How to Troubleshoot Msi Laptop Fan Making Noise

Msi laptop fan making noise
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Msi laptop fan noise can be irritating to many people. This is because the fan produces annoying noise, which makes it challenging to work on the device. Therefore, it is recommendable to check the source of the noise. This is because when there is no airflow rise, the fan will make an unpleasant noise.

One can troubleshoot the problem by following some easy steps. You can also consult an expert for guidance. This should not worry you.

This article will help you go through some of the tips to help you fix the problem. You can try as many tips as possible. Always be careful to avoid damaging the laptop. Msi laptop fan noise can quickly be resolved. The following tips will help you in troubleshooting the problem.

Tips to solve the irritating noise from Msi laptop fan

msi laptop fan noise

1) Ensure the cooler boost function is enabled

Msi laptop fan has a cooler boost button.  Press the cooler buttons to turn the function off. This will help check if the irritating noise remains. Enabling the cooler boost helps to reduce the overspeeding of the fan. The fan will be able to operate at the average speed since there is good airflow.

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2) Control the fan’s speed

Msi laptops possess a utility known as dragon center. The dragon center acts as the control center, which allows you to monitor the device and configure various components. It also has another utility called the silent option for manual control. This option makes it possible to adjust the fan’s speed.

Easy steps to follow to adjust the fan speed using the silent option utility

  • Download the latest version of the silent option from the download page.
  • Install the silent option and launch it.
  • After that, a new screen will be displayed.
  • From there, you can monitor the Msi laptop fan’s speed and your preferred adjustments.
  • Touch the basic button, where you will see a slider. Drag the slider around to make the adjustments.

In case you want more control, you can easily use the advanced tab. You will set the fan speed according to the CPU (central processing unit) temperatures. You can also regulate the fan’s speed using the dragon unit. All you need to do is to edit your current system profile on some Msi devices. By doing so, you will be able to prevent the irritating sound from the fan.

3) Clear up any dust from the fan vents

Clear up any dust from the fan vents

Msi laptop fan vents could have been blocked by debris like dust, making the fan produce an irritating sound. Dust makes the device overheats hence making the fan produce the buzzing sound. Blow out the dust using compressed air. You can at least do this twice per year. This makes the fun remain fully functional.

4) Install anti-virus

Viruses such as malware reduce the performance of the components of the laptop. Slow performance signals the presence of a virus in the Msi laptop. Using anti-virus software will help protect your device from the virus. The presence of the virus will interfere with the normal functioning of the fans hence causing the generation of the unpleasant sound.

5) Close any unnecessary programs running in the background

Close any programs you are not using to avoid overloading the system. This is because the programs will be using high processing power. This leads to overworking of the fans hence generating the irritating sound.

6) Install coolers

Msi laptop fans are located beneath the device. This way, the fans may be unable to regulate the air effectively. This could be one of the reasons making the fan spin even faster and louder. All you need to solve the problem is to install the coolers, which will act as additional supporters. You can also opt for the cooling pad option.

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7) Replace the Msi laptop fan with a new one

This is the most expensive solution. However, it is ideal in the case when the fan is fully damaged. This can be a result of wear and tear. Try getting the perfect model which will fit in the Msi laptop.  Consult an expert on the best model to choose from.

8) Seek help from Msi laptop dealers near you

 Msi laptop manufacturers have policies regarding repairs. You can quickly contact them through the customer care helpline or live chat. They can incur r the cost of resolving the problem when the warranty has not expired. They can even connect you to the best technician to help you get rid of the irritating noise from the fan.

9) Place the Msi laptop on a flat solid surface when using it

Do not operate the laptop on the sofas or the bed. This is because the soft services block the vents from regulating the airflow. The ideal place to place the laptop on a table. By doing this, you will be able to reduce the irritating sound from the fans. Always be careful not to block the fan’s vents.

10) Ensure proper ventilation in the room

 Avoid using the Msi laptop in a room with extreme temperatures. The ideal room temperature ranges between 10-35 degrees. Any temperature beyond 35 degrees makes the fan over speed. These will eventually result in the production of the unpleasant sound.

11) Consider resetting the system management controller (SCM)

Resetting the SCM can help solve the buzzing sound produced by the fan. In addition, you will be able to adjust the settings to your preferred options. There are easy steps to follow to reset the system management controller.

  • Start by shutting down the Msi laptop.
  • Press the control, shift, and option keys on the laptop’s left side while still holding the power button.
  • After 9 seconds, release all the keys at once.
  • Then turn on your Msi laptop.

12) Update Msi laptop windows to the latest version

Update the windows by simply going to the setting option on the laptop. Then, click on updates and security. Next, access the options of windows update. Then select the option with the latest window version for Msi laptop. Updating windows will make the system operate more effectively. This reduces overheating, which makes the fan overheat.

13) Update the graphics drivers

Msi laptops have the graphics installed. You can also use the user manual for guidelines on how to update the graphics. Once you update the graphics drivers, the system will be less loaded. This reduces the chances of overheating, making the fan efficiently regulate airflow.

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14) Get rid of any suspicious processes in the Msi laptop

The processes occupy huge RAM, making it difficult for the CPU to perform the processing function. When the CPU is overworked, it will result in overheating, making the fan over spin. Over spinning makes the fan produce an unpleasant and annoying sound.


In conclusion, there are innumerable ways to fix unpleasant noise from Msi laptop fans. The above article elaborates on some of the well-known tips. Try all the tips to check which one solves the problem. This is because you are not restricted to only one tip. If you cannot fix the problem on your own, then consult an expert.

Always be keen when selecting specialists. Choose the reputable and trusted ones. This is because they are equipped with relevant skills to help you fix the fan problem. An inexperienced one may end up ruining the whole device. Some may even tamper with the internal components of the device. So consult with the best expert.

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