How to Fix Macbook Pro That Makes Crackling Noise

MacBook pro that makes crackling noise
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When the MacBook Pro makes cracking noises, the problem is associated with the fan. The noise is produced mainly when gaming or even typing. Most people find the sound annoying and unpleasant. It becomes difficult to use the laptop in public places where silence is required. The irritating noise can even inconvenience someone when doing a task on the MacBook pro.

In this article, I am going to take you through some of the solutions you can use. You can fix the problem on your own or consult a specialist for guidance. The cracking noise is mainly caused due to the accumulation of dust in the fan’s vents. Overheating may also cause a cracking sound in MacBook pro. In case one tip fails, you can always opt for the next one.

Solutions to MacBook pro making crackling noise

1. Clean up any dust from the vents

Clean up any dust from the vents.

Dust accumulation in the vents makes the fans produce a cracking noise. Dislodging all the debris from the vents makes the MacBook pro fan operate effectively. To prevent dust accumulation in the vents, always keep the laptop in a closed bay. Avoid leaving it on the table after using it.

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Easy steps to help you dust off any dust from the fan are;

  • Remove the battery.
  • Once you get access to the fan’s vents, use compressed air to dislodge the dust. You can even use a lint-free cloth to remove the dust.
  • After that return, the battery in place encloses the panel. You can use a tiny screwdriver to open and close the panel.

Handle the MacBook pro with care as it may slip off the hands when dusting. Dusting the vents will help remove any obstructions to the vents. Dust, in most cases, triggers the fan to run faster hence over-spinning. If you find it difficult to dust off on your own, consult an expert. He or she is in a better position to fix the problem better.

2. Place the laptop on a flat solid surface

macbook pro making crackling noise

Avoid placing the laptop on beds, sofas, or on any other soft surface. This is because the vents will be straining to push out the hot air from the device. This makes them spin over. The ideal place to place the laptop is on flat surfaces like tables. Any materials will not block work from these surfaces as the fan.

The fans are located in the control panel, which is beneath the laptop. Once the laptop is placed on a flat surface, the irritating cracking sound will not be generated. The fans will become quieter. You will be able to carry out your tasks without any stress. It becomes more convenient to work with the laptop even in a place where silence is required.

3. Contact the Apple store or any Apple authorized service dealers

You can contact them through the customer helpline. You can also make use of the live chat feature to communicate with them. Apple stores are the manufacturers of the MacBook pro. They can guide you through how to solve the issue. They can also refer you to the best technicians around you who can help.

In case the warranty has not expired, they also incur all the expenses of solving the issue. Never open the device to access the interior parts when still on warranty. Most of the manufacturers will not accept the laptop back. Be keen to check on the warranty.

4. Reset the System Management Controller SCM

You can easily rest the MacBook Pro SCM using the Apple instructions. You will be able to change the manufacturer setting on the MacBook pro. This can help reduce the cracking sound from the fan. Resetting will make the fans operate at the optimal speed.

Here are easy steps to undertake when resetting the SCM;

  • First, shut down the Mac Book pro.
  • Press and hold the shift, control, and option key on the left side of the keyboard.
  • After approximately 10 seconds, release all the keys at once.
  • Then turn on your MacBook Pro.

Once you follow the above steps, you will be able to reset the SCM. In case the above steps fail to resolve the problem, then you can repeat all the steps.

5. Ensure you are using the official adapter

Always use an apple adapter for MacBook pro. It is always ideal for plugging the adapter into the MacBook pro before plugging it into the main. This will help prevent overheating. Overheating will eventually make the fans over- spinning.

6. Confirm the CPU usage

Mac Book Pro CPU

The Mac Book pro fan will produce a cracking noise when the CPU is under a heavy load. You can easily open the monitor to see the apps that are making the CPU to be overloaded. Hold the CMD key, then press the spacebar to open the spotlight to confirm the CPU usage. A list will appear, and you will list the apps that are making the processor overwork.

Once you get the apps, you can decide to uninstall them if you want. By doing so, the fan will effectively carry out their operations efficiently. Cracking noise will eventually be reduced from the laptop. You will be able to use the laptop without any worries.

7. Check your room temperature

Consider if the room has extreme temperatures. A high temperature in the room makes the fan produce an irritating cracking sound. The ideal temperature for the room should range from 10-35 degrees. Avoid using MacBook Pro in a room with a temperature that exceeds 35 degrees. It is always advisable to move to another room.

8. Close any programs in the background which are not in use

Closing the programs makes the systems operate efficiently. Take a precautionary measure to save all the unsaved work. Saving unsaved work before closing the programs will prevent you from losing vital files or documents.

9. Get rid of any suspicious processes in the MacBook pro

The unnecessary and suspicious programs slow down the system. Be keen to avoid closing essential processes. This can make the system unstable. Once you get rid of the unnecessary programs overheating will be reduced. This makes the fans operate at the optimal temperature as required.

10. Update the MacBook Pro windows to the latest version

First, confirm the latest version by going to the setting option on the device. After this, click on the updates and security option. A window will be displayed showing the latest version. Click updates to get the latest version.

11. Consider doing a system recovery

System recovery involves changing or adjusting the manufacturer’s setting. For example, you can change the fan setting to reduce the cracking noise. Before doing the system recovery in Mac Book pro, ensure you have transferred essential files to a hard drive. This is because the process erases all the files in the device.

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In conclusion, there are innumerable ways to fix the cracking sound in the MacBook pro. The above article clearly illustrates some of the tips one can adopt. Try as many solutions as possible if one fails. If the problem persists, you are advised to replace the fans with a new one. Unfortunately, this is quite expensive for many people.

If you find it difficult to fix the problem yourself, go the extra mile to seek specialist help. Select the most reputable and trusted technician. An inexperienced one may end up damaging the entire device. Always do consultations with the best technician before settling on one.

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