is the main reason for maximum cases. When the hot air of the device cannot go out through the vent the device gets hot. That is why the fan starts spinning even faster. That causes the sound. If you have this problem then you should check the vents and uncover them. Hopefully, you will not get any sound problems afterward. 

ii. Avoid using more apps or tabs at a time

If we need to use apps that have quite a high configuration then it is fine. However, it is advised to use fewer apps or tabs at a time because the more tabs you use, the more heat the device creates. Otherwise, the fan can start noise if it cannot handle the temperature. Besides, it is a good idea to use them with a short break after a while. That will help the gadget to cool down. Using these steps, you can get rid of the noise. 

iii. Changing display settings

You can change some settings to get rid of the noise that occurs on the external monitor. You should go to the system preferences by clicking on the apple icon on your MacBook screen. Then go to the display settings and uncheck the true tone. This may solve your problem temporarily. However, you have to wait till the software update arrives for the permanent solution. 

iv. Changing the chrome settings

To make the noise vanish, you have to open chrome and go to the Chrome settings. Then you will find ‘System Settings. You have to click the option and then disable the hardware acceleration option. That will decrease the pressure on the GPU and the fan will not make noise further for the browser.  

v. Using an external monitor with a lower resolution

If you wish to use an external monitor with no noise then you have to lower the resolution of the external monitor. That will help you decrease the pressure on both the processor and the fan. For that, the speed of the fan will decrease, and also the noise will vanish. 


There are many causes that can create noise. This article will help you find out your reason and also show you the possible fixes. In your case, there can be more than one reason for working together on the sound. You will be able to fix the problem on your own if you follow the steps given above. It will save both your money and valuable time. Moreover, you will learn many things about your device. 

Before going to any mechanic, you can try to fix the problem on your own. That will help you save your money and also, you can earn a lot of knowledge about the problem. Moreover, whenever you will face the same problem, you can solve the problem instantly without anyone’s help. 

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