How to Fix a Noisy Surface Pro 7 Fan

microsoft surface pro 7 fan noise
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Some Microsoft Surface Laptop owners have recently complained about a problem with the fans. The fans seem to be working harder than usual. This happens while the device is connected, which is strange.

You don’t have to face trouble if you are experiencing this issue because we know how to fix it.

It has a unique design that makes it more useful instead of a laptop. The storage space is 256GB and comes in the form of an SSD. It also has a fan noise that produces excess heat from the device and keeps it in good condition.

If the surface pro fan makes noise, no need to panic. Use the article below to figure out how to solve the fan noise and restore normal processes. The article also discusses the most common cause of the surface pro 7 fans making noise.

The Most Common Causes of Surface Pro 7 Fan Noise

microsoft surface pro 7 fan noise

The surface pro 7 fans can make noise for a number of different reasons. The following information briefly describes the most common causes of fan noise.

Hard Drive Noise

The main cause of noise in your surface pro fan might be a noisy Hard drive. If you hear a loud whirring sound every time your laptop uses the hard drive, you may have hard drive errors. If you are also having data problems, your laptop’s hard drive will need to be repaired or replaced.


Overheating causes your fans to work harder and faster to remove the heat generated by the CPU, which results in noise. Dirt gathering in the CPU and graphics card may also make cooling your laptop difficult. It may also cause the fans to run longer and produce more noise. The dust that has gathered in the air vents must be removed.

Bearing Failure

If a bearing is damaged the fan will speed up and will make a loud noise, or a motor’s inner oil may fail, a crushing noise you might hear then. In this case, it indicates that your Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is overheating, which can be repaired by replacing the existing fan with a fresh one.

How to Repair a Noisy Surface Pro 7 Fan

How to Fix a Noisy Surface Pro 7 Fan

i. Remove all dust and dirt from your fan

Loud surface pro 7 fans indicate hot air; if your fans are constantly on, your laptop is continuously hot. The gathering of dust and hair is unavoidable, and it will block airflow. Reduced ventilation equals poor heat flow, so you’ll need to manually clean the laptop to improve things. If your laptop is still under warranty, opening it will void it. Take steps or seek advice from a friend who is more knowledgeable.

Cleaning the laptop, including the fan, Use tools such as a screwdriver and an air compressor to remove all dust. Wear an antistatic wristband and disconnect the laptop from the power supply source before beginning the process to avoid destroying its internal parts.

Also, use the short air hoses or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust on the surface pro 7. Finally, make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidebook on how to clean all laptop components.

ii. Upgrade the laptop software

The laptop fan may stop working because of the wrong software. First, try another software instead of the current one. If the problem continues, upgrade the software application to the most recent version and check to see if the problem has been resolved. Also, try using other apps that allow you to control the speed of your fan.

Lower fan speed may also result in less noise from the laptop fan.  Use the apps with carefulness, as they may cause your fan to make a lot of noise and shorten its lifespan.

iii. Use an appropriate Laptop cooler

A laptop cooler is necessary for controlling the heat generated by the operating system. It also reduces heat generated by the laptop, blocking inner devices from overheating or misfiring. Purchase and connect the best cooler for your Surface Pro laptop. Allow the cooling device to do its job of providing comfort and removing excess heat that could lead to overheating.

There are three types of laptop coolers: Attachable coolers, active coolers, and passive coolers. Active and passive coolers are both performed by multipurpose coolers. Active coolers improve ventilation in your laptop, whereas passive coolers rely on other compounds.

Thermaltake Massive TM and Cooler Master NotePal X3 could be your suitable choices for surface pro 7.

iv. Restart your Surface Pro 7 laptop

Reboot the system management controller and the entire laptop to see if the problem has been solved. When your laptop is in use, the system management controller is extremely important in all actions and may fail to function or hang.

v. Change the fan

If your Surface Pro 7 laptop fan is making noise, the issue could be with the fan, especially the fan bearings. The best way to resolve a failing fan is to replace it, but if you have the necessary knowledge and time, consider repairing the tight fan. Replace the laptop fan with a new one by carefully following the steps based on your surface pro laptop model, whether pro 7, pro 8, etc.

vi. Kill all tasks running on your laptop

Heavy tasks on your laptop may cause the fan to make noise. To begin, close all currently running applications. The process of closing all applications on your laptop is simple and begins with the task manager.

There is a shortcut that can be used to launch the task manager. Press the following three keys: (ctrl + shift + Esc). Check the “under processes tab settings” and click on them to close all open applications and systems that cause the surface pro fan to make noise.

vii. Seek professional assistance

If, after trying all of the above methods, your laptop fan continues to make a lot of noise, seek the advice of an expert to open the surface pro laptop. If your laptop is still under warranty, contact the seller for assistance with the laptop. The seller may look for experts in your area to fix it as soon. Besides that, the professionals may first clean your laptop before replacing the noisy fan with a new one that seems suitable.

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If your Surface Pro 7 fan starts making noise, the information in this article will help you restore your laptop fan to its normal position. Restart the laptop, close all processes, clean the fan, clean HDMI ports and replace a noisy fan, for example. If the issue continues, seek professional assistance or tutorials.

Finally, take action when using the laptop to keep all internal parts in good working order. To begin,  Clean the laptop on a regular basis to remove any dirt or dust that has gathered. Additionally, avoid using the incorrect laptop fan for your Surface Pro 7 Laptop.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What exactly is surface noise?

Ans: Noise on the surface n. (Electronics) noise caused by friction between the needle or touchpad of a record player and the revolving form caused by static charge, dust, or imperfections on the surface of a record.

  • Why is my Microsoft Surface fan always running?

Ans: A number of factors contribute to the fan’s continuous operation. It could be due to the number of programs open on the Surface consuming system resources, or it could be due to the device working to keep each task running. It meant a hardware issue.

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