How to Fix Macbook Pro Making Grinding Noise

How to Fix Macbook Pro Making Grinding Noise
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MacBook is the center of attraction in the world of laptops. Yet, grinding noise comes out from it due to numerous amounts of time including heat issues, operating system issues, and many others. Today our focus center is the Macbook pro making grinding noise.

Possible causes of Macbook pro making noise are not many. MacBook is one of the most trusted sources that provides every single thing precisely. Yet, there can be noise issues. We would like to let you know the possible reasons and recoveries regarding the grinding noise issue.

Probable Reasons For Macbook Pro Making Grinding Noise

Macbook Pro Making Grinding Noise

Their reasons behind the issues are elaborately discussed in the below section. After that, the solutions are also discussed.

1. Operating System Incompatibility

The main feature of the Macbook is its unique operating system. Yet, it can also be the reason for some of the major concerns. For example, when you are trying to use software that is not compatible with IoS, then you can face such problems.

So, while choosing software running on your Macbook, you need to be serious in order to make sure whether the software is compatible with the IoS system or not. If not, then in maximum cases it will generate too much heat. Grinding noise will be heard also.

2. Air Circulation Is Not Working Properly

Another main reason for Macbook pro making grinding noise is that the air circulation system is not working properly here. That occurs when the amount of heat generated is more than the capacity of the air circulation system.

Heat must have to be removed on an instant basis in order to maintain the laptop properly. The pitch of this sound is very high. The longevity of this sound is longer than most of the grinding noise. 

Sometimes the sound can be heard after giving some intervals. So, you might not hear the sound on a continuous basis. The air circulation system must be improved in order to solve this issue. 

3. Ball Bearing Is Not Fitting Properly

The first and foremost task of a bearing is to reduce the number of frictions. When the frictions are lower the air circulation system can be smoother. But if the bearing is not working properly then the amount of friction will be higher than your expectation.

The bearing allows smoother rotation to remove heat. So, a good bearing has a greater impact in order to stop any sort of annoying noise. The pitch of this grinding noise is a bit lower. So, you have to observe precisely in order to hear it properly.

4. Fan Blades are Not Properly Balanced

Another major concern regarding this issue is the improper shape of blades. This is not at all common in the case of the Macbook pro. Yet, you can find it in some cases. When the blades are not properly shaped then air circulation will not be the same in every direction.

When your device is producing too much heat, this should be gotten out from any corner through the air circulation system. When the shape of the blades is not okay then air can be confined in a corner of the device. 

As a result, you can hear a grinding noise as the fan starts to rotate faster in order to get rid of it. The pitch of the sound is high along a long-lasting sound system. You will find loud noise with a pitch when hearing this sound.

We have already discussed the possible reasons for Macbook pro making grinding noise. Now, to resolve these issues, we would like to suggest some of solutions. The solutions are prepared after a high amount of research.

How to Fix Macbook Pro Making Grinding Noise

How to Fix Macbook Pro Making Grinding Noise

1. Make Sure To Use Compatible Software With The IoS

As mentioned, the MacBook Pro is unique in terms of the operating system. But you need to use compatible software in order to keep your Macbook cool. When the software is not compatible with the IoS this sound increases.

The indicated software consumes more CPU scheduling time. As a result, it becomes tough for IoS to provide enough hardware support to the other components. Our first solution is to use software that is compatible with IoS.

2. Check The Air Circulation

When you are hearing grinding noise high pitch, you need to check the air circulation instantly. Sometimes dust and other unwanted things do not allow the fan to circulate properly.

You need to clean the device on a regular basis. After cleaning a lesser amount of dust and other things will be available. Then you might get rid of the grinding noise. If you are not an expert then you are suggested to take help from an expert technician.

3. Bearing Should Be Efficient

Bearing reduces the amount of friction in order to get air circulation better. So, you need to find a compatible bearing that works properly with the Macbook. There are many bearings available in the market.

You should choose your Macbook bearing wisely in order to avoid any further consequences. We recommend having a proper look at the reviews of the bearing and buying your desired bearing.

4. Fix The Shape Of The Blades

When you find out, the shape of the blades is improper then you need to fix it. There are many readymade kits available to perform this operation. So, if you are confident then you can perform the task individually.

If you are not an expert in this sector, better call a technician who will perform the task precisely. Another option can be, you can send your device to the Apple store. They will perform the task. If there is a service warranty, you might get it free.

A probable number of problems and solutions have been discussed already. Now, it is high time for us to respond regarding some of the major queries. 


Why Is My Macbook Making A Grinding Noise?

In this article, we have tried to cover all the necessary reasons behind the Macbook making a grinding noise. We recommend finding the problems first and then applying the solutions.

Why Is My Macbook Pro Making Static Noise?

The main reason for MacBook pro making static noise is the configuration change. So, check your configuration properly to stop the noise. It is better to use the recommended settings mentioned in the user manual.

How Do I Run Diagnostic on My Mac?

Press and hold the ‘D’ key after turning on your Mac. Release the key, when it is saying to choose a language. That is how you can run diagnostics on your Mac. This is the shortcut to start diagnosing your Macbook.


The article consists of the probable reasons for Macbook pro making grinding noise along with probable solutions. It is recommended to follow the instructions provided in this article in order to get rid of annoying grinding noise. Today’s discussion finishes here. We will meet again with another article.

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