Msi Laptop Fan Making Noise-Quick Fixing

Msi Laptop Fan Making Noise
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Many individuals find Msi laptop fan noise unpleasant. That is because the fan emits an obnoxious noise that makes working on the device difficult. As a result, it’s a good idea to look into the cause of the noise.

That is because the fan will generate an unpleasant noise if there is no airflow rise. Following a few simple actions can help troubleshoot the issue. You can also get advice from a professional.

This post will walk you through some of the suggestions for resolving the issue. You are free to try as many tips as you want. Always take care not to damage the laptop. Msi laptop fan noise is easily remedied. That isn’t something to be concerned about. The following suggestions will assist you in resolving the issue.

Solving the Msi laptop fan noise

Solving the Msi laptop fan noise

1. Make sure the cooler boost function is turned on

A cooler boost button is included on the Msi laptop fan. To turn off the process, press the cooler buttons. That will allow you to see if the annoying noise is still present. Enabling cooler boost helps to reduce the fan’s overspeeding. Because there is sufficient airflow, the fan will be able to run at an average speed.

2. Adjust the fan’s speed

How to Adjust the msi laptop fan's speed

Msi laptops come with a program called Dragon Center. The dragon center serves as the device’s control center, allowing you to monitor and configure its many components. It also features a manual control feature called the mute option. This option allows you to change the fan’s speed.

Simple instructions for using the silent option program to modify the fan speed.

  • Go to the download page and download the latest version of the silent option, then install and run it.
  • Following that, a new screen will appear.
  • You can then monitor the Msi laptop fan’s speed and make any necessary adjustments from there.
  • Press the primary button, which will reveal a slider. To make changes, move the slider around.

You can easily use the advanced tab if you want additional control. The fan speed will be determined by the temperature of the CPU (central processing unit). The dragon unit can also be used to control the fan’s speed. On some Msi devices, all you have to do is edit your current system profile. You will be able to avoid the fan’s unpleasant sound by doing so.

3. Clean the dust out of the fan vents

The fan vents of Msi laptops could have been blocked by dust, causing the fan to make an unpleasant noise. The device overheats as a result of the dust, causing the fan to hum. Using compressed air, blow out the dust. At the very least, do this twice a year. As a result, the amusement remains completely functional.

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4. Set up anti-virus software

Malware, for example, decreases the performance of the laptop’s components. The existence of a virus in the Msi laptop is indicated by slow performance. Anti-virus software will aid in the protection of your device against the virus. The virus will interfere with the regular operation of the fans, resulting in the production of an unpleasant sound.

5. Exit any background apps that aren’t necessary

To avoid overburdening the system, close any apps you aren’t using. That is because the programs will require a lot of processing power. As a result, the fans are overworked, resulting in annoying sound.

6. Install coolers

Fans for Msi laptops are found beneath the device. The fans may be unable to manage the air in this situation efficiently. One of the causes, why the fan is spinning faster and louder, could be because of this. Installing the coolers, which will act as additional supporters, is required to address the problem. You can also choose to use a cooling pad.

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7. Replace the fan on your Msi laptop with a new one

It is the most costly option. It is, however, ideal if the fan is completely damaged. That could be due to normal wear and tear. Attempt to choose the perfect model that will fit in the Msi laptop. Consult a professional for advice on the best model to choose.

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8. Seek assistance from Msi laptop sellers in your area

Msi laptop manufacturers have policies in place when it comes to repairs. You can reach them promptly through the customer service helpline or live chat. They may be responsible for the expense of resolving the issue if the warranty has not yet expired. They can even connect you with the best professional to assist you in getting rid of the annoying fan noise.

9. When using the Msi laptop, make sure it is on a flat, firm surface

Do not use your laptop on the couch or in bed. That is due to the soft services obstructing the vents’ ability to regulate airflow. On a table, this is the best spot to put your laptop. You will be able to lessen the annoying sound of the fans by doing so. Always keep an eye out for any obstructions in the fan’s vents.

10. Make sure the room is adequately ventilated

In a room with severe temperatures, avoid using the Msi laptop. The ideal room temperature is between 10 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature rises above 35 degrees, the fan speeds up. These will eventually result in an unpleasant sound being produced.

11. You might want to think about resetting the system management controller (SMC)

The buzzing sound produced by the fan can be solved by resetting the SMC. You will also be able to customize the settings to your preferences. The system management controller is reset in a few simple steps.

  • Begin by turning off the Msi laptop.
  • While still holding the power button, press the control, shift, and option buttons on the laptop’s left side.
  • Release all the keys at the same time after 9 seconds.
  • Turn on your Msi laptop after that.

12. Update the Msi laptop’s operating system to the most recent version

Go to the setting option on the laptop to update the windows. Then select Updates and Security from the drop-down menu. Then, go to the Windows Update choices. Then choose the Msi laptop option with the most recent window version. The system will run more efficiently if the windows are updated. Overheating, which causes the fan to overheat, is reduced as a result of this.

13. Install the latest graphics drivers

The graphics are pre-installed in Msi laptops. You can also look up instructions on how to refresh the illustrations in the user manual. The system will be less loaded when you upgrade the graphics drivers. That decreases the risk of overheating and allows the fan to control airflow effectively.

14. Delete any suspicious processes from your Msi laptop

The processes take up a lot of RAM, making it harder for the CPU to handle the data. When the CPU is overworked, it overheats, causing the fan to spin too fast. The fan produces an unpleasant and obnoxious sound when it turns too quickly.


Finally, there are numerous methods for removing obnoxious noise from Msi laptop fans. The preceding article expands on a few well-known hints. Try out all of the suggestions to see which one works best for you. That is because you are not limited to just one tip. Consult an expert if you are unable to resolve the issue on your own.

When choosing specialists, always be cautious. Choose those who are reputable and trustworthy. That is because they have the necessary skills to assist you in repairing the fan. A novice could wind up destroying the entire equipment. Some may even tamper with the device’s internal components. As a result, get advice from the top specialist.

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